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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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British newspapers warn of asylum Daesh to suicide bombers, "Cubs caliphate"



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British newspapers warn of asylum Daesh to suicide bombers, "Cubs caliphate"

Post by rocky on Thu 25 Aug 2016, 3:34 am

British newspapers warn of asylum Daesh to suicide bombers, "Cubs caliphate"

 Baghdad / term 

It discussed a newspaper ( The Times) British use to organize Daesh for children who have been trained to it, and designated as "cubs caliphate," in suicide attacks in Iraq and Turkey. 
During the twenty - four hours, it is believed that the two detonated their devices, while thefailure of the third attack. And appeared on Monday , a picture of a child to prevent the bombing of his bombs in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Sunday night, wearing a belt , a belt around his stomach, and covered with a shirt of FC Barcelona, ​​as "Missy". 
A source said that the child was born in 2000 in Iraq 's Mosul, controlled by regulating Daesh he explained that the child was "sedated". it 
was child 's filming crew told Kurdish, before the child burst into tears when they put two policemen and stripped his chest and cut off his belt and put him in a police car. 
a little later, police found a suicide bomber last attacked a mosque in Kirkuk, not yet old confirmed as a child was killed port, and two were wounded in the Shiite southern city of neighborhoods, and disabled two bombs in the city. An Iraqi official said the photographer , "This is a serious campaign against Kirkuk , " a statement.
Comes two children attacks after a suicide attack to a child at a wedding in the city of Gaziantep, southern Turkey, on Sunday night, said the Turkish president said Bomber child aged 12 to 14 years, and led to thedeath 53 people, including children, and wounded dozens. 
, said Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim Monday that the identity and age of the port is not yet clear, amid confirmation from the Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawish Davutoglu that "Daesh must be removed from the Turkish border." 
to that seen The Times the attacks on Kirkuk is an attempt to provoke sectarian violence in the city , which includes Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. 
Although the city is still under the administrative rule of the Iraqi central government in Baghdad, but the actual control of Kurdish forces , which seized control of the city after they drove out militants , theorganization in 2014. 
and use the organization Daesh children in previous suicide attacks in Iraq and Syria, amid fear that thechildren used in attacks outside fronts. 
the British newspaper that the use of regulation for children is well documented, and he said a lot of children who managed to escape from the territory of the organization Daesh they are trained in the camps . " Zarqawi, "the spiritual father of the organization Daesh name. 
the afternoon children in pictorial clips published by the organization, killed the children of soldiers to the Syrian regime shot in the head in the city of Palmyra Syrian desert. 
last year, two children were able , said escape from the white hill , who was organizing Daesh controlled, "there are waiting lists for children will become suicide bombers," an extension of the brainwashing carried outby the organization. 
and teaches organization fighters that kill himself "jihad will go directly to the Committee , " with that suicide is considered a sin in Islam. " 
He died at least 89 children with al - year Daesh last, three times the children who fought with the organization in the previous year. 
in the same context, I wrote researcher Rachel Bryson, a report in the daily Telegraph, wondering where all the role that is played by children in the organization Daesh attacks. 
says Bryson said that "children are preparing important in the art of war, not because they are inexhaustible source of the conflict, but because groups like al Daesh use children in order to secure the future generation of fighters and followers and his training. Near and example to children who have attacks, is a child who detonated his explosive belt at a wedding in Turkey party, was not older than 12 or 14 years. " The 
report corrects that although the organization Daesh has claimed responsibility for the attack, which wascarried out in the Turkish city of Gaziantep , it is known to use children 's way in the war, part of his methods. it is based on recruiting children at a young age; to educate them and train them to violence and practice, and exposes them to the ideological extreme. 
the newspaper pointed out that the regulation hurling children in areas under their control in both Iraq and Syria regions in schools and training camps, teaching them how to murder and carrying out the attacks, and the removal of their future and their ambitions aside, and replace it with destruction. 
and draws the researcher to the use of children is not limited to organizing Daesh, but it is among other groups, noting that the organization (Abu Sayyaf) in the Philippines used children to guard the prisoners, inaddition to the Taliban included a number of children into their ranks since mid - 2015, where he trained and deployed to do a number of military tasks. 
and see (Daily Telegraph) that it is shocking to a report prepared by the United Nations long ago, he pointed out that one of every five suicide attacks carried out by Boko movement haram Nigerian were carried out bychildren, pointing out that the organization Daesh terrorist specifically used children to carry multiple psychological operations, which provide a picture with him that he is running a functioning state, feeding multifaceted generational war. 
The report finds that the presence of Children brings media attention, and gives the organization a platform to spread his ideology, pointing out that the use of children as a way to recruit other children, and go extremist groups away in the recruitment of children to serve its cause, and the Bjzbhm, but forced a number of ways.And it draws the British newspaper said the report prepared by the (International Alert) found that the most important reasons why young Syrians to join extremist groups is the need for money, but to regain control of their lives, and the desire for revenge for the attacks carried out on them, as well as a sense of religious and moral duty. 
According to Bryson that in many cases children are forced to attend extremist groups not in accordance with their desire, as stated in the report of the World childhood, which revealed the abduction of thousands ofchildren to the organization.

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