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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Battle of Mosul: the race between the popular crowd and Peshmerga



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Battle of Mosul: the race between the popular crowd and Peshmerga

Post by rocky on Tue 16 Aug 2016, 10:35 am

Battle of Mosul: the race between the popular crowd and Peshmerga

Active military and political maneuvers on the battle of Mosul, according to a Muslim woman to restore the city to organize Daash become Nadzh and current strategies lags behind the reality of what is installed after the connector. Observers considered that the decision to drop the city is taking in Moscow, Washington and Baghdad and Ankara, and you're done is not only a matter of time.

Battle of Mosul, an international global battle, Vtharirha mean a crushing defeat for Daash, and this is what working on many global countries during the past months, however, the most difficult aspect is in the regional and local internal battle.

Iraqi politicians no secret that the current debate in Iraq about what the forces that will participate in the battle as well as the Iraqi army, as Peshmerga Kurdish forces and the popular crowd racing to reach the first and control of Mosul in order to close the road to the other, thus exacerbating the debate about the future of the province of Nineveh and the whole Malate location within the political map of the region and within the political forces in Iraq map.

Diplomats pointed out that the Kurdish party has begun to crawl in the direction of Mosul, a debate still rages about the size and geography of the popular crowd participation in the upcoming battle.

The sources announced Sunday in the Peshmerga forces, the Kurds were able to make further progress towards the organization Daash sites, regained four villages southeast of Mosul in northern Iraq after a military operation with the support of the international airline alliance.

He said Capt. Sherzad Zajuli The Peshmerga forces seized control of the villages Obzach delays Tel Hamid Kerkhh and Hamra, on the road to Mosul. He Zajuli "military operation carried out in several axes are Alkwyr and drunk and Khazar, and the Peshmerga forces moving in three axes," pointing out that the restoration of these areas from the military point of view "represents great strategic importance, because Daash taken a springboard for the bombing of the Peshmerga forces missiles." The operation began, according to Kurdish sources, under the direct supervision of the regional president Massoud Barzani, who met Brett Macgork special envoy of the US President for the management of the international coalition against Daash, and discussed both the issue of the restoration of the city of Mosul from the grip of the extremist organization.

However, Iraqi circles began to warn that the fall of Mosul will open other battles will not be regional powers, "Iran and Turkey," far from it, so that the Kurdish Barzani pavilion consider that Mosul is part of Kurdistan historically they do not hide their desire to annex the city to their areas, or compromise the government Iraqi them as part of what is known as the disputed areas, especially after he swallowed prov Kirkuk, too, and noting the presence of US clear support for the Kurds at the expense of the Sunnis in Iraq, it appears that the areas that swallowed up the Peshmerga will not be returning Iraqi Sunni geographic later.

The Washington Post quoted Yezid Sayigh, an expert at the Carnegie Center in Beirut as saying that "there is now what we could call a victory over Daash, control of the Peshmerga on the areas that were under Iraqi government control, to expand the area that the Kurdish regional government ruled by 50 percent."

And facing the Kurdish dreams major obstacles, Valmousel city, mostly Sunni Arabs, which would cause tension and collided with the Sunnis, and the central government in Baghdad will not be satisfied to abandon Mosul, was preceded by months that the cause of this disharmony in the outbreak of clashes between the Peshmerga forces and the crowd the popular pro Baghdad in the city of Tuz northeastern Iraq.

And a violation of the internal conflict over the future of Mosul, the Iran's interest in determining the fate of the second largest city of Iraq "with a population of about 2 million people before control Daash them, and away from the capital Baghdad, 465 kilometers", which is close to its borders, while Turkey considers part of the security-space In northern Iraq. If Tehran were dependent on the government in Baghdad and Shiite militias affiliated in this regard, Turkey adopts a two-pronged approach.

The first part is based on the direct support of the Kurdistan region, headed by Massoud Barzani, and thus support the Peshmerga its own in its battle to regain Mosul. The second part is based on the support of militias National crowd, estimated at about 6,500 fighters, led by former Nineveh governor Liberation of Iraq, which is training at Camp Bashiqa, a military base established by Turkey in northern Iraq with the blessing Albarzanah government Kurdish, and to oppose the Iraqi central government in Baghdad, and format and cooperation with the United States to fight Daash. The leader Osama Najafi united coalition had informed the US envoy Macgork "position and the position of the people of Nineveh and the leaders of the Alliance of Iraqi forces, rejecting the participation of the popular crowd in the battle to liberate Mosul."

The prevailing doubts about the intentions of the Peshmerga forces on the future of cities that will control them and whether they Arbil intend annexation of these areas to Iraqi Kurdistan, the Ankara which fear of it also avoided angering its ally Massoud Barzani pursue other means and seeks to approach the issue of new ways.

Turkish strategic and intending to push for support for a joint Arab Kurdish forces to wrest control of the city and the region and the removal of Iranian influence them, to the care of co-existence between the Sunnis and the Kurds under the auspices of Ankara formula. But that strategy will be met with a strategy Iranian anti especially that of the Shiites a heavy in Mosul, an estimated 600,000 citizens, most of them Shiite Turkmens, they have military formations belonging to popular crowd had clashed several times with the attacks by the Peshmerga forces in Tuz Khurmatu.

At a time when Turkey fully painted its policy on the Erbil column, it appears that the tent prov second column, which Sulaymaniyah warbling in the direction of another, much as it was Irbil close to Turkey, the Sulaymaniyah close to Tehran, and attempts to blackmail Iran, which began some time ago by the American and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Barzani, open opposition to the Iranian border, a Kurdish Front for Mchagletha about the battle of Mosul would be a failure, according to the statements of the Secretary-General of the Iranian national security, Ali Shamkhani, who received two delegations from the party Talabani and Barzani in the past days, free to choose a group Barzani between the Iranian full border security, or loss of Arbil former stability.

America put their eggs in the Peshmerga basket, they try hard to accommodate all the Kurdish armed forces in Iraq, Syria and even Turkey over the past years, the latest sign protocol direct cooperation contrary to the text of the Iraqi constitution with Irbil, to arm militias Barzani, training and support half a billion US dollars, during the next phase .

Battle of Mosul, far from being a local battle aimed to liberate a big city in Iraq, is a battle of wills and the intersection will be followed, perhaps it will be more difficult than the battle itself.

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