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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Hidden “Last Resort” FBI Prosecutor Steps Forward, New Case JUST OPENED



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Hidden “Last Resort” FBI Prosecutor Steps Forward, New Case JUST OPENED

Post by Lobo on Tue 16 Aug 2016, 1:56 pm

Hidden “Last Resort” FBI Prosecutor Steps Forward, New Case JUST OPENED

August 15, 2016 Matthew Bernstein News
Why does she look worried? Find out below!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we may have finally found the person that can take down Hillary Clinton and her corrupt Clinton Foundation. The Daily Caller News Network has reported that Preet Bharara has been asked to lead a joint FBI-U.S. Attorney probe into the Clinton Foundation.
Meet the newest prosecutor in the Clinton Foundation investigation
Now why is that a good thing? Well Bharara has a fantastic track record when dealing with corrupt politicians, bankers on Wall Street, and organized crime. In fact he even has a nickname. He is called “The Showman”, at least that is what The New Yorker calls him.
Taking a look at some of his greatest hits, Bharara took on some of the associates of Bernie Madoff. You know, the guy who pretty much stole $50 billion from every day working Americans. So Bharara isn’t afraid to take on the big people.
He has also taken on some of the most corrupt politicians in the state of New York. That would include Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos. Silver, the New York Assembly Speaker was found to be taking taxpayer money from people, and he was in office since 1994.
He has taken on some of New York’s most corrupt politicians
If that wasn’t enough, Silver was found to have received kickbacks from two firms that wanted his vote. Naturally the bills were regarding subsidies and tax breaks. Keep in mind that this guy had been in office for twenty years.
Well he WAS in office, that was until Bharara and his law office took control and finally on January 22, 2015 Silver was arrested. The way I see it, if you can take down a politician in New York, then you should get a medal for that incredible accomplishment.
And yet, four months later, Bharara had lightning strike twice and indicted Dean Skelos, the New York Senate Majority Leader, on corruption charges. Skelos had used his position and power to have contractors hire his own son, Adam. Well Adam, to put it lightly, was really lazy and hardly showed up for work.
The New Yorker actually had a wiretapped conversation between Dean Skelos and Adam Skelos and they were discussing Bharara. “You can’t talk normally because it’s like (expletive) Preet Bharara is listening to every (expletive) phone call. It’s just (expletive) frustrating.” Naturally I can’t actually type the curse words that he used, but they were pretty strong.
Clinton might be worried when she discovers who Bharara has prosecuted
So Bharara was relentless in his pursuit of these criminals. Part of his tactic is to go to the media and lay out exactly what these people have done. Naturally some people don’t like that. But his former deputy, Richard Zabel defended the actions that he does.
“Sometimes it’s hard for the public to understand why something is a crime. Silver and Skelos were complicated and opaque crimes, and we wanted them to be laid out pretty clearly.” I mean you can’t argue with that. You want the public to know exactly what the crimes are and what the penalty would be.
So basically Bharara has taken on two of the most powerful politicians in the state of New York and has won both cases. That is pretty good if you ask me. He has also continued by going after another high-ranking official in the state of New York. He has been going after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He is a democrat. He should be worried.
And now Bharara is tasked with leading the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Based on what we have learned about this lawyer, it might actually go somewhere.
His tactics include going to the media. That might be really important
The Clinton Foundation has collected $2 billion in donations from all over the world, and that was what made the FBI so suspicious. Well if Bharara can take on associates of Bernie Madoff and some high-ranking NEW YORK politicians, then I think he is qualified to take on the Clinton Foundation.
The thing that might be most interesting about his tactics is the fact that he goes to the media with the case. As we all know, the media has been on Clinton’s side this entire time, but even they can’t resist the call of a good story.
The Clinton’s may have control of the media, but the media can’t resist a good story. If Bharara goes to the media, they might eat it up
If he can lay out in perfectly good English about all the illegal activities that the Clinton Foundation might be doing, then it is a good shot that it will make people not want to vote for her in the November election.
That could actually be the most important part of the case. Finding out the suspicious activities is an important aspect, but if the general public were made aware of what is actually going on, then it would be a tremendous boost for Donald Trump.
The other thing that is important is that every case that Bharara has been a part of, he has been relentless. That means that he isn’t going to stop unless there is a ruling. That is actually pretty important.
I’d be smiling too if I found out who was put in charge of leading an investigation against the Clinton Foundation
He is relentless, and that is exactly what this investigation needs. They don’t need talk, they need action. And finally it seems that the people are going to get action. As stated earlier, if Bharara can take on NEW YORK politicians, then this isn’t going to be a big jump up.

Nothing can be said for certain, but this is a lot better than just sitting around and doing nothing, If Bharara can bring what he does to the courtroom, then the Clinton Foundation should start to get nervous.

Interacting Investor
Interacting Investor

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Re: Hidden “Last Resort” FBI Prosecutor Steps Forward, New Case JUST OPENED

Post by fonz1951 on Tue 16 Aug 2016, 3:33 pm

i wonder if this guy ends up dead?


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Re: Hidden “Last Resort” FBI Prosecutor Steps Forward, New Case JUST OPENED

Post by Lobo on Tue 16 Aug 2016, 3:49 pm

We need to pray for his and the team and their families safety.

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Re: Hidden “Last Resort” FBI Prosecutor Steps Forward, New Case JUST OPENED

Post by Sponsored content Today at 9:19 am

    Current date/time is Sun 23 Oct 2016, 9:19 am