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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Anbar's tribes: Do not cleanse the gray island destabilize security and prevent the return of displa



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Anbar's tribes: Do not cleanse the gray island destabilize security and prevent the return of displa

Post by rocky on Tue 09 Aug 2016, 3:24 am

Anbar's tribes: Do not cleanse the gray island destabilize security and prevent the return of displaced persons

 Anbar / long-Presse 

The tribes of Anbar province Almtsidih terrorism Council demanded, on Monday, security forces need to cleanse the gray island from the control of the organization Daash to keep the victories that have been made ​​to clean the gray and the island of Khalidiya and regions Alamnh.oukal Sheikh Turki Al Ayed al - Shammari, a member of the Anbar tribes Almtsidih terrorism Council in an interview (range Press), " The security situation is still somewhat worrying because of lack of clearing vast gray island , which includes parts of the Albu Ali Jassim and Albu Assaf and areas of desert and agricultural large as organizing Daash terrorist stationed where still making us call for the liberation urgently without delay." 
He added Shammari said that " to maintain the victories achieved by the security forces against Daash gangs in the liberation of Ramadi and Fallujah , and the island of Khalidiya must ensure that the threat by thecriminal organization cleared the gray island entirely and head off Daash , " adding that "more families from the people of Ramadi and surrounding areas are reluctant to return to their areas liberated because there areelements of the organization in Ramadi Island , which they use as a point of attack on civilians , firing rockets and mortar shells and sending suicide bombers from time to time on the gray areas. " in 
turn, the federal police command announced, yesterday, nine members of the organization Daash killed in island areas Khalidiyah, east of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), and as he pointed to dismantle 12 of an explosive device and network tunnels bomb, addressing the 30 houses booby - trapped confirmed. 
team Raed Shakir Jawdat, the federal police chief said in an interview with (long - Presse), " the Brigade commandos VI managed to kill five members of the organization Daash grab the wheel of supply and thedismantling of 12 of an explosive device and the destruction of three booby - trapped houses and address the30 houses booby - trapped in Khalidiya Island, east of Ramadi , "noting that" the engineering effort was able to dismantle the tunnels bomb network and three explosive belts near the West river in Khalidiya. " 
Jawdat added that" the brigade commando fourth managed to kill four members of al - Daash and blew belonged to them wheel in Alkrtan area in Khalidiya Island. " 
this comes in conjunction with the al - Anbar province administration 's decision to exempt Mayor Fallujah Isa Sayer from office and the appointment of Sadoun Obaid al - Jumaili , instead of it, as pointed out that the exemption order was based on the provisions of the law and the State Consultative Council. 
the decision came after more than a month to liberate Fallujah, as the Iraqi forces retook last area under the control of the organization Daash in the city of Fallujah late last June. It announced the General Command of the battle after more than a month of fighting. 
And forced the fighting in Fallujah , more than 85 thousand of its inhabitants to flee to government - run camps stacked. No longer families until this moment to the city because of the mines spread. 
The administration of the province said in a statement, received a (long - Presse) a copy of it, it is "based on what came minutes of the committee formed under Administrative Order No. 3914 on 19.7.2016, issued by the Council Anbar province , and what was the Council of State administrative Court 's decision No. 113/2016, regarded as containing the remains of Jesus Sayer Amadan Qaimmqama Fallujah violation of the law, it was decided his removal from office. " The statement added, "it was set Saadoun Obeid Shaalan Thanked Jumaili substitute for it."

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