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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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West of Baghdad Operations Announces clearing 25% of Fallujah



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West of Baghdad Operations Announces clearing 25% of Fallujah

Post by rocky on Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:11 am

West of Baghdad Operations Announces clearing 25% of Fallujah

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Command announced operations west ofBaghdad, on Tuesday, securing 25% of thecity of Fallujah areas 0.62 km west ofBaghdad , remnants of the organization Daash, while processing large quantities of IEDs confirmed the number of homes Almfajkhh.oaota this at a time when the civil defense directorate announced on Saturday , August 6 , dismantling and processing of 5,000 shells and rockets by providing different areas of Fallujah, remnants of the organization Daash process. 
Maj . Gen. Saad warships, the commander of operations west of Baghdad, in an interview with (long -Presse), " the security forces managed to secure 25% parts of Fallujah from the remnants of war to organize Daash to secure all areas of the city before the return of the displaced to their areas liberated. " 
He added warship that" the security forces in all its different forms has been able to deal with and thebombing of 8 thousand explosive device and the dismantling in 1560 a house booby - trapped, dismantle and handle 48 booby - trapping the plant and adjust 52 Kdsa weapons and explosive and ammunition and various clearing 240 kilometers of main and branch roads in areas of Fallujah and work is continuing to secure theentire city. " Military commander , said that " the joint forces and in collaboration with government committees working on rehabilitation services also projects and clean up the city and re - run drinking water plants in preparation for the return of displaced people in the coming days after the announcement of the city locked remnants Daash." 
The leadership of the liberation of Fallujah operations announced in the 23 of July 2016 , for digging thesecurity forces trench around the city of Fallujah as a means to protect its population, and stressed that thetrench will be 11 km long with the opening of one port to enter the city, and while noting Mayor of Fallujah that private identities will be issued to the people of Fallujah, pointed to the issuance of badges to the cars ofcitizens from the people of the city. 
in context of ongoing developments in the belt areas of the capital, said the commander of Baghdad operations , Maj . Gen. Jalil al - Rubaie, said Monday, on the need between the citizens and the security forces to cooperate in Tarmiya spend north of Baghdad. 
the Baghdad operations, in a statement, received a (long - Presse), " the commander Major General, Jalil al -Rubaie, met yesterday operations with the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council and tribal leaders Tarmiya, to discuss with them on cooperation with the security forces in defeating terrorism from their areas and check the people and deeds suspect. " 
said al - Rubaie, according to the statement, that" the success of the security is the citizen 's cooperation with the security agencies and Tkacvhm with each other in order to prevail security and stability in the region ", praising" the efforts of the people of Tarmiya efforts to cooperate fully with the military units stationed to protect them. "

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