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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh deaths in Khalidiya Island losses than in Ramadi and Fallujah .. mostly Asians and Arabs



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Daesh deaths in Khalidiya Island losses than in Ramadi and Fallujah .. mostly Asians and Arabs

Post by rocky on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 3:13 am

Daesh deaths in Khalidiya Island losses than in Ramadi and Fallujah .. mostly Asians and Arabs

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Showed the outcome of the process ofcontrolling the "Khalidiya Island", north ofFallujah, killing numbers of Daesh exceed thesize of the numbers of gunmen who killed battles gray center. 
He attributed Field commanders rise in the number of deaths in the last operation, that most of them fleeing from Fallujah. 

To which he returned 95 % of Ramadi 's population, estimated at some one million people to their areas, while still "minefields" spread the central and east of the city. In the meantime , demanding authorities Ramadi, freed eight months ago, increasing the number of local forces to weakness. 
Raised rapid liberalization of Fallujah, the end of last June, questions about the size of the organization Daesh in the city that have undergone control for two years. 
The Observers believe that the operations waged by the Iraqi army in Khalidiya Island, will provide convincing answers to edit Fallujah speed of about two months ago. 
Khalidiya cemetery Daesh 
in a related context revealed Ghassan Ithawi, a leader in mobilizing the Anbar tribes, " the joint forces completely seized control of the area of the island." 
He stressed Ithawi, in connection with (range) yesterday, killing more than armed 600 in the liberation of theisland battles as well as other numbers are not recognized their identities. "He noted that" most of the dead were Chechens, Asians , as well as Arab nationalities and Iraqis. " 
the leader in the crowd clan that" the sheer number the dead Daesh in Khalidiya Island have not seen like him in any battle in Anbar, but neither those in the liberation of Ramadi , the center of the process, which was considered the most influential organization of areas. " 
He attributed Ithawi high numbers that" 80% of those killed on the island were those who fled Fallujah after its liberation, as it took advantage of the rugged and density of orchards on the island to hide. " 
in spite of all the joint forces encircle the island ports, including the waterway across the Euphrates River, but it is moving very cautiously for fear of surprises. He says Ithawi "We suspect hiding some militants inside thetunnels , " he said , adding that "troops have killed a number of militants tried to escape to the blather." 
In the meantime been assigned to two regiments of the "Anbar tribal crowd," maintenance of the land in theliberated areas on the island of Khalidiya. And preparing "joint forces" to move forward toward the Khalidiya Island down to the Upper Euphrates River when the towns of Anah and Rawah. 
And still in control of the militants Daesh cities: Rawah, Anah, and Qaim, in western Anbar. Iraqi forces stopped when editing area ( the wheel), the last areas occupied by Daesh Lafrat.otoqa South River , officials in Anbar, recently, to begin freeing those areas operations after securing Khalidiya Island. Stressing that it isup to the estimates of the military leadership. 
Officials guessed that the processes leading up to the western Anbar province, cut off the border between Syria and Iraq, to prevent the transmission and flow of insurgents across the two countries. 
And take Daesh of existing spend the prime of command and control in Iraq 's center, a point near the city 'sborder with Syria, and receding strikes Iraqi army weapons and foreign about them. 
life returning to Ramadi 
in Ramadi, Alqaimmqam Ibrahim bramble reveals a return of about 50 thousand families to their areas after 8 months of the liberation of the city from the grip of Daash.uetoqa bramble, in an interview with the (range), that " the proportion rises the return of the population, after the end of the second round, performed by city students in Kurdistan and the provinces of schools and other exams. " 
the re - displaced people 's efforts have stalled, in recent months, after mutual accusations between political parties and the head of the Sunni Endowment Abdullatif Alhmam, the deployment of " explosive devices "in areas It has already been cleared and led to the fall of Dhaaa.ala the bramble confirms that "all neighborhoods of Ramadi are safe from improvised, except for some Albiotat near the government compound and about 10 homes in the east of the city , " .lknh to discharge the existence of "minefields" undiscovered yet, he says , "We We have not had a full survey of the gray. " 
the contractor of the British assets with an Iraqi company to remove the mines in Ramadi, was killed in aminefield and wounded an American wounded. He says the bramble " The incident happened in the former minefield has been dismantled, but apparently he was not completely clean." 
He denied the bramble that there will be mines or improvised explosive "new", it may have been planted after the liberation of gray. Describing the city as "safer than Baghdad." Confirms Alqaimmqam that "Ramadi is not yet editing process experiencing any assassination or terrorist bombing", but acknowledged that " the number of local forces is not enough even in normal circumstances." 
It was in Ramadi alone about 21 thousand policeman, before entering Daesh, but bramble revealed " thecurrent number of 11 thousand police only." 
He criticized the local administrator shut down the government to pay eight thousand other police officer in Ramadi after the occupation of Daesh, versus continuing to pay the salaries of police in the towns still under the control of the organization. 
He called Mayor Ramadi government to redouble many local forces, revealing the return 350 associate out ofeight thousand member has been stopped paying their salaries.

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