Baghdad / Iraq News Network said Nuri al - Maliki, former Iraqi Prime Minister, said that theexception to the popular crowd alongside Iraqi forces against Daesh, of the operations carried out by Iraqi forces to restore the city of Mosul to organize "Daesh," considered a conspiracy, he Tobeirh.jae so , in a speech to the owners during a meeting with members of the "campaign ofmartyr Mohammed Baqir al - Sadr" to support the popular crowd at his office today, where hestressed that the "popular crowd experience is a pioneering experience and will be the subject ofvery great interest and will be written by the military science institutes in the world," according tothe report published on official his location social networking, Vispock.utalb Maliki his word " tosupport the popular crowd and providing backing him and confront all conspiracies being hatched against him , particularly the recent attempts that seek to dissuade him from participating in theliberation of Mosul process," noting that " the involvement of the popular crowd in the liberation ofMosul is important Having proved the crowd ability to edit cities through attributed to security forces dramatically. "Maliki pointed out Srorh" further efforts to support the popular crowd ,which succeeded in freeing a lot of land which was under the control of terrorist gangs, and toprovide support for the battle is the catalyst to achieve victory and effective role in supporting and consolidating the extraordinary determination of the Mujahideen in the field and raise their morale and empathy with them. "