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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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48 hours of bombardment accelerated liberalization Qayyarah .. and parents participated cleared thei



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48 hours of bombardment accelerated liberalization Qayyarah .. and parents participated cleared thei

Post by rocky on Sat 27 Aug 2016, 3:12 am

48 hours of bombardment accelerated liberalization Qayyarah .. and parents participated cleared their city

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Continued heavy shelling on hand Qayyarah, south of Mosul, L48 hour, even managed tojoint forces, on Thursday, to impose full control over the city center. 
He spoke to local officials for heavy deployment of the bodies of fighters Daesh in the neighborhoods of terms, stressing that most of the dead were residents of the city . on the 

other hand, is still smoke rising from the oil wells , which burned Daesh north of Qayyarah, prior to the escape of some of its elements to the village "Alahud" nearby. 
the danger of the village "Alahud" in their occurrence at a high high organization has used to target Iraqi forces. Revealed the battle of liberation for killing a number of militants at the hands of the youth of Qayyarah. 
Announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, Thursday, for regaining control of the town of Qayyarah, controlled by (Daesh) over two years ago. 
He said al - Abadi, said in a statement, "What happened in Qayyarah defeat to ring Daesh, added to theconfrontations that culminated in the liberation of the usurped cities chain, through 2016 , which we decided to be the year of liberation and victory. " 
the commanding general of the" next target will be directed towards regaining control of Mosul, and to save people from the injustice and oppression of gangs obscurantism criminal, and return to the bosom of thenation. " 
The Iraqi forces are able, on Tuesday, to regain hand Qayyarah center. He spoke the commander of ground forces team Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq for fierce battles took place in the city, but did not result in the flight of its inhabitants. 
The operation comes after more than a month halt, following the liberalization of the strategic Qayyarah Airport, in July. She returned, over the past week, troops to liberate a number of villages towards the city center. 
Fight inside Qayyarah 
says Hassan al- Sabawi, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, said that "joint forces seized since last Thursday on across the Qayyarah." 
He stressed Sabawi, in connection with (long) on Friday, " the army surrounded Qayyarah from all directions, while began to mine lift and dismantling IEDs operations." 
it is likely local administrator make it clear that Daesh has planted many bombs in the city, because theQayyarah not considered "line repulsed" as is the case in the villages of al - Haj Ali and the surrounding villages, located in the south of Mosul. 
in the meantime Qayyarah did not record a new exodus of the population. Where preferred most residents tostay at home, except for some of the families that came out to nearby villages. 
Attribute Sabawi few waves Alnzoj of Qayyarah , "for lack of a nearby safe and can be resorted to." 
Reveals a member of the Nineveh provincial council on the participation of the local population with thesecurity forces. He pointed out that "20 armed men from Daesh killed by a young city." 
He revealed Sabawi for the Daesh burned a number of oil wells before they lose control of Qayyarah. He noted that the fire is still burning in the wells. But he stressed that a special team from the North Oil Company will start promptly attempts to control the flames. 
The shares of the existence of oil fields with great northern Qayyarah 's adherence to regulate Daesh the city, and defend it until the last moment, as it has a large number of elements in the last battle. 
Before the control Daesh Mosul, the Qayyarah fields produce a total of 15 thousand barrels per day. But thehead of the Energy Committee in the House of Nineveh Hashim Albraivkana confirmed that production fell to 2,000 barrels since the control of the organization to the wells, and used them as a source of funding. 
According Albraivkana, who spoke earlier in the (range), the Daesh no longer able to exploit the fields due to its location Iraqi forces in the range of fire after the liberation of Qayyarah base. Military forces urged to exercise caution targeting those fields during the attack on the Qayyarah. 
Dangerous Alahud 
In a related context warned Rushd Klaly, an official of the Kurdistan Union Party in the vicinity of Kierh drunk, the seriousness of the survival of the Iraqi forces inside the city without progress towards the north. 
He Klaly, in interview (term) that "the existence of the village Alahud, located at an altitude of 300 meters from Qayyarah, is a source of great danger to the troops, where it can be used as a venue for attack." 
the Kurdish official said "Qayyarah will not be safe unless they are editing Alahud, plus to some other villages on the other side of the Tigris River. " 
the organization Daesh the execution had been carried out campaigns against the population of Qayyarah, in the summer of 2014, on charges of apostasy and belonging to the local police. He also organized the bombing of a number of houses. 
It is believed that the liberalization Klaly other areas towards Mosul, such as ] advice, and Hamam al- Alil, itwill be much easier than restoring Qayyarah. Stressing that "most of the militants were killed in Daesh Qayyarah, mostly Iraqis and the inhabitants of those areas." 
As the official in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) revealed that the bombing aviation and defender a two - day operations even has control over the whole city.

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