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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Kurdistan diplomatic office in Moscow closed due to economic crisis



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Iraqi Kurdistan diplomatic office in Moscow closed due to economic crisis

Post by rocky on Tue 09 Aug 2016, 6:31 am

Iraqi Kurdistan diplomatic office in Moscow closed due to economic crisis
Posted on August 9, 2016 by Editorial Staff in 1 Top News, Politics

The Kremlin, Moscow. Photo:

HEWLÊR-Erbil, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— Due to the economic crisis, Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) representative in Russia declared the closure of the KRG’s office in Moscow on Monday.
The head of the KRG representative office in Moscow, Aso Sheikh Jangi Burhan, confirmed the closure of the office in Russia, saying it was closed down on Sunday and the office equipment has been placed in storage until it reopens.
“The KRG’s representative office was rented. We moved our office to a cheaper place, but the problem was not resolved, therefore we shut down the office,” Aso Jangi Burhan, the KRG’s representative to Russia, told Rudaw.

“We borrowed money to pay the office rent and for other expenditures,” Jangi said, adding they had not received funds for about a year.
Burhan added that they have received no funds for eleven months. “In addition to the office’s rent, our employees, including myself, have not been paid yet.”
Burhan explained they will make every effort to maintain their work and connections in Russia “through the internet and telephone.”
According to the representative, the KRG’s Foreign Relations Department has attempted to resolve the issue several times, without success.
Burhan hoped “a resolution for this problem is found. A lot of efforts were made to open the KRG representative offices in these countries. With the closure of them, the KRG will be cut off from the outside.”
Other representatives in other countries suffer from the same problem. Speaking about the Iraqi embassy in Moscow, Burhan explained, “They have the same issue, but it is less severe. Their budget has been reduced by around 30 percent” by Baghdad.

Nazim Dabagh, the head of the KRG representative office in Tehran, said the office there may have to close as well over the economic crisis.
Head of the KRG’s Foreign Relations Department, Falah Mustafa previously told Rudaw that the cost of the Region’s foreign representatives is $15 million.
The KRG has 14 foreign representative offices in Germany, Italy, America, Iran, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Russia, Poland, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, and Switzerland.

    Current date/time is Sun 04 Dec 2016, 12:09 am