BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq called the National Coalition leader Iyad Allawi, today, thecountry 's leaders to prepare detailed plans for the first three months, as well as following the battleto liberate Nineveh six months. A statement issued by the Information Office of Allawi , on theoccasion of the start of military operations for the liberation of Nineveh: " The overall Iraqis and Nineveh province cherished especially preoccupied with battles after liberation from Conception organization (Daesh) terrorist and how to raise the cruel suffering of our steadfast brothers in, "noting that" although we hope all of us to achieve this dream today before tomorrow, the reality of the political, security and demographic complexities requires the creation of a range of factors that need to be which they contribute to the victory militarily and politically the expeditious. " thestatement added that" the elements of victory is required to deal seriously with the issue ofdisplaced people to ensure a decent future of their including compensation , fair compensation and protection of all civilians being fully prepared to receive more esteemed displaced sons of Nineveh cherished " . the statement pointed out that "what is striking is not giving mutatis serious about therelationship (or lack thereof future) with countries that share Iraq's military edits and financially support Iraqi efforts to get rid of the terrorist organization," pointing out that "we do not see and now steps serious to clear the air with the Kurdistan region , both in the operations phase and beyond in order to preserve the unity of the trend against the forces of extremism and post - editing and support for the country 's unity. " the statement noted that" should the country 's leaders tobegin immediately to prepare for the first three months detailed plans as well as for the next six months as well as long - term plans to manage the liberated areas and achieving the security ofsociety and the well - being and to prevent any slides towards the problems and future conflicts and that does not have an alternative. "the statement continued that we" warned repeatedly the need totake these observations and to develop appropriate arrangements , including the emphasis on theimportance of political victory , along with military victory in the fighting , "pointing to" the needto take these factors in the battle of liberation and its aftermath, we warn of the dangers you may get, God forbid, after removing Daesh final. "the organization (Daesh) took over the city of Mosul, in the 10 from June 2014.