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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kubaisi .. ally Shaker Hip billionaire Daash and "Guide" Mfajkhadtha fell lonely



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Kubaisi .. ally Shaker Hip billionaire Daash and "Guide" Mfajkhadtha fell lonely

Post by rocky on Thu 04 Aug 2016, 7:50 am

Kubaisi .. ally Shaker Hip billionaire Daash and "Guide" Mfajkhadtha fell lonely

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Managed federal police intelligence, to track and arrest of Rashid Khalaf Dahi one of themost prominent leaders of the organization Daash and the biggest smugglers security operation west wet spend, west of Ramadi. 
Dahi was born in 1970 and who is married to three women Akn Syrian citizenship, he grew up a shepherd in the humid spend, and Pat "billionaire " the five financial ownership exceeds billion dinars after a senior smugglers became, before joining the organization , " Daash "in 2014 to become" Abu Mohammad al - Kubaisi , " the most prominent aide to terrorist Shaker and flames and" broker "of regulation and" proof " of him in the desert and responsible" Zakat sheep. " 

shepherds and smugglers , " smoke " 
and says Dahi , who grew up among sheep shepherd them along with four of his brothers in the desert ofwestern Anbar in an interview to the (long - Presse), said that" most of the inhabitants of the humid spend Situated desert, growing up as shepherds for sheep dependent for their livelihood them, with the absence of aculture of education or thinking about evolution through the study, including my family. " 
but sponsors of children in the far west of the country, and 440 km from the capital of Anbar province, including Dahi, soon profession is in accordance with the most dangerous of grazing and more remunerative profits, with the intensification of the promises, taking advantage of the near location of the border with Syria, Jordan and extensive knowledge of the desert and methods, that is , smuggling, where he was and what is still the most prominent work in the wet wipe. 
Sponsor getaway Like most members of his family and the people of the judiciary, he began smuggling sheep and cigarettes of all kinds , relying on his knowledge Sahara, to reap so a lot of money in spite of his young age, what enabled him to marry three women Akn Syrian citizenship. 

smuggling in the era of "Al Qaeda" 
and reveals getaway with the 46 - year - old, that the smuggling operations have not greatly affected with theentry of US troops to the country and the fall of the former regime in in 2003, even despite the emergence ofal - Qaeda in the desert of Anbar province , areas with insecurity experienced by the country after thedissolution of the security organs. 
appearance is little regulation of the work of smugglers mechanism, having been smuggled agree implicitly with customs officials or some of the security services , Pat pays money to al - Qaeda in return forguaranteeing freedom from them, and in return the organization was not lenient with those who refused tofollow such a mechanism was the fate of abduction and detention even pay the ransom, which is what actually happened to one of the smugglers and named Subhi last Ramlawi, which was released in exchange for 70 thousand dollars. 

June and control "Daash" 
wet spend was one of the first areas that have undergone controlled organization Daash after the fall of thecity of Mosul on the tenth of June 2014, and the subsequent security failures led to the control of theregulation of large areas of the country. 
the "Abu Mohammad al - Kubaisi," that those phase represented the biggest change witnessed by thejudiciary after being under the control of the organization Daash to enter 15 of the elements under thecommand called "Abu Saleh al - Shammari," from the people of the city of Mosul, who took later the position of official repentance and then agriculture in the humid, accompanied by Thamer Hammad river, one of leaders in the regulation in the judiciary. 

Shaker and flames "and automatically" to damp 
wet spend was on a date with "and to" a new Daash "more cruel and deadly , " after the killing of the former to him four months after taking office, in terms of organization tasked senior leadership Shaker and flames ofthe state of the judiciary, and who initiated turn to meet with the elders and smugglers threatened by theshedding of the blood of all of the same happens a discussion and controversy regulation orders. 
"Cutthroat" Aldaasha dish threats practical implementation of a number of executions right outs aggregates to swear allegiance to Daash and security personnel, and hired with leaders from outside the wetlands to spend in his administration, while the pan elements of the organization of the people of the judiciary, in fact Kiedio regulation of foreign families after their marriages than women of wetlands. 

Daash guide and "broker" mechanisms of 
regulation and through him Shaker Wahib feet after several failed attempts to win a getaway Rashid Khalaf Dahi lucrative offer could not last and which exceed ownership finance the 5 billion dinars in the form of cattle, real estate and vehicles, from refusing inauguration official "Zakat sheep" Balrdobh, as opposed to be Daash in the desert evidence, agreed Mbaie regulation on legitimate hand "Abu Abdel Hafez , " which is one of thetop "legitimate" in Daash. 
"GPS" desert and the "compass" 
death vans 
and reveals billionaire Aldaasha, that "Shaker Wahib called him one day and ordered him to locate in thedesert to host a meeting of senior Daash leaders," asserting that " the vast experience enabled him to choose a location difficult to define by surveillance aircraft . " , to witness the site a meeting of Shaker and flames and coordinator of the mandate of the Euphrates with Rahhaliyah area called "Juma Mijbil al - Issawi," the military general of the state of the south , "Jamal Trki Abu Abdul Aziz Habboubi", in the presence Dahi, during which the order to pass a number of car bombs to the provinces of the Middle Euphrates and south through desert. 
leaderships Daash meeting in the desert renewed two days of the first meeting after the terms of select (GPS) desert Dahi Kubaisi position to meet the humid military annexation , "Zakir Ahmed Abdel Silverline," the official lamination and booby - trapping "Abu Aisha al- Anbari," during which they agreed on two car bombs equipped and sent the jurisdiction of the South, that takes the terrorist Dahi or as nicknamed "Abu Mohammad al - Kubaisi" responsibility Aissalhma compared to two thousand dollars for each one. 

funding and arming Daash   
organization "Daash" over more than two years of control over the western Anbar regions achieved a huge financial profits by imposing royalties on commercial traffic in those areas, in addition to the financial support received by overseas investor , part of that money to arm its components by dealing with a number of arms dealers belonging to the families of the Iraqi well - known and are staying in the Syrian Abu Kamal area, according to the sponsor Aldaasha. 
refers Kubaisi , that "regulation was costing his nephews those errands for their knowledge of the desert roads , given that all members of the family profession is smuggling , " noting that " the cargo included weapons type (BKC) and singlet of 14.5 and 12.5 type, hardware and transferred to one of the organization additives in the region of Dabaa" . 

meeting "Chemical Ali" last resort , 
"Abu Mohammad al - Kubaisi , " reveals a recent meeting of the Shaker and flames early 2016 was coordinated and his presence with arms dealers in the home of an expert on chemicals and explosive one of the most prominent leaders of the organization in Albu Kamal area, called "Ibrahim Mohammad Ersan , " and refers to the that the flames held at that meeting , a deal to buy the chlorine, mustard, DDT (4 C), where thequoted material and stored in one of the booby - trapping additives area Veidah deer, which lies 10 km northwest of wetlands. 
Although able to Shaker and flames to avoid the aircraft on the way back to wet accompanied Kubaisi , who led him across the desert, but that his criminal record foldable months later air strike aircraft to the Iraqi air force, on the seventh of May 2016, targeting an additive for (Daash) in wet crack, killing himself and seven of the group 's leaders , including the administrator financial and administrative management in the humid Faraj al - Kubaisi and two leading figures Luay al - Kubaisi, Abu Hajer Tunisia. 

Sahara safe haven terrorism! 
confessions Daash getaway billionaire evidence suggests that al Daash taken from the desert of western Anbar safe haven of its components, which are present heavily in the Valley Horan and Alگadh filling natural Almchi filling of others and Alkhozama and Osath white filling and Alچbat and Shoaib Althbl and Shoaib Hawwab and Shoaib Akaddv. Confirms Aldaasha "Abu Mohammad al - Kubaisi," that ten armies can not control those lying areas deep in the desert, which calls for the adoption of the reconnaissance planes to identify terrorist targets and then targeted with air strikes. 

Edit wetlands and the arrest of al - Kubaisi 
joint forces began on the 16th of May the process military to liberate the humid spend three axes, to announce joint Special operations command just three days after the liberation of the judiciary fully and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings, and inflict Daash "significant losses", ending the control of terrorist organizations on the judiciary, which lasted for long periods after the 2003 
Liberation judiciary followed by track operations of the components of the organization Daash and its leaders and financiers, which managed a combined force of federal police intelligence system, and then follow up intelligence minutes of so- called rational behind Dahi Kubaisi arrest, which is the "right - hand man" to theleader Aldaasha Shaker and flames, in the seventy region, west of the wet wipe.

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