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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Counter-terrorism center surrounded Qayyarah after the liberation of four villages in the vicinity o



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Counter-terrorism center surrounded Qayyarah after the liberation of four villages in the vicinity o

Post by rocky on Thu 18 Aug 2016, 2:35 am

Counter-terrorism center surrounded Qayyarah after the liberation of four villages in the vicinity of

 Baghdad / term 

Declared war media cell, the liberation ofcounter - terrorism forces four villages in thearea of Qayyarah. She stressed the cell raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings, and pointed to encircle the village in the preparation for Aguethamha.oukal statement cell media, received a (long - Presse) a copy of it, that "counter - terrorism forces managed to free villages Ahoiesh and Jawaanh and protoplasm and gas in terms of Qayyarah, south of Mosul, from the control of the organization Daesh , "asserting that" the security forces raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings liberated villages. " 

cell and added that the " anti - terrorism forces had inflicted the enemy losses in lives and equipment , "noting that" the security forces impose a gasket on the stump village near the Qayyarah Center, in preparation for the storm. " 
Furthermore, the Peshmerga forces confirmed that it has secured a crossing point on the river to enable them to open a new front against Daesh and then tighten the screws on Mosul , a stronghold of the organization. With 
the support of the air strikes , the coalition led by the United States fighters Kurds arrived Alknhish on thewest side of the Alkwyr bridge , which was the target of an attack began on Sunday. About two years ago inflicted regulation damaged the bridge which crosses the Great Zab River to the south - east of Mosul with their sweep of northern and western Iraq. 
The repair of the bridge allows the Peshmerga and other forces fighting organization move toward Mosul , the new front. 
He wrote Barzani, President of the Security Council in the Kurdistan region, on Twitter , saying "control Heights Alknhish granted Peshmerga strategic advantage over enemy positions near the main road to Mosul."He said Barzani "This efficient process will narrow the noose around Mosul , a stronghold of the organization."
Officials said in response that some 150 square kilometers plucked from militants along the Great Zab , which flows into the Tigris River. 
Takes the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces sites gradually around Mosul, 400 km to the north of thecapital Baghdad. He was staying in Mosul , some two million people before the war , the largest metropolitan area subject to Daesh. He said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , which aims to restore the city this year that its fall would be a defeat Daesh actually in Iraq. The 
Iraqi army is trying to advance from the south. In July , the army seized Qayyarah air base located some 60 kilometers south of Mosul and is expected to be a key point in the expected attack on the city. Brett said Macgork, US envoy to the alliance in a tweet on Twitter, "tightening the noose around terrorists Daesh: Peshmerga progressing east of Mosul , Iraqi forces strengthen its presence in the south near Qayyarah." In the same context, the transfer of a Reuters reporter, who covered the attack on Sunday that militants areusing car bombs and mortars to slow the progression of the Kurds. 
He Agency reporter he was "in the sixth village we have entered we received gunfire usual was Almedfjee Full ... and launched mortar shells falling on our right every three minutes. " " I suddenly shouted a man who was watching anxiously through a narrow broken bulletproof glass and turned all eyes left hand. It was a car bomb is heading quickly toward us." 
He said "open Almedfjee fire from the tower and disappeared. We did not know where to go. With thewithdrawal of the village were told it went off somewhere else. " 
he said the organization Daesh, in a statement carried by the depths of the agency, said that" suicide bombers regulation dawn two car bombs in a village to stop the advance of Kurdish forces resulting in injuries to the Peshmerga. " 
did not KRG authorities announce information on casualties human in the fighting with the exception ofconfirmed Sunday the death of a cameraman Kurds and wounding another journalist. 
he Mcgork told reporters during a visit to Baghdad on Thursday, said that preparations for an attack on aMosul approaching the final stage. 
he stressed that the plan includes considerations for humanitarian assistance to civilians displaced.International Committee of the Red Cross predicted last month that forced up to one million people to leave their homes in northern Iraq as soon as fighting raged around Mosul , which would represent " a huge humanitarian problem."

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