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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kirkuk governor: We received 600 thousand displaced people and we demand Bmsthakatna



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Kirkuk governor: We received 600 thousand displaced people and we demand Bmsthakatna

Post by rocky on Sat 06 Aug 2016, 3:33 am

Kirkuk governor: We received 600 thousand displaced people and we demand Bmsthakatna

 Kirkuk / long-Presse 

The governor of Kirkuk, on Friday, the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, "understands" thedevelopment of the province and is trying tocoverage of the transfer of powers and local elections there. While among the province ,"do not want" funding for the implementation of new projects , but dues to complete the task of service projects. 

The governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim, in an interview with (long - Presse), said that " the security situation in the province has improved a lot compared to the pre - June 2014 events "attributing it to the " performance of the police and the brave and the presence of the Peshmerga on the battle fronts. " Karim added that "Daash has been suffering defeat and retreat thanks to the victories of the Iraqi forces and thePeshmerga and the popular crowd , " adding that "Kirkuk is still close to the battlefront and the western and southern regions are still occupied by the remnants of the terrorist Daash." He revealed the governor of Kirkuk , "the existence of a committee to investigate an attack Daash on the field , Bai Hassan and gas station northwest of Kirkuk, to know the size of the losses of oil sites , " noting that " The attack caused considerable damage did not happen except for the fire in the oil and other reserves filled tank may also be affected in theBai Hassan field , where he embarked on the technical teams conduct repair and overhaul to resume production soon field. " The Daash attacked ( by 31 July 2016), a subsidiary of the North Oil gas station, and the field Bai Hassan oil, which led to the death or injury of a group of their staff and members of the security, as well as lower pumping oil from the field through the spilling across the Kurdistan region to the line Turkey.The cream, he hoped to "enhance the effectiveness of intelligence and security to maintain the hardware , " pointing out that "Kirkuk received more than 600 thousand displaced people and perhaps including sleeper cells or deliberately malicious actors to exploit to carry out terrorist acts in the areas adjacent to and near thebattlefront." 
He explained the governor, that " the administration of the province in constant contact with the Prime Minister, Haider al - Abadi, who shows a good understanding towards Kirkuk and seeks to coverage of thetransfer of powers file because it is facing difficulties and obstacles by some ministries, such as health, finance, youth and sports, like other provinces , " asserting that " Prime Minister thinks the request of theIraqi Council of Representatives to find a formula to ensure holding of local elections in Kirkuk and granting due powers. " 
and on the financial crisis facing the country and the lack of benefits of Kirkuk petrodollar Exchange, governor emphasized that" Kirkuk do not want funding to implement new projects, but dues to complete projects that have achieved high rates of completion, including water Kirkuk unified, which has reached 85 percent completion rate and complete it hundreds of thousands of citizens of Kirkuk benefit. "

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