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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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British newspaper: fears of Daesh use of mustard gas in the battle of Mosul



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British newspaper: fears of Daesh use of mustard gas in the battle of Mosul

Post by rocky on Wed 17 Aug 2016, 3:31 am

British newspaper: fears of Daesh use of mustard gas in the battle of Mosul

 Baghdad / term 

It revealed the British press photographs shocking, the world was hoping not to see itagain after the horrors of World War I, showing the first evidence of the use Daesh mustard gas in Iraq. 
And leave the use of mustard gas effects on the bodies of Peshmerga fighters, including painful blisters appear on the skin and damage great in the lungs. 
and without any regard to the prohibition ofchemical weapons internationally, use deadly repeatedly gas against Kurdish forces fighting to expel extremists, according to the daily British miles. 
and battling the terrorist group that caused the deaths of hundreds of people in France and Europe, to keep the land under their control in Syria and Iraq. and wounded about 100 Kurdish soldier in attacks with mustard gas, carried out by the organization twice a week in many cases, according to the doctors who spoke publicly for the first time. 
conducted a newspaper "Mail on Sunday" interviews with victims of chemical weapons, banned by the United Nations. Experts from the United States and Italy confirmed injured soldiers with mustard gas, which isdescribed yellow clouds burn the skin and cause great harm to the lungs. 
Confirmed infected with the conviction that the extremists are producing advanced chemical weapons on anindustrial scale in Iraq, amid concerns over the use of the organization of these weapons in the defense of the city of Mosul . 
Kurdish soldier to fall 6 missiles to Daesh containing mustard gas on Sultan Abdullah village of hand Alkwyr in Makhmour. And breathe Mirmaj Hassan (39 years), father of six children, the toxic fumes that leaked inside his uniform, causing the appearance of large blisters on his skin. 
He said the soldier, who was one of 13 soldiers and victims of the attack Chemical Ali, "We heard the whistle of rockets, and we were just 30 feet from the place of the fall of the rocket on the roof of a house, then spread smells like onions. " 
He added , " I did not have a mask for gas, and I covered my mouth with my hands, but I soon felt pain in my throat and my chest tightens, and I collapsed on the ground, no longer I can breathe. " And Abizaid " Itried to shout for help but I could not, and then I began to feel a strange burning sensation on my stomach and my back." 
He said Hassan , "I felt that my skin turns into a liquid, touched it, and it was very painful, and ultimately saw me , some members of the Peshmerga and rescued me." 
And treatment trip said , "there was no medicine for us, I was all officers Archuna water to cool Hroukna, but the burns had not healed and popping pimples, I can hardly breathe, even today I have a persistent cough and I feel suffocated, I spent four days in the hospital before I go back to the line front, because even if we were wounded Daesh we fight, we need more gas masks and hoods ".olathbat that Peshmerga were victims of chemical attacks, doctors samples of blood and urine for soldiers injured analyzed. Laboratory tests found the chemical compound sulfur "mustard gas" effects, which is a chemical produced for the first time by theGerman army in 1916 and used against British troops. According to the Organization for Prohibition ofChemical Weapons, prohibits the use of mustard gas on the battlefield, under the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. 
The head of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said recently that there was a "very disturbing indicators," that Daesh able to manufacture chemical weapons. The CIA also confirmed her belief that Daesh has the ability to mustard gas and chlorine production. 
The doctor said Goodall Ahmed , "We are fortunate that Kurdish soldiers are still alive, it would Avarkoa life if it is being flown abroad for treatment, because we do not have enough material for their treatment. " 
Ahmad noted" cure Peshmerga using asthma medication to help them breathe and some eye drops ,"pointing out that the soldiers deserve better treatment. 
He explained Dean stone Ismail, head of the public relations department of the Peshmerga, that one out of every 10 soldiers have a protective mask gas, pointing out that the masks are supposed to suffice 150 thousand fighters. 
he said that "Germany and the United States has provided us 15 thousand mask, but we need 500 thousand mask, and terrorists will use chemical weapons in the battle of Mosul , " pointing out that "most of theattacks with chemical weapons occurred near Mosul , suggesting that the tear gas produced there, according to intelligence reports that the Department of Chemistry at the University of Mosul used to make these weapons. "

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