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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash mine deployment randomly and the liberated areas will remain threatened until 2020



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Daash mine deployment randomly and the liberated areas will remain threatened until 2020

Post by rocky on Mon 15 Aug 2016, 3:41 am

Daash mine deployment randomly and the liberated areas will remain threatened until 2020

 translation Abdul Khaliq Ali * 

The first lesson learned expert demining Kurdish Aso Khoshnaw - 47 years old - when he began his career 25 years ago is that any error could be the last in his life. What Aso continues to this day haunt traps and unexploded ordnance and mines left by Daash southern province of Kirkuk. 
The Aso- with 30 professionals divided into two teams of the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action , a non - governmental organization based in Arbil , funded by the US government - searched the villages and towns that edited by Daash for explosives. 
mine cultivation requires some sort of system, but leaves Daash mines and explosives planted randomly, so -called danger zones. He says Aso "Last week we found a hundred explosive device in dangerous areas south of Kirkuk, some implanted between the houses and others within it , we are working in villages completely deserted, but filled with trapping and gathering; houses, roads, soccer fields and even mosques that areconsidered sacred places , but that Daash not indifferent to it. " 
The Aso and his colleagues face different kinds of explosives, but the quantities and the similarities illustrate that Daash has factories to produce them systematically. Re - metal recycling to work , including containers or using cans plastic Imlanha with explosives manufacture them according to recipes from the Internet. 
In addition to the explosive material , they are filling containers with pieces of metal or nails to inflict maximum damage, and they cut off the oil pipeline to be used as containers for the manufacture oflandmines. Shingle simple compressed, explodes Once complete electronic circuit, a provider batteries , 9 -volt wall used for hours or smoke detectors. This works for three to four years , so they may remain active until 2020. 
The containers are placed on roads or in any home or building. Aso when he enters into a house he notes every inch of it, and when he opens the door watching whether there was an explosive attached to a wire.Usually weigh packages between 5-20 kg, but Aso found containers weighing up to 200 kg can demolish anentire apartment building. IEDs have also placed under the seats to explode when a sitting Alleha.obad decades of various wars, Iraq is one of the most mine - filled countries in the world. In addition to the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action, there are five other international organizations working in Iraq , the largest ofMAG. 
Disinfect areas of explosives is essential for the return of the displaced. In the past month , the international coalition has pledged two million dollars to support the Iraqi people, including $ 80 million for efforts toremove the explosives in the country. 
He says Alex Roy, the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action program manager, said that "money is very necessary, and there are a lot of areas need to be cleansed of explosives." He added that his organization started working in Iraq in April and removed more than 700 explosive. 
Today where he is expected to expel Daash from Mosul in the coming months, the Roy feared that do not enjoy small towns and villages required attention. He says , "Now the focus is on Ramadi and Fallujah , while the villages and small towns do not receive a lot of attention. Villagers have the same right to return to their villages, but the village is home to 200 people , not exciting Kalrmada and Fallujah. Daash does not distinguish between the big city and the village, we have worked in various with different religions and ethnic villages were all contaminated without discrimination. " 
and remained the number of civilian casualties low, according to the Swiss Foundation, because most of thevillagers , who worked with the organization returned after cleared of explosives. 
However, the work to remove mines and clear risk; In the morning , a last May days the Aso and fellow Australian expert Mark Belford sharing villages that were Atehrunha that day, contact Belford Paso to tell him that he was about to remove some of the explosives and that was the last time he talked with Aso, where Belford he tries to remove the device weighs 6 kg. , died 
've Try Aso such risks through his work as an explosives expert, where he lost 20 friends in the past two decades , as he stomped his foot twice on the mine but fortunately both of which did not explode, he says ,"you're lucky, but what I face today with Daash something different and complex. I think that the risk ratio ofmore than 100% from the usual work to mine. " 
Whatever the risks, the Aso did not believe that he will stop working soon, he says , " In the past you aresingle, but today I worry about my family , but nevertheless I love my job. People lose their hands and eyes and even her life by removing the explosives, but thousands of people depend on us ".

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