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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Security plan in Fallujah requires cutting neighborhoods and dissemination of watchtowers



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Security plan in Fallujah requires cutting neighborhoods and dissemination of watchtowers

Post by rocky on Sat 06 Aug 2016, 3:28 am

Security plan in Fallujah requires cutting neighborhoods and dissemination of watchtowers

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Council district of Fallujah detect direct security plan for the city includes cutting thecity 's neighborhoods and make a single port of entry and exit, and set up observation towers, while noting that the plan will be completed before thereturn of displaced persons. 
The leadership of the liberation of Fallujah operations have been reported, the end of last July, its intention todrill trench length of 11 km around the city of Fallujah as a means to protect its population with the opening ofone port to enter Almedinh.oukal the official spokesman of the Council of Fallujah peace Ajam, in an interview with (long - Presse) that " the security forces put a security plan to protect the city 's residents when they return to Fallujah in the coming days . " noting that "this plan includes cutting the city 's neighborhoods and isolated from each other and develop a single port of entry and exit of each area, after the closure of streets main and branch barriers concrete . " He added Ajami " the security forces will work to set up watchtowers and monitor the movements and the adoption of the intelligence element in the pursuit of wanted and uncover terrorist intentions with the monument surveillance cameras in all areas of Fallujah and urged all civilians to cooperate with the security forces. " 
He said local official spokesman said" all the elders and notables of Fallujah and Mokhtari areas will have arole in the next phase to prevent Fallujah to return to square one and the fight against terrorism and crime inall its forms with parents, students and segments of society cooperation in defeating terrorism and the fight against the idea of the patient . "in the meantime, he said , the vine spend the police chief, submitted Medhat al - Jumaili, said in an interview to the (long - Presse)," the British organization specialized treatment of the remnants of war and reached a vine spend , (19 km east of Fallujah), the consent of the government and security authorities, to deal with the remnants of war in areas liberated from al Daash terrorist. " 
He added Jumaili, that" the security forces of the army, police and employees of the British organization, they started bombing homes bombing and raise improvised explosive devices and rocket unexploded and securing roads and government and civilian buildings in the vine liberated areas. "

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