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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army fighting his battles with Daash in the island chain stretching from Ramadi to the existing



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Army fighting his battles with Daash in the island chain stretching from Ramadi to the existing

Post by rocky on Sat 30 Jul 2016, 3:30 am

Army fighting his battles with Daash in the island chain stretching from Ramadi to the existing

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Daash preparing the organization to play thelatest papers in western Iraq, through the rally a number of elements to attack the modern city, famous for bridging the giant. As thelocal authorities of "suspicious movements" of gunmen a week ago to launch attacks on western Anbar regions warned. On the 
other hand prepares formations military officers, one stationed north of Ramadi, and the other in the west of the province, to restore the rest of Anbar , after the drop in the control Daash only three towns only. 

Refuge regulation to the security forces occupancy tactic in Anbar, when he tried to keep the city of Hit , for four months by attacking modern hand, al - Baghdadi, but lost a number of its leaders in those battles. 
, who controlled Daash earlier this year, after losing Ramadi, a village near the Haditha District, and the theimplementation of field executions fast, before the troops can thwart the attack and killed about 100 militants and burning of 250 cars. 
and make sure at the time, killing Thamer Mahlawi, the military administrator of what is known as the (state of the Euphrates), as well as the Asi Ali al - Obeidi, Joint Chiefs of staff official in the so - called (junta) to Daash, who holds the rank of Colonel in the Republican Guard dissolved. 
Obeidi is the coordinator of the series for the first "saber - Alsoarm" attacks, which resulted in the liquidation of dozens of associate security services in Haditha in 2012, including the commander of the emergency city Regiment Colonel Mohammed Alshovar. 
as the Daash after only 24 hours of the control of Iraqi forces to leap hand, in March, near Hit, an attack wascarried out by suicide bombers on the base (Ain al - Assad) , which includes officers from the Marine Corps. the 
Iraqi army was able then, with the help of US troops killed eight suicide bombers , in the attack, while armed blew ninth himself up at the entrance to the base. 
but despite these attempts, Daash lost, in the middle of last April, Hit city that were the main strongholds of the organization, which is considered the gate overlooking the western Anbar areas. 
It has become the gunmen today, stationed behind the Euphrates River, which separates them from the Iraqi forces that succeeded last week editing the "cupboard" area, the last towns to the south of the river. 
he often Daash sneaking across the Euphrates River from the regions ( the wheel) and (robe), to launch attacks on modern military base located on the other side of the river. It uses boats and bridges restored restored to get to the other side. 

Fortified Balafrat 
says the names of al - Ani, a member of the Anbar province , which descended from the tribes living west of the province, that " the security authorities in the province received information a week ago lining for Daash arecent attack." 
According to Ani, in contact with (range) yesterday, that " the gunmen after losing for the cupboard, they moved to the north of the Euphrates River, and began preparing for occupancy forces for freeing the rest of Anbar to attack some areas." 
remains militants Daash control the cities: Rawah, Anah, and based, while the coalition forces have continued shelling (cupboard) for about 25 days, before the intervention of Iraqi forces last week. the 
combined forces killed the support of the Anbar tribes, during the operation , 69 terrorists and destroyed three wheels bomb and a rocket launcher, according to military data. 
in the meantime, expect Ani said the joint forces begin editing the "status" after isolate Iraq from Syria, then heading south towards the "Rawa" and "pubic." 
she adds , "You can not edit those areas without border control. then flee gunmen in Mosul, and there will be a final battle with Daash. " 
the juxtaposition of the three districts, under the control of Daash in Anbar, Salahaddin and Nineveh, and some have a common border with the Syrian desert. And take over the Iraqi forces, on a daily basis information from the people of Anah and Rawah on the movements of militants Daash in their areas. 
The take Daash of existing spend the prime center of command and control in Iraq, to the point near the city of the Syrian border, and the decline of strikes Iraqi army weapons and foreign about them. 
The international coalition has been implemented the end of the 2014 air strike on the hand of the pomegranate - based, targeted a meeting of the leaders of the big Daash. The leaked news of injured organization 's leader , Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, who was a participant in the meeting. 
The time has not been news of the killing of al - Baghdadi confirm, however , that the locations and accounts of pro-regulation on social networking sites exchanged "mysterious condolences , " and calls for patience. 
Controlled organization on the western Anbar areas in the summer of 2014, after his gunmen flow across theSyrian border, prompting Iraqi forces to withdraw from those cities. 
raids in Khalidiya Island 
to that Ghassan Ithawi reveals, a leader in mobilizing Anbar, told the (range) for a "huge Thacadat Iraqi forces in preparation for attack Khalidiya on the island to the north of gray. " 
the front of the Iraqi forces, a group of" islands ", located between the north of the Euphrates and the Tigris River, stretching from Ramadi even modern. In spite of that this axis includes some scattered villages, but Ithawi says , as " a vast and open areas, and you will need a military effort and human great." 
The set up of the engineering effort troops to Anbar Operations Command, a floating bridge on the (Sweet River) in preparation for the Liberation of Khalidiya island east of Ramadi . 
the commander of the Anbar operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, recently, that " the military plans and preparations are incomplete, where you will troops from the Emancipation proclamation Khalidiya island of organizing Daash in the near time." And lasts airline alliance since the days of pounding the north of gray areas, home to Iraqi insurgents and foreign, according to Ithawi. 
And will be assigned restoration task (Khalidiya Island) to the Anbar Operations Command, the band 14 / Brigade 50, in addition to some of the band 8 in the Iraqi army brigades. 
And will have to the joint forces, after taking control of the island, heading for the Liberation of a number of other small islands in Ramadi. Then go for ( the Heat) Island, and finally (Baghdadi) Island, before it could reach the upper Euphrates , where the last bastions Daash. 
And oversees the island operations forces and the desert on these areas, in addition to the seventh division of the Iraqi army.

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