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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Anti-terror arrests cell is responsible for the transfer of the suicide bombers and car bombs to Naj



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Anti-terror arrests cell is responsible for the transfer of the suicide bombers and car bombs to Naj

Post by rocky on Wed 17 Aug 2016, 3:34 am

Anti-terror arrests cell is responsible for the transfer of the suicide bombers and car bombs to Najaf and Karbala

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

An intelligence source said early yesterday that security forces arrested the leader of theorganization (Daesh) is responsible for thetransfer of the suicide bombers and car bombs from Anbar province to Karbala and Najaf, a security operation, west of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad). 
The source said, in an interview with (long - Presse ) yesterday, said that " the strength of the Directorate ofintelligence and counter - terrorism Najaf of the CIA and federal investigations managed, yesterday, the leader arrested in organizing Daesh security operation carried out at kilometer 160 area, west of Ramadi , " noting that " the detainee participated in terrorist operations against security forces . " 
the source, who requested anonymity, that" the prison official in an al Daesh mission is the transfer of suicide bombers from Anbar , Najaf and Karbala cell ", stressing that" the security forces transferred the detainee to the center of a security for the completion of investigation. " 
in a related development, it was revealed a source in the system of federal police intelligence, the arrest ofone of the most prominent leaders of the "state of the Euphrates" in organizing Daesh intelligence operation, west of Baghdad, with the exception that the detainee of the "most important" cadres of the organization of his close relationship with Bkiedath their precise knowledge.   
the source says in an interview (range Press ) on Monday, " the Directorate of police intelligence Federal received accurate information about the presence of terrorist elements in the western areas of Baghdad, including one of the leaders of the organization and named Ahmed Hussein Ali Aljughaifi, where formed on theimpact of a specialized team to follow up on information and identifying terrorist targets , " noting that " theteam lured goal that was inhabited university district, west of Baghdad, ambushed in the vicinity of the area ofresidence safe zone. " 
INQ was after the team closed by Amiriyah and tunnel police and forced goal on the behavior by drawing him to fall into a team that knows the goal of a grip the 51 - year - old professionally despite the difficulty of it, where you do not deny the goal of belonging to Daesh convincing the team that used a deep investigation and confrontation of evidence which led to the collapse of Aljughaifi, approval of belonging to Daesh in June of 2014, after the control of the existing judiciary, at the hands of his brother , Mullah Hamidi, " tribal Affairs official "in Daesh. 
shows the source, who asked not to be named, said : " Aljughaifi worked as an assistant to his brother , who was taking the pledge of allegiance to the organization of the tribes in the state of the Euphrates called in Daesh , "adding that" the terrorist said that joining the organization was taken for obtained after having made ​​most of the residents of the areas dominated by the organization of allegiance and joined him "to take advantage of this relationship tribes and freedom of movement between areas to gather financial wealth through buying and selling operations illegal and smuggling operations. 
leadership Aldaasha had attended one of the most important conferences Daesh gathered tribal leaders in thehost , "Sheikh Sabah Alstam anal" in the city of Qaim, in the presence of senior leaders of the organization were " the religion of Hamidi , " and an official in the state of the Euphrates at the time , "Abu Dargham Saudi" and legitimate state , "Hammoud Knuh" and Askaraha "Abu Anas al - Shami," as well as the coordinator between US "Faisal Obeid Please," where he documented the organization allegiance of tribal leaders during the conference. 
Aljughaifi following that conference, took over the tasks of taking the repentance of the elements of thesecurity forces and the dignitaries of tribes loyal to the government later stripped of their weapons, and inform them of the need to comply with the orders and instructions of the organization and not to leave their homes, before to attend another Daesh conference but in the city of Fallujah this time, which witnessed the execution of one of the security forces , elements, and the confiscation of weapons owned by the clan, where broadcast Daesh videotape documenting the crime of those. 
reveals the source, that "Aljughaifi was yet Bucca during the period between 2006 - 2007 before being released, "returned to the " leading Aldaasha of the most important elements of the mandate of theEuphrates for his intimate knowledge of most of the organization , which was the subject of trust by virtue ofage and loyalty artificial leaders, which is exploited by Aljughaifi to gather financial wealth during the past two years. "

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