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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Salahuddin demanding relief 5,000 displaced families from the south of Mosul



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Salahuddin demanding relief 5,000 displaced families from the south of Mosul

Post by rocky on Sat 30 Jul 2016, 3:43 am

Salahuddin demanding relief 5,000 displaced families from the south of Mosul

 Salahuddin / long-Presse 

Salahuddin Governor Ahmed Abdullah al -Jubouri announced the arrival of 5,000 displaced families from the south of Mosul areas to maintain so far, and demanded thecentral government, NGOs and relief of those families, as called for by the United Nations to provide assistance to the displaced families. 
Ahmed al - Abdullah al - Jubouri in an interview (term Press) " The number of displaced families from thesouth of Mosul areas to Salahuddin province , including Peggy spend areas, 5,000 families so far reached , " and urged the central government and NGOs to "record the immediate present and to provide humanitarian assistance to those families." 
Jubouri said that " the meeting was between him and the High Commissioner of the United Nations for refugees ( UNHCR ) representative in Baghdad Bruno - jeou, took up the displaced file ", noting that" therepresentative of the High Commissioner stressed the UN 's desire to provide all humanitarian, health and food aid to the displaced families, and work to alleviate the suffering of those families committed to all itscovenants international commitment to Iraq. " He said the governor of Salah al - Din, that " the return ofdisplaced persons to their homes has become a chore, and the nations of the world a positive and hard stand with the displaced families and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of areas destroyed , mostly because Aldaasha terrorism , " calling on the United Nations to "help the displaced and relief." The Council ofSalahuddin province , decided on Monday (July 25, 2016) for the formation of a crisis cell based in the capital Baghdad and other sub - committees to follow up the situation of displaced from Baiji and south of Mosul , to the areas of the province, its center of Tikrit (170 km north of Baghdad) and called on the international community to intervene and provide assistance to overcome the current crisis, and attributed the confusion in winning in the province to "poor planning", deputy called for Salahuddin to speed up the launch of liberation from the control of Sharqat organize operations (Daash). He ordered Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Thursday (July 21, 2016) : Civilian Crisis Management Cell to take "immediate measures" to ensure the needs of displaced people to spend Sharqat, north of Tikrit, and other areas of the provinces of Salahuddin and Nineveh. 
He warned the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, on Wednesday (July 20, 2016) the exposure of thousands of displaced people from Qayyarah and Sharqat a humanitarian "catastrophe" because of the "harsh" conditions they face, as called for official bodies concerned to take the necessary measures for the relief and the protection of civilians trapped in combat zones and to distinguish between combatants and civilians precautions, according to international law, He emphasized the rights of refugees and displaced people fleeing from areas of armed conflict and give them free passage in and out of them. The security forces are currently preparing for the Liberation of Sharqat and other areas south and west of Kirkuk , including Hawija (55 km west of the city of Kirkuk) of (Daash) , which occupied two years ago, which led to a wave of displacement towards the areas controlled by the security forces areas.

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