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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Washington Post: Daesh resort for children of suicide bombers to compensate for the heavy losses



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The Washington Post: Daesh resort for children of suicide bombers to compensate for the heavy losses

Post by rocky on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 4:05 am

The Washington Post: Daesh resort for children of suicide bombers to compensate for the heavy losses

Author: HAA 
Editor: BK 08/23/2016 20:58 Number ofViews: 1797 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Izzat global American newspaper proliferation, Tuesday, asylum (Daesh) to pay for children to carry out suicide operations, the losses "terrible" incurred and declining control over areas that were occupied, while researchers have warned of the consequences of leaving thousands of children without educating amid violence making it easier to exploitation by terrorists, calling for solving social and economic problems that they face a guarantee against the emergence of a second generation of regulation.
The Washington Post The Washington Post the US, in a report today, I followed (range Press), "The organization Daesh directed to increase the recruitment of children ages 12 to 15 years, or so-called Cubs succession, to carry out suicide operations, as happened in the cities Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad), and Gaziantep, southeast Turkey recently, "is usually that" as a result of losses incurred by the organization of individuals and land. "
According to the Washington Post, that "the suicide of the child in Kirkuk, burst into tears after caught him by the police officer who saw him walking down the street confused back and forth does not know what he is doing, and when they took off his shirt of FC Barcelona, ​​which he wore, they found beneath an explosive belt installed on his stomach "indicating that" officials have confirmed that the age of the child suicide not to exceed 15 years. "
And showed a video aired by TV stations Kurdish, on Monday (22 August current 2016), according to the newspaper, "critical moments during the police stripped the child cautiously explosive belt installed on his stomach where he was to avoid a catastrophe," afterthought "but a lot of children bombers had previously carried out attacks in recent months after he began Daesh the inclusion of children on the list of perpetrators of terrorist operations. "
She said the Washington Post, that "preliminary information on the huge bomber who targeted a wedding party in Gaziantep region, last Saturday, (the twentieth of August now), which killed 50 people, at least, indicate that the perpetrator of a child aged between 12 to 14 years ", pointing out that although" not to organize Daesh all ages recruited to carry out suicide operations when the announcement of its responsibility, the faces of many of these shows that they are far from the age of puberty. "
The newspaper quoted analysts as saying, that this "approach taken by Daesh is one of the consequences of the change that occurred in the military campaign approach, with US estimates suggest that the coalition led by the American aircraft, may have caused and throughout the two years of the air campaign, more than 45 thousand Bmql fighter of the organization, which forced him to recruit designated Bochaabal succession of child combatants to fill the gap in the number of experienced fighters. "
The researcher said Hassan Hassan, a fellow liberation Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington, said in an interview to the newspaper, this "orientation of the product of exploitation Daesh for children," noting that "the world is currently experiencing the second generation of the organization appears, and when it needs them will be at your command."
He explained Hassan, that "Daesh since the early days it was open recreational centers for children, and after the expansion of land occupied by the space began to open their own schools and camps," pointing out that "the curriculum found in the liberated areas reflect the strict approach in line pursued by the organization in education children. "
Based on the testimony of those who survived the grip (Daesh) and fleeing from him, according to the Washington Post, they even "Yezidi children who were kidnapped when organizing an attack on Sinjar area two years ago, have been forced to undergo military training."
Hassan and the researcher continued, that "Daesh preferably brings recruits their children with them, because their minds Kallouhh white can write out what he wants."
The Washington Post, "The organization Daesh approach this is an echo of the approach to al-Qaida in Iraq, which is also used suicide bombers of the children was called naming Paramore, use as Taliban bombers was quoted, all district and provincial police chief in Kirkuk, Brigadier Sarhad Qadir, saying, "the suicide bomber who was arrested in Kirkuk, baby, it looks like eating sedated," she returned to "children can easily infiltrate into various areas of without arousing suspicion."
He is able, that "the suicide of the child, who was arrested in Kirkuk, was scared, crying, and behaving abnormally as if dizzy, and put mental was not quite together," noting that "the child detainee acknowledged under questioning that he came to Kirkuk from Mosul" .
The researcher said Hassan, said that "thousands of children now grow up without education and education in an atmosphere of violence, making them ready for recruitment by elements Daesh unless they take action to solve social and economic problems they face," Msttrda that it is necessary "to do so to make sure not to the emergence of second-generation to Daesh and re-emerged again, because ignoring this issue is a big mistake. "
The Kirkuk police chief, Brigadier speech Omar Aref, declared in (21st of August now 2016), in an interview to the (long-Presse), for bomber wearing an explosive belt arrest, 15 years old, he purports to blow himself up on a Shiite shrine amid ninety neighborhood, downtown Kirkuk.

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