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Yazidi Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Jews Genocide by the Ottoman Empire!



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Yazidi Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Jews Genocide by the Ottoman Empire!

Post by rocky on Tue 02 Aug 2016, 6:12 am

Yazidi Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Jews Genocide by the Ottoman Empire!
Posted on August 2, 2016 by Delovan Barwari in 1 Top News, Exclusive

A Turkish soldier. Photo: AFP

[size=11]Dana Berzinjy | Special to[/size]
The Turkish regime is well known by the World for committing brutal crimes and abusing human rights against many nationalities such as, Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Jewish, Greeks, and the other minority groups. Millions of people massacred and genocide by the Turkish dictator Kemal Ataturk in 1915. Then, since all the Turkish states in the past and even the current ones shamelessly tried to commit the same action of crime against the Kurds and the other nationalities in Anatolia.
At that time the Ottoman Empire was declared jihad against unbelievers and even in some places asked them to become Muslim like ISIS does today. The Ottoman Empire took advantage from 1915 to 1918 of the conditions of the World War. The origins of the genocide lie in the breakdown and collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

The dead Turkish Empire organised to genocide the minority groups in Turkey. Throughout a few years the sick Ottoman Empire entirely murdered the native peoples of Turkey, for instance, Yazidi Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks. Today the world is aware of many truths and details of these atrocities that were committed by Turkish authorities, which came from the power of the sick empire.
Turkish authorities firmly deny this genocide. At the result of these terrible atrocities Yazidi Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Jews and even the Turks suffered and blood flew in every direction. However, among the nations that never was mentioned which destroyed by Turks, Yeminis, which a unique and native nation in Middle East and it was part of the Ottoman Empire’s territory.
Temporarily, even unfinished list of settlements of Yezdi region in south of Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan), where Turkish criminals massacred Yazidis, is pretty inspiring, areas like, Sinjar, Gobal, Gali Ali Bage, Dhok, Zorava, and Bare, Siba, Tlizer, Tlzafe, Grzark, Rmbousi, Tlkazar, Kocho, Khotmi, Mosoul, and Amadia. In this genocide more than 200,000 Yazidis were slaughtered in these bloody settlements.
The massacred of the Kurds had never stopped during Kamal Ata Turk. He continued in his crime and hate against the Yazidis. He begun to genocide and deport them even in other regions in a big Kurdistan.
The Yazidis are originally entirely ethnic Kurds. Turkish soldiers on the region of Western Armenia devastated them. The Yazidis were living there in peace with Armenians for so long. Below is the tragic list where the victims genocide: Van region 100,000, Moush region more than 60,000 victims, Erzroum region 7,500, Kars 5,000, Sourmalu 10,000 Yazidi victims. The above tragic list of the victims were slaughtered and deported by the Turkish government by force. The Turkish dictator compulsorily turned Yazidis, into Islam the people who confessed that their original religion connected with worship of the Sun.
The Turkish historiographer Katib Tchelebi stated that in 1915-1918 nearly 300,000 Yazidis were slaughtered on the territory of the Ottoman Empire. However, according to the source, before the start of the World War l, more than 750,000 Yazidis lived on the territory of the Ottoman Empire, and Turks murdered over 500,000 of them. But the rest, which is 250,000 people, were forcibly exiled. The genocide of the minorities continued after the collapse of the sick Ottoman Empire.
The empire’s ruler was a religious ruler of the Islam. Christian Armenians were allowed to maintain their religious, social and legal structures, but there were conditional and they had to pay more taxes. The Armenians concentrated mostly in eastern Anatolia. I could say the Armenians at that time were more advanced than the Turks. The Armenians were historians, industrialists and so on. But the Turkish occupations were mostly farmers, and soldiers. The population of the Armenians during World War I were over two millions.
But unfortunately, after the genocide the Armenians population by 1922, were decline rapidly to 400,000. The rest was 1.5 million people were massacred in that genocide. David Fromkin described the genocide and said, “A Peace to End All Peace”: “Rape and beating were commonplace. Those who were not killed at once were driven through mountains and deserts without food, drink or shelter. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians eventually succumbed or were killed.”
The ethnic cleansing possessed and led by the Turkish young government during World War I. The Turkish rulers decided to murder every single Armenian in Turkey and else where. They did not care whether the Armenians were soldiers, businessmen, farmers, old men or women, young or a sick person, well known professors, or whatever a person was. That included over 2,000,000 people.
Unfortunately, the democide headed by the government at the fall of the Othman Empire at the end of World War I. The nationalist government declared its democide against the Greeks and remaining or returning Armenians. The bloodshed started from 1900 to 1923, by numerous of Turkish regimes. They murdered 3,500,000 to more than 4,300,000 Armenians, Greeks, Nestorians, and more Christians.
The Assyrian Genocide, 1914 to 1923 and 1933.
After a group of young Turks couped in 1913 effectively. They formed army authoritarianism on the day before of World War I.
Assyrian people were slaughtered over and over in the last century.
They started a racist national plan just for the benefit of the Turks. This racist and brutal project was under the name of Turkey for the Turks.
The plan was just to establish a nation state for the Turks without any respect for the native nations that lived for thousands of years before the Turks occupied the region. The native people such as, Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, and Jews.
The Turks homogenous state was planned to remove or genocide all the nations that exist in the area except the Turks. When the Ottoman Empire joined World War I in 1914. They cruelly began its genocide plan. In this genocide, they followed the same design of group devastation.
Slaughters, rapes, unhelpful, cultural violations, and enforced exiles were all widespread. More than 750,000 Assyrians murdered throughout this terrible genocide.
The sick Ottoman Empire had also massacred 1.5 million Greeks between 1914 and 1923 in Turkey along with the other nationalities. Genocide has an unbelievable impact on families of the victims, that’s why genocide should not be forgiven, and Turkey should be punished for the genocides and the crimes that were committed by the Turkey’s precursor.
Unfortunately for the genocide of the Kurds in Turkey it has not received recognition. But the Armenian massacre has been recognised by more than 20 countries. The Turkish government still denies the genocide that committed in 1914 up to 1923. But for example the German government recognised the Jewish genocide and the government paid more than $90 billion in compensation to the victims.
At the end I want to say that, I am surprised the Turkish government recently uses a language of peace when it comes to normalise its external matters with other countries, for instances its relationship with Israel and Russia, but on the other hand uses army and a language of threat within a State Terror of Turkey against the defenceless Turkish citizens and civilian population, as has been used always in the past against the Armenians and the Kurdish genocide in 1914 to 1933 and the other nationalities. Many times even a century ago Kurds had been gassed and in 1990 Kurds were genocide, and currently still is.
Even recently the power has been used against the Kurds in particular. The Turkish army ruined and knocked down most of the houses in some Kurdish cities in North Kurdistan (Kurdistan of Turkey), such as Sur, Nsebin, Cazira and hundreds of innocent Kurdish people got murdered by the men’s military.
We demand to the U. N. Security Council, Presidents of the USA. Russia, UK, France, the head of the European Union, presidents of the European states, President of Turkey and urge, to rebuild historical justice and condemn the genocide of Yazidi, Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians people which took place in the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1918. In addition to that, the families of the victims should be compensated according to the International Law.


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