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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Organize Daash kidnapped 3,000 civilians tried to flee from Hawija



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Organize Daash kidnapped 3,000 civilians tried to flee from Hawija

Post by rocky on Sat 06 Aug 2016, 3:29 am

Organize Daash kidnapped 3,000 civilians tried to flee from Hawija

Baghdad / term 

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) said in a daily report on the events in Iraq , he said Daash families ofabout 3,000 people tried to flee from their villages on Thursday and executed 12 Menhm.ujae report in the wake of astatement issued by the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights on Thursday, in which he referred to that between 100 and 120 gunmen al Daash captured about 1900 Mdna.ozkr report, which was published by Reuters, that the organization uses civilians as human shields in the face of Iraqi government forces attacks, pointing out that he had been executed dozens ofcivilians and burned six of them. 
the report added that " the High Commissioner of the United Nations for refugees ( UNHCR ) has received reports that al Daash families on the fourth of this month , nearly 3,000 people displaced from villages in Hawija in Kirkuk province were trying to flee to the city of Kirkuk. There were reports of the deaths of 12 ofthem in captivity. " 
, he quoted (AFP) security sources The Iraqi official, the organization Daash the execution of a number of residents of the town of Hawija. He said a brigadier in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces "troops greeted thedawn of yesterday 600 people and provided them with assistance." "We have heard from families that Daash detained hundreds of families and youths were executed on charges of escape from the land of Jihad , the land of the infidels." The lieutenant-colonel in the police , "Daash executed a number of residents of Hawija to escape from the town." The leader of the tribes of slaves Anwar Assi and the supervisor on the strength of the sons of the tribes in the region, told AFP, "We are facing a massacre near and on the government tomove immediately to save the trapped." 
The estimated number of residents of Hawija , who are still trapped inside the town , about 100 thousand people. Areas adjacent to the province of Nineveh , has become a target of Iraqi troops fighting the support of the international coalition, after the completion of the restoration of control over most of Anbar province ,areas in the west of the country. 
In addition, download Khalid Mafraji, MP for the province of Kirkuk, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi responsibility for the abduction of the organization Daash more three thousand people in the district of Hawija.He pointed out that the organization is preparing to use some families as human shields, while theinternational coalition and called on human rights organizations to intervene to save the parents and end their suffering. Said Khalid Mafraji, in an interview (range Press), " The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al - Abadi, the International Alliance, bear the responsibility for events in Hawija, west of Kirkuk after the establishment of the organization Daash, detained three thousand civilians as they tried to escape from areas controlled by regulation. " 
he pointed Mafraji that" elements Daash, they isolate the women and children from the men and taken for more than a thousand young unknown destination , "stressing that" the organization intends to use families besieged as human shields after he moved them to within the judiciary. " 
The MP for Arabs Kirkuk that "liberalization of Hawija, is patriotic and will demand a real desperate to end thesuffering of the citizens in the judiciary," and called on " the international community and the coalition to intervene quickly to rescue the besieged Hawija and its environs." And a student at the same time, the Iraqi government to "launch edit operations immediately."

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