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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Ashti Hawrami’s Kurdistan activities with international oil companies and banks



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Ashti Hawrami’s Kurdistan activities with international oil companies and banks

Post by rocky on Thu 04 Aug 2016, 5:30 am

Ashti Hawrami’s Kurdistan activities with international oil companies and banks
Posted on August 4, 2016 
[size=11]Thomas Rowe | Special to
As another firestorm is heading towards “Kurdistan” in the form of Gulf Keystone of 40,000 angry investors who stand to lose their entire savings, it’s time to refresh the events that have passed by.
The present Kurdistan Minister of Natural resources Mr Ashti Hawrami is not new to controversy, and tarnishing Kurds name worldwide through his actions of controversial deals in Kurdistan Oil Sector.

Dr Ashti Hawrami arrived as the Minister of Natural resources in 2006 in a blaze of glory, but within a year he was embroiled in controversy bring the Kurdistan name to the forefront for all the wrong reasons and his divisive ways created major disagreements with Iraq Ministry of Oil, leading to US and UN officials calling on us Kurds to find a more suitable person to lead our oil sector.
We Kurd’s have been made aware of the huge signature bonuses paid by International Oil Companies to the KRG MNR by Western Media, who have sought to understand where all the $ go that were paid for PSC [Profit Sharing Contract] contracts disappeared to and where are they now.
By the end of 2007 there were a series of American companies holding PSC, along with Existing Turkish, Norwegian, Asian, Hungarian, and Canadian Companies, and a Major International Company from the ME region Crescent Group, so we had a International array of companies had entered into our oil Sector.
By mid 2008 events started to change as Hawrami put his plans into place double deal on existing PSC contracts, and dubious Companies appeared, some that had no Oil Exploration history behind them, but were allowed to participate in our oil sector, which leads us to believe those companies with no History of oil exploration must have been part of a bigger picture we failed to see. Maybe some companies were just simply holding companies paying enormous $ to gain PSC at Mr Hawrami the Oil Minister request.
In September 2008 Mr Ashti Hawrami was under suspicion of operating outside of the Kurdistan Parliament knowledge and this created intense uncertainty over whether this was in actual fact a Kurdistan Regional Government of Natural resources under the Kurdistan Parliament as it pointed more to oil sector run for the President of Kurdistan and Mr Hawrami was never able to answer to our Parliament, but had free reign from our own Members of the Kurd parliament.
A firestorm erupted when Mr Hawrami was found to be holding a share trading account with 44 million DNO shares in it.

To this day we Kurds have never been told the true nature of that account Mr Ashti Hawrami ran, which turns out to be one of many accounts he held. Not only did Mr Hawrami trades shares on a frequent basis, he used his power to move shares in DNO the Norwegian Oil company to a Turkish Company oil Company named Genel Enerji, and in the process make himself $ millions, but his share dealing was picked up by global compliance officers in the Oslo bourse and investigation were started which Mr Hawrami objected to and he had DNO suspended from working in Kurdistan.
Now not only was good name of Kurdistan Tarnished at this time, but us Kurds were under suspicion as well, but what got lost during the share trading scandal perpetuated by Mr Hawrami in DNO shares is this. Mr Hawrami had been successful and respected in the United Kingdom, but he brought with him to Kurdistan the methods used by Traders in the United Kingdom and well known Banks trading facilities with reputation for making money first and disregarding us Kurds and our oil resources, it would be fair to say Mr Hawrami exploited us Kurds and our resources for personal gain.
Many of us Kurds did not know that Mr Hawrami is a citizen of the United Kingdom and had not been living or working in Kurdistan, so should we be surprised by how he tarnished our “ Kurd’s “ good name . Mr Ashti Hawrami as proved time and time again where is interest really are, and that is with his big mansion in the suburbs of leafy England and where he prefers to live, rather than with us Kurds .
When the DNO Oil Company share scandal broke, investors in DNO were shocked at what Mr Hawrami had done, the share price of DNO was effected, but the unseen antics of Mr Hawrami was to be even worse, as he removed large parts of DNO PSC and sold them to Genel Eneji and Gulf Keystone Petroleum. It was pointed out to us, Gulf Keystone Petroleum acquired two of the parts of a PSC held By DNO through another Mr Hawrami’s suspicious contacts , that went under the guise of Etamic. When looking for details on Etamic, it became clear only a few people knew of Etamic and even today it’s still surrounded in mystery as to who and why Etamic were needed by Mr Hawrami, most references found refer to Etamic as some kind of Money Fund with no history in Oil.
On further research of DNO, no mention is made of the PSC being changed before March 2009 by DNO, only that DNO were having a larger interest in Tawke Oil Field, that is not reflected in the original PSC maps we Kurds have studied.
On further review, it transpires that Genel Enerji obtained part of the DNO PSC, but I could not see any payment details, so the question is, did Mr Hawrami sell those DNO shares he held to Genel Enerji, of Turkey, who may have held onto them until the price of DNO shares recovered, and then Sold them on to RAK of the UAE.
After much input from Oslo Based investors in DNO, We discovered and found that DNO Tawke PSC had a further party to it, other than DNO, and it was a US Diplomat Peter Galbraith, this we found disturbing, and it was said that Dr Ashti Hawrami refused to Pay Peter Galbraith for the 5% of Tawke he owned through a company named Porcupine based in Delaware the USA. With Mr Hawrami was refusing to pay Peter Galbraith sums owed to him, and from information we discovered Mr Hawrami advised Peter Galbraith to seek his money 5% owed from DNO and not the Ministry of Natural resources. It transpires Peter Galbraith was to start Court action in London where Mr Hawrami is well known and Peter Galbraith hoped to recover the 5% share he held, which is really our “Kurds” money, not a US Diplomats Money, unless Mr Hawrami can show us the amount Peter Galbraith paid for his 5% share and to whom he paid it in the Kurdistan Ministry of Natural resources
A London court of Tribunal heard the case under strict terms of no public disclosure, and on our questioning Peter Galbraith, reference his claim, his office advised the KRG Minister of Natural resources Mr Ashti Hawrami, had insisted information was not to be disclosed, but Peter Galbraith claim was made and he was paid the sum of $77 million plus costs, so DNO was found to be responsible for another Scandal instigated by Mr Hawrami and the KRG MNR and DNO paid the money owed, rather than the KRG MNR .
Anyone not knowing Peter Galbraith may wish to know Peter Galbraith helped draft the Iraq Constitution and was said to be a friend of the Kurds and advisor personal advisor to Mr Massoud Barzani.
When the Oslo bourse conducted an investigation into the Share dealing actions of Mr Hawrami, they were unaware of Dr Hawrami actions of changing the DNO PSC and it’s something we request they revisit, as the beneficiaries of the changes to the PSC being Turkish Company Genel Enerji, who Mr Hawrami sold his DNO shares to, at a vast profit, and Genel Enerji was to be involved in further share dealing scandals with Mr Hawrami and Heritage Oil Company of Canada.
Us Kurds have to take greater control of our Oil resources, as the above demonstrates, we are losing $ billions to Mr Hawrami and his Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP, and while this continues, we Kurds must at all times keep in mind Mr Hawrami is from England, he may have Kurdish roots, but all the wealth he has amassed so far as been achieved by his English connections, who play fast and loose with our oil resources and his wealth has been out our “ Kurds” expense where we have no money, and we can see Mr Hawrami is nicely made a tidy sum.
I read recently one of those involved in a further Oil scandal, is another Person of Kurdish Origin, an English Parliament person, by the Name of Nadhim Zahawi who is currently employed by Gulf Keystone Petroleum. No doubt more scandal will evolve with Gulf Keystone Petroleum, as we are seeing.
The reason is simple, when DNO had parts of the PSC they held removed, they were sold by Mr Hawrami to an investor from the ME region, Mr Etamic. Details on Mr Etamic are difficult to obtain and most investors in Gulf Keystone say Mr Etamic was the board of Gulf Keystone and Mr Hawrami.
While evidence is difficult to obtain, the old CEO of Gulf Keystone Mr Kozel was on record saying he was the only person who had met Mr Etamic, which implies in our opinion, only Mr Hawrami can award PSC for $, so Mr Kozel could have only have met Mr Hawrami. Of course this is open to challenge, as Mr Hawrami answer’s to Massoud Barzani and Prime minister Nechirvan Barzani’s respectively.
What we can establish was, Mr Kozel the Old CEO of Gulf Keystone knows who Mr Etamic is, as he met him. Why is Mr Etamic Important? well, when Mr Hawrami removed parts of the DNO PSC, the Oslo bourse was unaware was occurring along with DNO investors, two parts of the PSC were awarded to Genel Enerji and Gulf Keystone, but it transpires part of the deal with Gulf Keystone Petroleum involved them “Gulf Keystone” giving Mr Etamic half of the Gulf Keystone.
During the period of August 2009 there was much speculation about the Kurdistan oil riches, so much so take over’s and mergers were ongoing.
What transcended was Heritage Oil was lined up for a Merger with Genel Eneji of Turkey by Mr Hawrami, but then the fallout came out, Heritage confidant and London money broker Ian Hannam, a great friend of Mr Hawrami tipped off Hawrami Heritage oil had a new oil discovery, and Mr Hawrami was again under the microscope for Inside share trading, but only three people were found guilty and fined for insider trading, along with Mr Hawrami’s good friend Mr Ian Hannam.
The three Oil people who were fined for insider trading of shares were from Genel Enerji of Turkey who Mr Hawrami has good relations with along with Massoud Barzani our Prime minister Nechirvan Barzani.
The UK FSA who oversee the Financial system in the UKimposed fines on Genel Enerji’s Mehmet Sepil, who was fined £ 967,005, Murat Ozgul (Current Chief of Genel energy) was Fined £105,240, and Levant Akca was fined £94,062, with a stipulation none of the three would be acceptable as directors of UK listed companies on the UK stock market. It’s noted that Murat Ozgul is Chief of Genel Energy, how do the English allow such rules they make to be broken?
That Merger was the end of Mr Hawrami dream ticket of a merger between Heritage oil and Genel Enerji of Turkey, both who operated in Kurdistan. But how many million did he make (February 21, 2010 Kurdistan minister’s secret £13m oil profit)
The downside for Mr Ashti Hawrami was possibly that it prevented another option of trading shares in the new Company as the merger killed that off by greed.
It was also stated again by the UK FSA, that Genel Enerji had been involved in a previous share scandal with Mr Hawrami when he traded DNO shares to Genel Enerji from his trading account with HSBC and JPM were mentioned then, so we” Kurds” must watch more closely what happens to Oil Companies and Money Companies in England, both HSBC and JPM have been helping Mr Hawrami.
In late 2010 RAK of the UAE with help from Mr Hawrami had began acquiring more shares in DNO of Norway again, and in May 2010 RAK announced they had acquired over 30% of DNO and were in affect the new major owners, and their first move was to install the former US Ambassador to Iraq on DNO board.
From Politician to oil man in the space of months, former US Ambassador ZALMAY KHALILZAD, was now on the board of DNO representing RAK of the UAE for whom he had worked and Zalmay Khalilzad was a close friend of Mr Hawrami and Prime minster Barzani. (Ekurd link diplomat to oil man Khalilzad June 19 2010)
Mr Zalmay Khalilzad already held his own company a hedge fund and money company named Gyphron partners, who we note as another former US Ambassador on board in Peter Galbraith, so Peter Galbraith may have played a prominent part in the acquisition of DNO shares for RAK, the company he once owned a 5% stake of Tawke oil field, which earned him $ 77 million plus costs. (Khalilzad nominated to DNO Board – June 16, 2016).
We have learned that Over recent years RAK-DNO have had their eyes on Gulf Keystone Petroleum, and RAK were close to taking over Gulf Keystone petroleum in 2007, but for unknown reasons that take over did not materialize but RAK major Owner had kept his shareholding in Gulf Keystone after the failed takeover.
The above just touches a few areas where Mr Hawrami has been involved and traded shares, changed PSC’s, but what is sticking his Mr Hawrami manages all this with the help of his London Money Traders in HSBC and his friend who was at JPM of London. We could and should draw the conclusion that all Kurd Oil policy is made from London, and with help of the dubious persons from England who live in Erbil

What’s next for Gulf Keystone Petroleum, as it battles with its shareholders and its CEO, its advisor Nadhim Zahawi a MP in the UK Government and of Kurdish origin, we already have been some details and will publish more in the coming days.
It will be a further insult to our proud Kurdish people, but we ask all investors in oil companies operating in Kurdistan, please don’t assume we are part of the actions of the Kurdistan Oil Minster Mr Hawrami and his party, we would remind all investors, Mr Hawrami is from England, he is not a real resident of Kurdistan and has lived in England since the 1970’s. We are a proud people, we disown Nadhim Zahawi for his role in UK oil companies, and he again is an England resident and part of the UK government. Use photo OF JON FERRIER and Nadhim Zahawi.

We would like to thank all Kurds in Norway, Germany, and Asia for helping gather details of Mr Hawrami; we stand as Kurds United against corruption. We respectfully ask the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom to act against The Money trading in London by those who seek to damage us the Kurds Reputation and Investors of shares in the oil companies listed, who Ekurd receive 100 of emails everyday from. We Kurds have asked before for action in the United Kingdom to stop this trading in shares with inside deals, and Ekurd will stand side by side with the little investors in DNO, Gulf Keystone Petroleum. We understand the UK can take action to prevent small investors losing money by the actions of Oil companies like Gulf Keystone, please help your people as we Kurds are united in defeating corruption; we ask you do the same.

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