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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Canadian site: Ramadi and Fallujah Hrrta deal with the tribes and Washington want to reproduce in Mo



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Canadian site: Ramadi and Fallujah Hrrta deal with the tribes and Washington want to reproduce in Mo

Post by rocky on Wed 10 Aug 2016, 3:19 am

Canadian site: Ramadi and Fallujah Hrrta deal with the tribes and Washington want to reproduce in Mosul

 translation term 

In late July , he hosted US Secretary ofDefense Ashton Carter meeting theinternational coalition which faces Daash at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington. That was the fourth time that the ministers ofdefense and foreign from more than 30 countries gather to discuss the ongoing operations against theterrorist group. 
Carter stressed the great success of the alliance, which resulted in the - in his opinion - Edit the cities ofRamadi and Fallujah in Iraq, and to reduce the areas controlled by Daash, the successful cooperation with local security forces in Iraq. Carter called this approach as a new tactic in the war on Daash plan. 
However facts on the ground do not reveal anything new in the American strategy in the Middle East. Above all, Ramadi and Fallujah Thrrta result of agreements between local Sunni tribes that have decided to make a deal with Baghdad rather than participate in a bloody Shiite armed clashes parties. In this case, a large portion of the units Daash pulled freely from those cities and spread to nearby areas. 
If these new US strategy, it is easy editing of Mosul , in the same way. These victories nothing to do with thedestruction of Daash organized terrorist group. It seems that Washington sees Daash and other terrorist groups as a counterweight to Iranian influence in Iraq and Syria. Russian intervention in Syria is the only reason why the international coalition decides to intensify operations against Daash. Also, the so - called new tactical plan presented by Carter that allow Daash perpetuating military and terrorist capabilities for further operations, the recent terrorist onslaught in the Karrada district of Baghdad shows that. 
As discussed during the meeting the upcoming operation to liberate Mosul. According to US officials, there is aneed for two billion dollars to carry out this operation, which include things such as support for displaced people and prepare to lift their suffering and help them to return to their areas. In other words, it 's acontribution for the benefit of local Sunni forces under a possible agreement on Mosul, expects the United States to collect this money from the Member States of the Alliance. 
All these developments show that the United States carried out a long - term strategy is using various terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq to oppose the growing influence of Iran and Russia in the region. The recent statements by Secretary of State John Kerry on the prevention of the Syrian government forces ' attack in Aleppo, part of the same strategy.

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