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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Karbala, demanding the return of parts of Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib asserts: Saddam clipped



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Karbala, demanding the return of parts of Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib asserts: Saddam clipped

Post by rocky on Thu 11 Aug 2016, 3:39 am

Karbala, demanding the return of parts of Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib asserts: Saddam clipped

 Karbala / long-Presse 

It demanded the province of Karbala , themanagement, on Wednesday, re parts of my part Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib to maintain its city of Karbala. And as pointed out that theformer regime , "carved out " the land of theprovince , "sectarian reasons", local politicians stressed that " the time is not right" to those demands. 

The Karbala Provincial Council member Bushra Hassan Ashour, in an interview with (long - Presse), " TheCouncil voice in its usual this week unanimously approved the decision to the central government demanding the return parts of my part Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib to Karbala province. " 
said Ashour said" this decision came after a request from the people spend dates adjacent to my part Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib re areas carved out of the judiciary in the years of the previous regime "noting that" Karbala Council formally asked the central government earlier in the return of those areas of the province ,has been approved by a council of the Supreme Judicial and ministers on it , provided that the vote of theprovincial council. " 
for his part, the deputy governor of Karbala Ali Mayali, in an interview with ( long - Presse), that " the demand for re - regions in terms of both Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib from Anbar to Karbala is constitutional and the right to maintain that demanding the return of the areas carved out of them in the former regime , " noting that "local government is committed to the law and that the timing of the claim re Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib areas not to exploit the situation experienced by the al - Anbar province. " 
He added Mayali that" there is a threat to Karbala from the west and exist in my part Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib sources of information and guides facilitate the passage and the escape of terrorists process, and must control it , "he said , adding that" the former regime carved out Nukhayib Rahhaliyah of Karbala forsectarian reasons and that the Constitution guaranteed the right to maintain the return of those areas to it. " 
for his part, political analyst , " the envelope , which passes by the country now is very sensitive , said there is a war against terrorism , many humanitarian problems relating to immigrants in the interior, as well as the existence of a crisis of confidence between the Iraqi factions. " 
Khalid added Aerada, in an interview with (long - Presse), that" all the data had to be at the local and central decision maker that puts the ladder of priorities in the work and must be led by the elimination of terrorism and the resettlement of displaced persons and the consolidation of trust among all. " 
He continued Aerada that " the current time is not right to demand the return of my part Nukhayib Rahhaliyah to Karbala because there are a lot of problems requiring solutions, and then have the Iraqi judiciary legal opinion to decide on the disputed areas issues , " and warned of " the dismemberment of the country to theinterests of this province or those must be to preserve the unity of the Iraqi body at the moment. " 
he accused Aerada" central and local governments that they Adzta address Karbala problems in project delays, reconstruction and other and they resolved those files and then head to expand, "stressing that he" is not of interest in addition to Karbala geographical areas at the moment because it suffers from a significant burden originally, and the local government of this study carefully and not rush it. "

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