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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit Peggy Base Qayyarah finished 90 percent of the oil trade Daash



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Edit Peggy Base Qayyarah finished 90 percent of the oil trade Daash

Post by rocky on Thu 04 Aug 2016, 7:47 am

Edit Peggy Base Qayyarah finished 90 percent of the oil trade Daash

 translation term 

After the liberation of more than half of theterritory controlled by, she suffers Daash group of collapse in the revenue it gets from oil smuggling, which forced it to cut its fighters ' salaries and levying new taxes and fines for violation of rules established by. 
I lost the group control of the series of oil fields and they must now sell what was left of their oil at large discounts to convince truckers downloaded under Judge air strikes , the international coalition. 
as well as taxes and funds ransom and trading in antiquities, the oil is a major source of operations Daash, where the gathering of millions of dollars from the sale of oil. 
Iraqi forces are able and popular crowd prevent militants from reaching the Iraqi oil fields that were controlled by what caused the elimination of oil smuggling by 90%. 
the Daash sells at least 50 tankers per day of Qayyarah fields and asterisks south of Mosul, was crude oil shipped mostly to Syria to bartered fuel Auto - by Nineveh provincial council member Abdul Rahman Olokua, who moved to Erbil after the fall of Mosul. 
Olokua says that "with the approach of the Iraqi forces and the escalation of air strikes, the Daash hardly sell five small tanks." 
The researcher says Louay Khatib, Executive Director of the Institute for energy Iraqi, said the money collected by Daash of oil is known to be exact, Yields fluctuate even during the peak in the second half of 2014 when it was in the best days gathered nearly 700 thousand dollars a day from Iraqi fields only. 
in May estimated the US United said revenue Daash dropped by half, to $ 250 million per year from thecontrolled areas in Iraq and Syria. 
Although the group has suffered more losses in Iraq since then, they are still in control of several oil fields east of Syria. 
and when swept Group north and west of Iraq two years ago, dominated the card Faculty oil fields amounting to approximately 60 thousand barrels per day, prompting the international coalition to launch air strikes targeted the financial infrastructure of the group in addition to its fighters and leaders. The Group continues production at a loss where the Peshmerga forces captured the Ain Zala field north of Mosul in late 2014. 
He says adviser at the oil ministry said Daash revenues fell in the month of April 2015 alone , an average ofone million dollars per day when she lost Ajil and Hamrin fields near Tikrit. The danger faced by smugglers of air strikes Daash be forced to reduce prices. 
He says Olokua "Daash drawn local merchants in Mosul to buy crude oil at discounted prices from $ 6 thousand to two thousand dollars per tank." A spokesman for the Oil Ministry said the gunmen were using primitive mechanisms Kamadkhat irrigation to extract the oil from those fields. 
During this month , Iraqi forces seized control of the Qayyarah Air Force Base near Qayyarah fields and regions and the star. He says Sabah Al Noman, a spokesman for the anti - terrorist forces that drive progress, "We have destroyed almost all the facilities and warehouses that were Daash used to smuggle oil in areas near Mosul, where we get all of the oil ministry coordinates, and that the air strikes chasing each truck oil smuggling." the 
loss of oil revenues forced Daash to reduce the salaries of its fighters to a third, according to Muthana Jabara, a senior security official in Salahuddin province. The group also imposed additional taxes on farmers and legs truck dealers and doubled fines for minor offenses , which developed , such as smoking and shaving beards. 
Said Abu Abdullah, a truck from Mosul drivers, said most traders have stopped buying crude oil from Daash after the destruction of hundreds of trucks in the air strikes on over the past six months. He says , "At least ahundred driver killed trying to crude oil smuggling to Syria, and rejects the drivers go because through smuggling between Mosul and Syria has become a trap to kill." 
Stepped up the international coalition targeted for trucks over the past year after he avoided such strikes forfear of killing drivers truck who did not prove they belong to the group. 
He says Abu Abdullah , said that trip back from Syria has become more difficult after he regained Kurdish forces Sinjar, the truck drivers were forced to take the road south of Mosul to the Syrian border. 
He adds that the drivers were trying to avoid air strikes by placing tanks "drinking water" on the side of their trucks , but to no avail , ".oicol driver called himself Muammar" It is a desert road open makes you a target for air strikes, I saw my brother was killed in one of the blows he was sitting inside the truck, and there areother trucks exploded as in video games . " .

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