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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daily Star: Daash controls communications in Mosul and prosecuted activists Facebook



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Daily Star: Daash controls communications in Mosul and prosecuted activists Facebook

Post by rocky on Thu 11 Aug 2016, 3:33 am

Daily Star: Daash controls communications in Mosul and prosecuted activists Facebook

 translation term 

With the preparedness of Iraqi forces to attack Daash in the city of Mosul, expressed the city's residents from residents fleeing of them expressed their satisfaction about the near liberation of their city from the rule Daash, but they also warned that the people of the city - after the success of the attack - would refuse to go back to what they called the yoke of oppression imposed by the Government Baghdad in the past.

Iraqi army and elite units that will lead the attack to take up positions around the city in preparation for anattack planned in late September to be launched. He 
said citizens Mouselaon contacted privately by telephone that the signs of dissent from Daash growing ahead of the expected assault, as a citizen of one of the areas that still have to cover the said telephone that thewalls are filled with the letter "m" which is intended to resistance or two parallel tracks red and black Iraqi flag as a symbol. 
He says the citizen Musli "it works show real courage because if they caught the perpetrator to kill him."Others said that the Iraqi flag raising twice in public squares, once in June and again in July angered extremists who Mzkoh next morning and arrested a number of citizens , including former army officers. 
Mosul is the largest city under the control of extremists , and that the fall recorded the biggest rout of Daash, as chairman Minister Haider al - Abadi. 
, said defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi said many Daash leaders fled from Mosul to Syria with their families before the attack decision. He says citizens of Mosul that with the tightening of the Iraqi forces grip the extremists are getting crazier, where they insist their control over communications to anticipate campaigns against civilians and to prevent informants from passing information to Iraqi forces or the international coalition that performs most of the air strikes on their positions. 
Previously , the elements of al - Daash be cut mobile networks in 2014 and prevented the satellite early this year, but they are allowed to enter the Internet only through the servers controlling them. 
at the checkpoints that Nsaboha ask citizens if they have an account on Facebook and order them to open nigeriawap to ensure the validity of their words. 
he says taxi "Praise driver God , I do not know what is Facebook, but I entered the prison for a week and paid the fine because they found dance music reserved by telephone. " 
he fled Younis - secondary teacher - of Mosul with his family in the month of May. The biggest fear that Atlguen son - 8 years - interpretation of the extremist Islamic law. 
He says , "We fled from Mosul and risked our lives in order and I have, I wanted it saved him before turning to an extreme, and that's how I kept silent and I see extremists wash their mind and I have and teach how to become a suicide bomber ?. " He also presented a picture of the cover of a textbook for grade V represents a boy carrying an automatic rifle on his shoulder. He says , "I know that the risk to keep this picture, but I decided to Okhveha to show it to anyone who asks me about life under Daash." 
Spread fighters Peshmerga north and east of Mosul, their backs to the Kurdistan region , which adds a base for the international coalition forces were assisting Iraqi forces, will also participate fighters , local in attack.The participation of the popular crowd , it is highly controversial, Residents of Mosul and Ssayasoha fretted involvement crowd forces, they note the violations occurred in the liberated cities of Daash as acts of looting that took place last year in Tikrit, torture and acts of murder, kidnapping reprisals in Fallujah. 
In Mosul have shrugged off attack Daash 2014. some even support in the hope of ending the repression of the security forces under the rule of former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki. Abadi has not decided yet whether the crowd will take part in the attack or not. 
For his part, the former Mosul governor Liberation of Iraq - who leads the Sunni insurgents are planning to participate in the attack , along with Aljeic- that the city must be given autonomy after the expulsion ofextremists, and that the force police - reflects the complex ethnic and religious composition of the city - must take charge of security and not Aljeic.oicol some residents of Mosul , who are still in the city that the rule Daash much worse than the Maliki government, and that the parents do not accept a return to the status quo ante. He says the teacher Younis "Berlin after Hitler is not as it was in his reign, and also must be of Mosul after Daash. We need a new regime governing Mosul because we can not afford more of adversity."

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