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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kirkuk's Arabs in favor of requiring the Turkmen ministerial portfolio in the government of al-Abadi



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Kirkuk's Arabs in favor of requiring the Turkmen ministerial portfolio in the government of al-Abadi

Post by rocky on Mon 22 Aug 2016, 3:46 am

Kirkuk's Arabs in favor of requiring the Turkmen ministerial portfolio in the government of al-Abadi

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Turkmen accused the prime minister, Haider Abadi, " the exclusion of the " Sons ofcomponent and "marginalized" by failing tofulfill his promise to them and give them a ministerial seats. They confirmed their intention to proceed to get the "entitlements" of ministerial and administrative positions, democratic means all. 
To that shown Kirkuk 's Arabs support and Asnadhm of the Turkmen and their representatives in Parliament, in their efforts for " the realization of the rights of " component. 
The deputies component of Turkmenistan have expressed their protest on cabinet reshuffle for the latter not to nominate any person Turkmen. The House voted, last Monday, during its meeting of 12 of the first legislative term of the legislative year , the third to nominate Abdul - Razzaq al - Issa, Minister for Higher Education and Research, scientific and Hassan al - Janabi , a minister of water resources, and Kazem cup and Minister of Transport and Jabbar Laibi minister of oil , and that wholesome Osei reconstruction and housing. 
This came during a open forum, held on Saturday evening, at the headquarters of the tribal council and dignitaries Iraqi Turkmen, Kirkuk 's city center, with the participation of a group of political and social figures and sheikhs and dignitaries and notables Turkmen, as well as representatives of the elders of the Arab tribes, under the slogan (stand in solidarity with the Turkmen deputies in their defense of the Turkmen representation sources in the new) ministerial cabin, and attended (range Press). 
the head of the Turkmen front MP Arshad Salhi that " the federal government exercised deliberate exclusion right component of Turkmenistan 's policy, by failing to meet its president, Haydar al - Abadi, a promise togrant Turkmen entitlement in the new ministerial cabin" He pointed out that " the Turkmen will do their best to get the benefits of management positions." 
He added Salehi said " the resounding cry launched by deputies Turkmen in the parliament session , which saw the provision of the new ministers, was the cry of the right general who wants to component Turkmen excluded and marginalized in government cabinets, of being representing the voice of the Turkmen people and their will. " 
He urged the head of the Turkmen front of the people of Turkmenistan on the " not to give in to despair ,"and urged them of the need to " work through democratic means all and claim their legitimate rights and defend fair their cases. " 
for his part , he expressed representative of the Arab tribes , Sheikh Kamel al - Jubouri , " support Kirkuk 'sArabs and Asnadhm of the Turkmen and their representatives in parliament, led by MP Arshad al - Salihi, in their efforts to realize the component rights, both with regard to represent them in the ministerial cabinets and give them administrative positions, or restore their land stolen and regain their rights usurped by the previous regime. " 
Meanwhile, new Faizullah mast Khip, head of tribal council and dignitaries Iraqi Turkmen, the Council 'ssupport for "pause Turkmen deputies and their defense of the right of Turkmen sources as a result of not granting any ministerial seat component is a benefit national and electoral and constitutional, and thecontinuation of the exclusionary approach of deliberate government against the Turkmen component, and indifference to the serious sacrifices Turkmen provided in defense of the sovereignty and unity of Iraq 's land and people , "stressing that" the Turkmen will resort to all democratic means to achieve their legitimate rights approved by the Iraqi constitution. "

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