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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sudden process of liberation of large parts of the center Qayyarah



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Sudden process of liberation of large parts of the center Qayyarah

Post by rocky on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 3:13 am

Sudden process of liberation of large parts of the center Qayyarah

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse AFP 

Joint forces managed to fight terrorism and the military, on Tuesday, to edit large parts of the hand Qayyarah, as it raised the Iraqi flag on the hospital and the police station, according to security and local officials said.And it suffered 15 thousand civilians in theside of the tight blockade, declared anti -terror apparatus for coordinating with civilians. 
Located Qayyarah on the west bank of the Tigris River, about 60 kilometers south of Mosul, the last major stronghold of al Daesh. 
And was able to joint forces, last June, of control of Qayyarah air force Base, which is the largest strategic military bases in northern Iraq. 
focused joint forces after the liberation of the city of Fallujah in June, to go to liberate the city of Mosul , thesecond largest city in the country, just 370 km north of Baghdad. 
she operations command said in a statement, received ( long - Presse) a copy of it, it 's been successful liberalization of Qayyarah market and the Council of the hospital point of view . 
The statement said that " the joint forces were able, on Tuesday, to edit the entire hand Qayyarah market , " stressing that " the joint forces raised the Iraqi flag over the building board hand Qayyarah and its hospital."He explained that " the engineering effort is currently working on raising the IEDs." 
For his part, Brigadier General Firas Bashar, a spokesman for Nineveh operations command, told AFP, " Theoperations counter - terrorism and military forces to participate in the support of Air Alliance International after completing the preparations for the storming of hand Qayyarah." 
He said Bashar " the operation has made ​​great progress to break into the side and gave great importance to preserve the lives of civilians who Atakzhm regulation as human shields." 
it said Sabah al - Numan, a spokesman for the anti - terrorism forces, said the "edit Qayyarah process began on Tuesday morning , led by anti - terrorism forces and to support the band ninth and the process is ongoing and achieve its goals. " 
he added that" Qayyarah Sttehr and will decide the battle quickly and will be the confirmation of the last battle of the battle to liberate Mosul. " 
Asked about support for parents, anemone , said" there is coordination going on with the locals ", refusing todisclose details of more" security reasons . " . 
in the meantime, he confirmed Saleh al - Jubouri, the director hand Qayyarah to AFP, said that " the security forces liberated the police station and a market Qayyarah a large number of residential neighborhoods and progress continuously to liberate the entire city." 
He pointed out , "there are about 15 thousand trapped civilians by members of the organization inside Qayyarah , "adding that he" will be distributed to aid them immediately after the edit side. " 
in the meantime, he warned a UN report released Tuesday from the exodus years ago not seen. 
the report of the UN High Commissioner for refugees ( UNHCR ) that" the expected attack on Mosul (.. .) may, if prolonged, to the displacement of more than a million Iraqis have extra. " 
warned Bruno Guido, representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees in Iraq, it warned that" the worst is yet to come and we expect that it could lead to a mass exodus on a scale not witnessed by the world for many years "ago. the 
report said that more than 200 thousand Iraqis have fled their homes since March / last March, because of the military operations against the jihadists. 
A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for refugees spokesman Adrian Edwards told reporters in Geneva that the UN does not know how many people are currently in Mosul, but "as many as 1.2 million people could be affected , " the process of liberalization of Mosul. 
the spokesman added that " the Electoral Commission to do what it can to establish new camps to receive displaced people and to provide rapid assistance for them, but we need money and new land to erect tents." 
the call of the Commission for $ 584 million to help displaced Iraqis, but did not meet the 38% at thebeginning of August / Aug. 
, said Guido "We create new camps and we pre - processing of emergency relief supplies to ensure that persons fleeing the urgent help." "But even with the best laid plans, will be tents is not sufficient for all thefamilies that are in need of shelter and we would need to create other options." The 
United Nations is currently working on plans to provide emergency shelter for about 120 thousand people.UNHCR is also a series of operations to expand some existing camps and for the establishment of other camps in six locations in northern Alarac.obhsp UN agency estimates that about 400 thousand people could flee in the direction south of Mosul, about 250 thousand toward the east , and one hundred thousand toward the north - east towards the border Syrian. 
It is expected to be Qayyarah , which includes a military airport and an oil refinery, a major springboard for the launch of a massive operation towards Mosul.

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