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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh victims of abortion Alaesideat face before returning to their communities



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Daesh victims of abortion Alaesideat face before returning to their communities

Post by rocky on Mon 22 Aug 2016, 3:41 am

Daesh victims of abortion Alaesideat face before returning to their communities

 translation term 

Two years after the Daesh attack militants on the Yazidi minority in northern Iraq and taken thousands of women and girls as slaves sex, dating Today many of the victims while pregnant or with their newborn babies, according to Iraqi sources. 
The faces of the victims of cultural and legal contradictory challenges; while forcing women cultural challenge to undergo abortion or abandon their children, the legal challenge is considered their actions a crime. 
according to the human rights organization 's report, he fled nearly 1,500 women and Yezidi girl from Daesh which is still captivate thousand other woman. 
she Nimam Ghafouri, head of joint aid Organization of Kurdistan - a Swedish organization Kurdish supports Aloesideat displaced - the "Back Aloesideat victims can be divided into three phases; the first phase we receive raped women, and in the second phase we receive pregnant women, and in the third Naidhn of homes with their young." 
according Nimam, the issue Aloesideat pregnant revenues eye view of her organization in October the second in 2014, four months after the attack Daesh. She says , "Since then, returning more victims , some of them pregnant a month VIII and some ninth month. The use of abortion in all cases encountered by the " No. data is available for the number of victims proceeds from pregnant or with their young because officials do not speak about the case publicly to avoid reaction violent of Iraq 's conservative society. 
he said Nofal Hammadi Aakub, governor of Nineveh province, said that there are nearly three thousand children from newborns of unknown proportions in controlled Daesh areas as a result of "f*** jihad", among them children born of Iraqi women or foreigners married Daesh fighters . He adds Aakub "more complex that will confront Baghdad after the liberation of Nineveh problems is the issue of children of unknown parentage." 
But they are a small religious minority concentrated mostly in the north of Iraq, the Yezidis isolated themselves despite the bloody lineups that have been involved with their surrounding political structures, which are considered the marriage of religion other sin. Also , sex - even under torture - is considered a disgrace toall members of the minority. 
As a result, when taking militants Daesh thousands of prisoners Aloesideat slaves sex and forced them to change their religion have found the victims that the community consider them a stain on their return. 
But with that, in September 2014 the spiritual father of the Yezidis Khrto Haji Ismail known called thenickname "Baba Sheikh , " the community to welcome the return of women Almkhtova for being "subjected to something out of their will." 
since then helped this statement of the victims in the integration of society, but the pregnancy and thenewborn is not tolerated the society. Said Baba Sheikh, in a telephone interview, he said that " the victims are our daughters and our sisters, but it is unacceptable in our religion to allow the birth of a child if the parents of non - Yezidis. It is also unacceptable tribal and represents a source of shame. When the birth of these children, Allen asks people they are their parents? Are they Afghans? Are they Europeans? ". 
so abortion is a solution, but it raises two problems; first is that abortion is not permitted by law in Iraq, and secondly, not all women want to undergo abortion. The abortion ban in Iraq includes the Kurdistan region isalso applied even in the case of rape, and excludes all Iraqi law if childbirth threatens the woman 's life. 
But the MP in the Iraqi parliament Vian Dakhil says that there was a "verbal" agreement between the Iraqi authorities that allow the practice of abortion for rape victims Aloesideat. She says "It 's an act that is illegal under Iraqi law, but we have reached an understanding with the authority. Doctors refused to cooperate in the beginning, but we have to get us the responsibility on our shoulders because the women were forced into it." 
In order to avoid the consequences and shame, turned the victims into a secret abortion, according Clinics asource in the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan region of anonymity. 
for the deputy in the Iraqi parliament Risan Dler, which works closely with Aloesideat abducted, the settlements who want to keep their children 's issues are common issues. 
she says Dler, which describes the Yezidi woman conditions without revealing its name , " the Yezidi woman was pregnant for eight months when he ran away from Daesh, and wanted to keep Besgerha but her husband insisted on divorce if they refused to undergo an abortion. Finally , the couple separated. today women live in a refugee camp with her ​​five - months." In other cases , women Oesideat their children havegiven to wealthy couples in Kurdistan. 
Some women Asammn to keep their children to the degree They explained that they prefer to stay under thebondage of Daesh if they return means the loss of their children. 
He said Zamoh Omar, the judge and legal adviser to the Kurdistan Parliament that "this is one of the difficult problems Iraqi law , which will face in the future, under Iraqi law , these children are treated as the Qtae and therefore not entitled to their mothers raise them. " 
he adds that another legal challenge is religion. Iraqi law - which is guided by the teachings of Islamic law - ruling that children have a religion of their fathers , "Does this mean that these children will be considered Muslims , while the upbringing mothers Oesideat? There is no legal answer to this question." 
And trying MP Risan push the Iraqi parliament to find a legal way out, but He says very few opportunities topass, "I am a woman and understand what you are going through women Yezidians usurped. but for the Iraqi parliament, it is a shameful subject that can not be processed. I doubt that they will allow even discussed theissue in parliament, let alone find them a legal way out".

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