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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Compass "liberation" tend to Hawija .. predicted synchronous operation to restore Sharqat before Mos



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Compass "liberation" tend to Hawija .. predicted synchronous operation to restore Sharqat before Mos

Post by rocky on Sat 20 Aug 2016, 3:01 am

Compass "liberation" tend to Hawija .. predicted synchronous operation to restore Sharqat before Mosul

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

I arrived preparations for restoration " ofHawija" to the final stages. Officials expect toconduct concurrent process to Thariralherquat of Daesh, after a month of "Qayyarah base" Edit. 
Considers security committee parliamentary that the presence of "million" member of the various security and military formations is enough to open two fronts or more at once, stressing that the reversal of this case will serve as a "disaster." 
the military command has announced edit Qayyarah base in July, had exceeded the two towns are located to the south of al - Qaeda controlled by Daesh. the 
progress made ​​by troops in the vicinity of military facility after that, the shares cut coming from Mosul Daesh supplies. She lived Hawija and Sharqat in inhuman conditions and was described as "catastrophic", with a lack of basic materials in the presence of about one million. 
Despite the fact that Iraqi troops did not intrude Qayyarah center, but they are considering a return to thesouth to edit what you left behind her. 
The transfer of deputies from Kirkuk, recently, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi 's assertion that "Hawija , will be the next battleground, and the battle before." This coincides with the restoration of the Peshmerga forces , a number of villages east of Mosul in record time. 
Trooping near Hawija 
and reveals MP Hakhuan Abdullah, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense, for "the arrival of troops to the parties Hawija willing to release it from Daesh backed Peshmerga forces." 
Stressed Abdullah, in contact with (range) yesterday, " the next battle will be for the Liberation of Hawija ,before any other city , " likely the start of a military operation around Sharqat concurrently or soon thereafter. 
An estimated one million Iraqis living in the areas between the provinces of Kirkuk, Salahuddin, humanitarian difficult circumstances, after a stop edits for several weeks without clear reasons. 
The organization carried out Daesh, two weeks ago, campaign executions affected 62 civilian residents of thetown, on charges of espionage and cooperation with the Iraqi forces. The United Nations has declared thedetention of the organization for about 3,000 Iraqis there. 
Controlled Daesh towns of Hawija and Sharqat adjacent to it, after the invasion of Mosul in June 2014 did theIraqi forces carried out a military operation to restore the two cities, despite repeated appeals inhabitants. 
And demanded MP Salahuddin longings Jubouri, in an interview with the (range), Prime Minister Haider Balebadi to "frankness Sharqat population, about who has the decision to attack Iraq or America?". 
The informed sources have revealed (range) for " an American veto" blocked storming Sharqat over the past weeks. But the worsening humanitarian situation among the displaced pressure towards the abolition of those reservations. 
The MP longings Jubouri that "more than 35 thousand people have fled their Daesh in Sharqat They live in difficult humanitarian conditions in camps for displaced people north of Baiji , " .oohart Jubouri that "ring ,which was blocked by Iraqi forces about two months ago about Sharqat pay Daesh to attack residents insearch of food. " " The parents are forced to pay bribes to the checkpoints of the organization in the south of the city to facilitate their escape toward Peggy." 
In the meantime , said Burhan Al Assi, head of the Arab group in Kirkuk, a political movement that includes Arab province, said that "five administrative units , notably Hawija and Rashad west of Tuz Khurmatu to theeast of Sharqat. facing catastrophic conditions because of the blockade. " 
said Assi, told the (range) , " requests submitted to the Prime Minister and the US embassy in Baghdad, inorder to expedite the restoration of those areas, but I did not get an answer. " He noted that there are about half a million people live in the southwest of Kirkuk. 
Open multiple fronts 
were most of the military activities had stopped after the liberation of "Qayyarah base." But Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi recently returned to talk again about editing Mosul. 
, Says MP Hakhuan Abdullah "can not be restored Mosul without editing Hawija , " pointing to "the existence of " an international agreement with Iraq , the need to speed up an end to the war with Daesh the nearest time. "Stressing that" prolonging the war against Daesh means increased spending and exacerbate theproblem of the displaced. " 
and sees a Kurdish member of the security committee that" the liberation of Mosul requires editing linked to the city areas like Sharqat and Hawija , "likely to open two fronts or more at once. 
refers Abdullah that" the liberation of Hawija was planned last June before any before the holy month ofRamadan , "pointing out that" the imbalance in the coordination between the military forces disrupted theattack. " 
and on the Iraqi leadership 's ability to fight more than one battle at the same time, confirms Hakhuan Abdullah , said that" the parliament voted in the budget that 2016 salary million member in different security configurations, including 600 thousand for the interior and 350 thousand for the defense, in addition to other forms. "He said that" this number is supposed to be enough to open more than one front, and if we can not, with the presence of such a large number, then it is catastrophic. " 
it is believed Kurdish lawmaker that the rapid progress made ​​by " peshmerga "axial Alkhaz and Alkwyr, will help in resolving the battle of Mosul during the " less time ". 
He pointed Abdullah that the liberalization of the Kurdish forces, recently, to several towns in eastern Mosul, had been "took place in less than two days, and then went to the parties to Hamdania." 
liberalized Peshmerga, 10 villages on the eastern side of the connector, and become walking distance of Hamdania, which lies 15 km from Mosul. This came in conjunction with the arrival of Iraqi troops to theborders of Qayyarah, which is no longer separated from Daesh only several hundred meters away. According to the anti - terror apparatus.

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