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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sharqat million boxed between Hawija and drink contaminated water and crossing the minefields to esc



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Sharqat million boxed between Hawija and drink contaminated water and crossing the minefields to esc

Post by rocky on Sat 13 Aug 2016, 3:28 am

Sharqat million boxed between Hawija and drink contaminated water and crossing the minefields to escape Daash

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Loosening "Daash" grip in the evening, where leaking families toward the south, and "does not prevent it from engagement with guns sometimes." 
These novel borne Displaced people arriving daily to camps in the north of Baiji, after a march lasting several days' walk from Sharqat, which under blockade for more than a month. 
An estimated million people between Kirkuk and Salah al - Din, a humanitarian difficult circumstances, having disrupted edit their areas of control Daash process for several weeks without clear reasons. This coincides with a decrease in food and medicine significantly. 
Local officials say that dozens of children "babies" die every day because of the heat and lack of milk. The some fleeing the siege Daash, said the explosion "mine" on the one fleeing the besieged areas, as a green light to those who wish to cross the dangerous areas. 
The oldest Daash, recently, the burning of 20 Iraqis were detained in Hawija, after refusing to join its ranks, according to local sources. 
The network carried out the last week, campaign executions affected 62 civilian residents of the town, oncharges of espionage and cooperation with the Iraqi forces. The United Nations has declared the detention of the organization for about 3,000 Iraqis there. 
Controlled "Daash" on the towns of Hawija, and nearby Sharqat, after the invasion of Mosul in June 2014 did the Iraqi forces carried out a military operation to regain control of the two towns, despite repeated population of appeals. 
The informed sources It has revealed recently (range) for " an American veto" blocked storming Sharqat over the past weeks. But increasing numbers of deaths among displaced people of the city, pressed for theabolition of those reservations. 
In spite of the confirmation of local "readiness" of Iraqi forces that liberated base "Qayyarah" last month, but the operations have not yet begun officials. She attributed the reasons for the attack on the Sharqat to waves of displaced people held things crashes. 
He returned Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, recently, to talk again about liberalization of Mosul, which restored the process stalled since last July. 
He Abadi in youth conference held in Baghdad, on Thursday, that " battles are at the gates of Mosul, after we were fighting at the gates of Baghdad , "al - Abadi .tsrih coincided with the visit of the US president 's special envoy for" international coalition "against Daash Brett Macgork who considered that the participation of " popular crowd "in the liberation of Mosul as" an Iraqi affair. " 

death babies 
in the meantime, said the MP for Salahuddin longings Jubouri that "more than 35 thousand people have fled their Daash in Sharqat, who are living in difficult humanitarian conditions in camps for displaced people north of Baiji." 
it said al - Jubouri, in connection with the (range), that "those the numbers recorded during the three weeks only, "and estimated population numbers in the elimination of about 140 thousand, in addition to other unknown numbers up to" twice the population original "most of those who fled earlier from the Baiji and Tikrit areas Salah Din.otkhv Jubouri province, visiting camps for displaced people on a regular basis, for deaths and injuries wholesale occur among children and the elderly in a shelter camp, which says it was "lacks the most basic necessities of life , " .oiqim displaced in the schools of dilapidated structures or burned - out shops because of the military actions that the area was the scene of a few months ago .palmkabl confirm al -Jubouri , "the death of about 20 infants a week inside Sharqat besieged, due to lack of milk and medicine." 

escape route rugged 
and indicate the MP that the ring , which was blocked by Iraqi forces for more than a month about Sharqat, pay Daash to attack residents in search of food. And residents are forced to pay bribes to the checkpoints of the organization in the south of the city to facilitate their escape towards Baiji. 
And take the road of Sharqat to Mkhmyat displaced Messier about 3 days in difficult terrain and risky, and with temperatures up to 50 Celsius. 
Pushes the population, according to the displaced, the amounts ranging between 300 and 500 dollars to individuals Daash, for every person who wants to get out of town. 
usually have time to escape in the evening, where the organization loosen his grip on the ports. And sometimes clashing population with the militants using guns "primitive" were able to move with some furniture. 
And criticize al - Jubouri , "ignoring" the government for displaced people, she says that "donors and some local officials are transferring displaced Balqlabat and bulldozers to the lack of a dedicated government - large vehicles for this purpose." 

Unanswered Answers 
and although the MP for Salahuddin hear sometimes through sources inside Sharqat most leaders Daash escape, but it was surprised by the silence of the government and its failure to provide an explanation convincing crashes edit the judiciary. 
MP Jubouri says it has sent several letters to the Prime Minister ask them about the reason for crashes operations, but it confirms that it has received no response. 
as rejects some explanations that attributed the reluctance of operations to "displaced" road linking themilitary to "Sharqat" behavior. 
did the military leadership not expect a wave of displacement that occurred. The military directives had been issued a few weeks ago to the people of Sharqat, urging them to stay in their homes and not to leave, and advised them to raise the "white irrigations" on the surfaces of the role. 
To the east, waiting for about half a million people in the southwest of Kirkuk salvation of Daash. Insurgents have begun attacking the population to steal the "food" of homes, after being dried up dramatically. 

Trap minefields 
says Burhan Al Assi, head of the Arab group in Kirkuk, a political movement that includes Arab province, said that "five administrative units, most notably Hawija and Rashad, west of Tuz Khurmatu to the east ofSharqat. facing circumstances disastrous because of the blockade. " 
He added the Orontes, in an interview with the (range)," the number of pregnant women in those areas abortions because of the lack of medicine in health institutions, also rose one disk of a drug price (Albaristol) a thousand dinars, if any. " These areas are forced to drink contaminated water that pass in Mpazl mingle with them , "oil waste" coming from the North Oil Company, after drinking water pumping stations stopped after apower outage. 
Unlike the situation in Sharqat, stresses Daash control over areas outlets in Hawija and surrounding suburbs.The exposed parents while trying to escape to "hunting snipers , " and to die in the minefields, scattered around those areas. 
According to the survivors certificates , they are waiting for an explosion "mine" on a group of displaced predecessors to "adventure escape" of Hawija, to set off the other team to escape passable road itself, before returning to Daash planting an explosive another. Although dangerous, it has reached about 50 thousand displaced people to Kirkuk, while the other managed to reach the numbers " in terms of science" east of Tikrit, across the Hamrin Mountains. 
The estimated population of Hawija center alone , 120 thousand people. And lives in Daquq about 60 thousand people, and in the Riyadh area, to the south of Taza, about 84 thousand people, is also home toabout 40 thousand people in the Zab region. 
As is the case in Sharqat, Flaimlk Orontes explanation for not freeing those areas yet. He says he gave orders to the prime minister and the US embassy in Baghdad , "in order to accelerate the restoration of those areas, and did not get an answer."

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