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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The presidency of the Kurdistan region calls for "political agreement" ensures that the normalizatio



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The presidency of the Kurdistan region calls for "political agreement" ensures that the normalizatio

Post by rocky on Mon 22 Aug 2016, 3:35 am

The presidency of the Kurdistan region calls for "political agreement" ensures that the normalization of the situation after the liberation of Mosul

 Baghdad / term 

Peshmerga Ministry announced that it will not withdraw from land taken after battles with al Daesh in four provinces, only after the removal of the threat from al Daesh. 

A statement from the Ministry of Peshmerga, seen by the (range), "We are part of the Iraqi defense system according to the Iraqi constitution, the Although the Iraqi government did not help the Peshmerga in terms ofproviding training or secure weapons and military supplies did not assume their responsibilities towards thePeshmerga. " 
she added , " is not for the Peshmerga intention to put her hand on any area but would defend every area where terrorists exist Daesh and will remain in those areas until the end risk Daesh them. " 
he confirmed the presidency of the Kurdistan region, in a statement issued on the battle of Mosul, the" war on organizing Daesh terrorist priority for the presidency of the Kurdistan region , "stressing the importance of " must consider the consequences of humanitarian, political and results and their impact on Kurdistan and Iraq and the region region . " 
he said presidential statement, seen by the (range), saying that" for the post - liberalization Mosul special importance to the Kurdistan region, components and citizens in the province of Nineveh, and to ensure thenon - recurrence of disasters suffered by ethnic and religious components of the Nineveh province and cut theroad in front of any other problems, it is essential that the citizens of Nineveh province and its components ensures their future, by a political agreement between the components and the parties to this city , around the city of Mosul , the management and the province of Nineveh. " 
and on the role of the Peshmerga forces in the upcoming battle, said the presidency of the region , " emphasize the adherence to all previous agreements between the KRG and the Iraqi government and the coalition, and any agreements will hold in the future between these three parties. " 
Iraqi forces have been battling in the areas south of the city of Mosul and is preparing to fight the Liberation of Nineveh province 's second battles of the largest provinces of Iraq, Mosul is the capital and stronghold of the president to organize Daesh. 
With the approach of the battle of Nineveh began to talk about the political future of this province and theform of government in which, with the accused Kurds bite some of their parts and attach it to the province. 
, the head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki was considered an exception popular crowd to regain thecity of Mosul operations as a "conspiracy," he said. 
Al - Maliki said, during a ceremony to support the crowd , " the experience of the popular crowd is apioneering experience will be of interest to a very large and will be written by the military science institutes in the world , " according to a statement seen by (range). 
the head of a coalition of state law in his "support the popular crowd and providing backing him and confront all conspiracies hatched against him, particularly the recent attempts that seek to dissuade him from participating in the liberation of Mosul process , "adding that" the involvement of the popular crowd in theliberation of Mosul is important after the crowd demonstrated its ability to edit cities through attributed tosecurity forces dramatically. " 
Maliki confirmed" the need to do more efforts to support the popular crowd , which succeeded in freeing a lot of land which was under the control of terrorist gangs , "saying that" the support of the battle is a contributing factor to achieve victory and the role active in supporting and consolidating the resolve of the Mujahideen extraordinary in the field and raise their morale and empathy with them. "

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