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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US Central Command plans to liberate Mosul: timing of the operation has nothing to do with the suppo



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US Central Command plans to liberate Mosul: timing of the operation has nothing to do with the suppo

Post by rocky on Thu 04 Aug 2016, 7:43 am

US Central Command plans to liberate Mosul: timing of the operation has nothing to do with the support Hillary Clinton

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Expected American military, the start of thebattle to liberate Mosul during October next month, and while denied allegations linking that date , the US presidential elections and support the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, supported by President Barack Obama. Confirmed that the Iraqi forces will go to the battlefield when they are "prepared for them completely , " have not before. 
She Politico magazine (Politico US), in a report, I followed ( the long - Presse), he said that "US military officials deny that there is a plan to start editing Mosul operations this fall in conjunction with the date of theUS election in November 2016 to are in favor of a candidate the party of President Barack Obama, theDemocrat, Hillary Clinton, "adding that" think this is ridiculous. " 
the magazine added that" the American people may be on a date with the achievement of Iraqi forces backed by the US military, a major victory to regulate (Daash) during the next fall, at the same time that American voters will decide who will be the new president , "noting that" American military officials insist that thesynchronization of the two events have nothing to do with political matters. " 
quoted Politico, an official at the US Central command as saying that " the Iraqi forces accompanied thePeshmerga forces and the popular crowd, ready to attack on Mosul, after encircle and isolate the militants organize Daash them , " noting that " the attack on the city would be in the form of pliers by Iraqi forces on the one hand southwest, with the Peshmerga forces attacked them from the north - west. " 
he predicted the official, according to extensive magazine spread, that" begins military offensive which has planning took several months, with the beginning of October next month , "likely" to start the final battle to liberate Mosul the end of that month. " 
the Politico that" some political circles are expected to be the restoration of Mosul as a major political victory for Barack Obama, was hurt in a candidate Democratic presidential interest, Hillary Clinton, when voting in November , "adding that it" can to put an end to the claims of the Republicans on the Obama administration 's failure to eliminate the organization Daash in Iraq. " 
revealed the magazine that" senior US Central command officers who oversee the preparation for this fight, scoff at the idea of the timing of the date of Mosul attack to help the candidate backed by President Democratic party Barack Obama. " 
he said one of those officers in an interview with the magazine that" thinking Ptjeelna for this command to achieve political benefits will serve as the dumbest thing to do, "denying" the existence of any pressure on thecentral leadership to do so. " 
he stressed the great American officer that" Iraqi forces will go to the battle to liberate Mosul when they are well positioned and prepared her whole preparation and not before , "he said , adding that there is " much to be done and achieved by waging this battle. "

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