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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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American and Iraqi officials: the attack on Mosul is still far away



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American and Iraqi officials: the attack on Mosul is still far away

Post by rocky on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 3:20 am

American and Iraqi officials: the attack on Mosul is still far away

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

While the lost ground Daesh group in Iraq, armed rebels showed kinds of brutal rule in the areas that are still subject to their careers.Vzarroa of brutality against civilians trying toflee, relying on young recruits to kill those who try to escape, according to the residents managed to escape and get to the stationing of security forces areas. 
According to the accounts to the difficulties faced by the militants Daesh when advancing the US - backed Iraqi forces, although the control of armed terrorists city ​​of Mosul and tighten their grip on the major cities in the city. For several months the Iraqi and Kurdish forces are trying to regain territory subject to regulation Daesh but their progress seems slow. 
During the restoration of the towns of Mosul last month, managed to Iraqi forces from the establishment south of Mosul , a military base, at a time when the community 's population is seeking to get rid of militants Daesh fearing the offensive began and their use by terrorists as human Cdora. 
In Qayyarah, one of the cities of Mosul, are still scenes of amputation of hands and heads and murder at thehands of militants Daesh list on according to their laws. As people get used to those scenes have become commonplace when the gunmen process chase civilians on charges they were spies. 
This was confirmed by Mohammed Haggag when he said " The gunmen started to follow raids on homes and arrest people and kill them and cut off their heads, Vamuslhon seemed angry and increasingly concerned asthey watched the news that talk for the loss of organizing the territory of Mosul and near the time of theupcoming battle. " 
He adds pilgrims, in his interview with the agency , " the Associated Press, "that" the leaders of theorganization have started putting armed youngsters from the inexperienced to inspect the city 's points, and were seen guarding the streets and branch leading to residential areas this means they Mnharon or ended completely, according to the citizen pilgrims who fled from Mosul towards the concentration of security forces in southern Almousel.alaatmad young militants in small communities in Mosul, perhaps twice to organize Daesh mark after senior militants withdrew or , as promoted by the organization "re - deployed in Mosul . " and most likely they have left for Syria, making regulation in the broken state, which suffers from the difficulty of finding new recruits because of the escape growing in its ranks, according to military response officials. 
he said Varun men from their cities that "adolescent age does not exceed between 13 to 14 years, riding in acar in the village of bramble near the river in Mosul recently killed seven people tried to flee the village. " 
the man said, he offers only himself as Abu Saleh for fear of being targeted," when Iraqi forces advanced towards the town of bramble, the gunmen began in a quandary, and they killing civilians at random, and after lying low. " Despite the horrors of the organization Daesh bad reputation, to impose the vision militant Islamic law, the people of the city, particularly Mosul are thrilled to enter militants Daesh to their cities, believing they got rid of the Shiite rule posed Aovernmh.otcol in this regard - free benefit of the morning , a mother of two children "when they came militants Daesh, they gave the money to the people and provided them with food, at the time it was parents and men unemployed, Faragna joined Daesh to earn money as well as the role ofyoung people as well. " 
With the passage of time and the deterioration of living conditions, and the increasing bombardment by theinternational coalition, emerged insurgencies inside Mosul , against the presence of the terrorist organization after March this regulation atrocities against civilians. 
Abu Abdul Latif, was working at a clinic in the town of bramble , says , "over the past three months, themilitants have become more involved in the affairs of the people, even children were not spared them, as well as women accounting should be fully otherwise cover their faces will be imposed on them fines. " 
With the passage of time, zero , food rations by the gunmen Aozaaoha on the poor and did not give themilitants to civilians only a few kilograms of flour in exchange for joining a family man to a terrorist organization. 
the fear of trying to escape the population, gunmen systems Daesh network minutes following the conditions of the people, as they imposed on the people, who intend to one of their members out of the city, pay high fees, including the deposit of the home support with the organization, according to a person who declined tobe named for fear of exposed his family to danger. 
He says American and Iraqi officials said that " the attack final on Mosul is still far away, but the troops stationed at a military base near Qayyarah field , which lies 70 miles from the city. " 
towns near Qayyarah and villages, has fully recovered by the security forces removed the improvised explosive devices planted to enable people to return to their homes. Forces and fear out insurgents with civilians, and this was evident when people left their clothes in the desert wearing other clothes.

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Interacting Investor

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Re: American and Iraqi officials: the attack on Mosul is still far away

Post by duck2000 on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 4:37 am

yes thats why they dropped leaflets saying stay away from ISIS in city center?


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Re: American and Iraqi officials: the attack on Mosul is still far away

Post by wciappetta on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 6:27 am

Yeah or how close to  the center of Mosul the peshmerga was reported to be last week or the fact that it was reported that Abadi requested they slow down, but the Kurds said  no way Jose... This report has to be disinformation ...

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Re: American and Iraqi officials: the attack on Mosul is still far away

Post by lonelyintexas on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 9:33 am

Yeah, has been both on cnn and fox news. They are getting their clock plowed .

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Re: American and Iraqi officials: the attack on Mosul is still far away

Post by Sponsored content Today at 3:43 am

    Current date/time is Fri 09 Dec 2016, 3:43 am