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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – August 24, 2016



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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – August 24, 2016

Post by rocky on Wed 24 Aug 2016, 6:16 am

Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – August 24, 2016
Posted on August 24, 2016 by Editorial Staff in Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief
[size=13]PUK, Gorran agree to exchange Sulaimani governorship[/size]
Sulaimani: The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Change (Gorran) Movement agreed on Tuesday to exchange the governorships of Sulaimani and Halabja on Thursday. The Joint Leadership of the PUK and Gorran met on Tuesday to discuss the exchange of the governorship of Sulaimani. Both sides reiterated they are eager to fulfill the agreement. According to a statement released by the joint leadership, the exchange of the Sulaimani and Halabja governorships as well as the administration of Raparin and Garmiyan will be carried out on Thursday. PUK bloc at the Sulaimani Provincial Council announced its commitment to the decision of the joint leadership.
[size=13]PUK delegation meets with Maliki in Baghdad[/size]
Baghdad: A delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) met in Baghdad with the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki, to discuss the current situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Maliki released a statement on his official Facebook page saying he received a Kurdish delegation led by the head of the PUK Politburo, Mala Bakhtiar, on Tuesday. According to the statement, Maliki reiterated the importance of resolving suspended issues between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq so as to bring “justice and equality” between Erbil and Baghdad. Maliki, a former Iraqi prime minister, reaffirmed the continuity of relations between the political parties to come to an understanding and agreement on all issues facing the country. Maliki urged mutual support between Iraqi and Peshmerga forces as well as Shia paramilitaries (Hashid al-Shaabi) to defeat Islamic State (ISIS) militants, the statement said.

[size=13]Kurdish migrants from Turkey waiting in Kurdistan for Iraqi citizenship for decades[/size]
Erbil: Nearly 25,000 Kurdish migrants who fled Turkey in the 1990s and settled in refugee camps across Iraq’s Kurdistan Region are still without Iraqi citizenship despite numerous applications. The families say they have been deprived of basic rights in the Region, such as education, work and healthcare, due to their underprivileged refugee status. Under Iraqi laws, any foreign national who has lived in the country for a period longer than 10 years will be granted citizenship upon request. “We have applied several times, but without any success,” says Abdulkareem Yousef, a father of six whose children have all been born in the Kurdistan Region. “Without Iraqi citizenship the future of our children is at great risk. Most of them have difficulty finding proper jobs because of that,” Yousef said.
[size=13]Drug related arrests continue in Sulaimani amid crackdown[/size]
Sulaimani: More than 220 people have been detained across Sulaimani governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan on drug offenses since the beginning of 2016 as Kurdish authorities crack down on abuse and trafficking in the region. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Anti-Drug Directorate in Sulaimani, Jalal Amin Bag, warned that drug use and smuggling have increased in the province. Amin Bag warned the issue threatens to become an epidemic if anti-drug forces fail to curtail the rise in activities in the region. “Those who were arrested are more in number compared to 2015,” he said. “Drug seizures [by the security forces] have increased by 50 percent.” “Now, another type of drug that has appeared and is making users crazy is shisha. This who use this have hit their spouses, attacked people and killed … We have seized nearly a ton of that type,” he added.

[size=13]Member of Peshmerga has created 35 drones in Iraqi Kurdistan[/size]
Sulaimani: A member of Kurdish Peshmerga forces has created 35 drones in the last three years in the Kurdistan Region. Ari Kamil, who was displaced from Tuz Khurmatu, told NRT he has worked at creating drones for three years in the region after returning from abroad to serve Kurds through his work. He said he uses the same materials used all over the world – fiberglass, wood and cork – to make drones. “If I had the opportunity, I would be able to create developed planes that would operate with less energy and with a high speed,” Kamil said. “They would be able to stay in the sky for a longer time even if the weather was windy.” The 27-year-old Peshmerga noted he has already planned to create cargo aircraft but he requires permission to create it. “I also need to have the primary materials and a safe, calm place to work,” he said.
[size=13]1,500 IDPs arrived in Kirkuk within one week[/size]
Kirkuk: Nearly 1,500 civilians have arrived in Kirkuk during the past week after they managed to escape Islamic State (IS) in Hawija and other areas of northern Iraq, said a local official. As the confrontations escalates between the Iraqi army and IS militants, more people are risking their lives to find a safe haven outside the IS-held territories. Director of Migration and Displacement in Kirkuk, Ammar Sabah, confirmed to BasNews that the flow of escapees continues in the area, with their office putting out most efforts to provide them with basic upon their arrival. “All those arrived in Kirkuk during the past week, have been sheltered in an IDP camp near Kirkuk city, and they are provided with food, furniture and other basic services,” the official pointed out.

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