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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump Responds to Clinton’s ‘Fantasy’ Acceptance Speech at the Democratic Convention



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Trump Responds to Clinton’s ‘Fantasy’ Acceptance Speech at the Democratic Convention

Post by Lobo on Fri 29 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm

Trump Responds to Clinton’s ‘Fantasy’ Acceptance Speech at the Democratic Convention

Jul. 29, 2016 12:40am Tré Goins-Phillips

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, unloaded on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a blistering series of tweets and a bold statement Thursday night following the former secretary of state’s acceptance speech at her party’s convention.
He asserted Clinton is “unfit to lead the country” because she wants to increase the number of refugees coming into the United States and has so far refused to reference “radical Islam,” though the Democrat did say she is “happy to say either” in an interview last month.
“Our way of life is under threat by Radical Islam and Hillary Clinton cannot even bring herself to say the words,” Trump tweeted.
He then transitioned to her record. He claimed Clinton cannot reform Wall Street because “she is owned by Wall Street” and suggested Clinton’s “wars in the Middle East have unleashed destruction, terrorism and [the Islamic State] across the world.”
In an official statement from the campaign, Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy advisor, said, “Hillary Clinton’s speech was an insulting collection of clichés and recycled rhetoric. She spent the evening talking down to the American people she’s looked down on her whole life,” adding that her “globalist agenda denies American citizens the protections to which they are all entitled.”
Miller, appealing to Trump’s populist base, said Clinton’s “radical amnesty plan” will only serve to take away jobs and resources from those Americans who are in search of employment and will instead “give them to the citizens of other countries.” In his mind, Clinton’s speech was nothing more than an address “delivered from a fantasy universe.”
While Clinton and her fellow Democrats sought to offer a “morning in America” vision, not unlike the message of former President Ronald Reagan, and paint Trump’s rhetoric as doom and gloom, the billionaire businessman’s campaign stayed the course, telling voters Clinton’s policies would leave Americans “out in the cold.”
“She only stands together with the donors and special interests who’ve bankrolled her entire life,” Miller said. “Excluded from Hillary Clinton’s America are the suffering people living in our inner cities, or the victims of open borders and drug cartels, or the people who’ve lost their jobs because of the Clintons’ trade deals, or any hardworking person who doesn’t have enough money to get a seat at Hillary Clinton’s table.”

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