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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Representative of reference: the elimination of a distinction between the corrupt party-based



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Representative of reference: the elimination of a distinction between the corrupt party-based

Post by rocky on Sat 27 Aug 2016, 3:15 am

Representative of reference: the elimination of a distinction between the corrupt party-based

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Student representative of the religious authority in Karbala , Abdul Mahdi al -Karbalai, on Friday, to apply the law to everyone and non - discrimination between thestrong and the weak , or who belong to a party or an armed group or does not belong. He explained that those in charge of eliminating fear of muggers and those in power and parties and descending sanctions only against the young muggers, criticizing leaving senior thieves and corrupt. 
He said Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai, during Friday prayers in the threshold Husseinia and attended (range Press), said that "there are nations and former communities have perished and perished because if they were stolen from them Sharif left him and if stole a weak set up by the limit , "noting that" those communities were characterized governance among the upper classes and the lower strong thief and his social, political or tribal or economic position and the robber of the poor and was the owner of the social, political and tribal site and religious above the law. " 
the representative of the religious authority that" the thief was not held accountable for theft , whether from public funds or from funds around him vulnerable and that all the force of law went on the poor who steals not for greed and collect funds , but in order to buy his food or his clothing or his medication even though we do not justify theft. " 
He noted Friday sermon preacher , Karbala that" from their hands law enforcement or sitting in the judiciary and the power and the referee is paying attention to the owner of the site or fear prevailed nowadays fear ofhis party and armed group and Aaraon weak and this hit from injustice. " He stressed Karbalai that "Justice line must not know a strong or weak or partisan or belong to an armed group is not calculated to stream or apolitical party must apply the law to everyone , and the protection of the state and society , " explaining that "what we observe of corruption and ignoring of whether practiced by owners wealth and power and take down severe penalties for young muggers and leave the adults romp and looting is a harbinger of the hands of thescourge does not know its extent but Allah. " 
He pointed Karbalai that" the payment of bribes in order to get the appointment has become apparent in most of the government departments and this model to prevent the ruling people of their rights and having to pay bribes any of this corruption that people buy their rights Barashy. " 
among Karbalai that" by getting the rights to pay bribes and affiliation of the parties has become is the way inescapable for the poor who do not belong to the parties in power and their owners, they're not close tothem politically or tribal or regionally. " 
in the meantime, imam and preacher of Friday Kufa he attacked, on Friday, the Iraqi government and promised " the government of thieves and humiliated", as warned of "popular anger at Will you be and Atdhir", described the Iraqi judiciary to "corrupt extent marrow which exonerate criminals and terrorists." 
He described Talqani, during a sermon Juma mosque of Kufa and attended ( the long - Presse), the Iraqi government as "thieves government humiliated have no religion and honor and dignity, and the subject ofridicule and abuse from the rest of the governments of the world '', addressing them by saying , " Be aware of the abyss which Hfrmoha for yourselves, and beware the fury of popularity do not keep be devastating, did not violate the sanctity of the Iraqi people in this class , but you did not flout his life and dignity of one as you have done, and will be Miliratkm fuel burn you up in this world and the hereafter. ' 
he criticized Talqani work of the judiciary, describing him as a "eliminate rotten extent spinal exonerate criminals and terrorists, and arrested the honorable resistance fighters occupation ''. 
He called Friday preacher who is close to the Sadrist government to "pay farmers and traders funds at her disposal for the recovery of the Iraqi market and ease the burden on citizens, it should also be on theaffected resort to peaceful means of pressure to salvage their money and Kvahm acquiescence ''. 
He Talqani to " The government sells military and civilian positions and job grading millions of dollars, as well as bargains to sell to terrorists, and worst of all this is that there Sitarat bought and sold tens of millions, and have met the purchase of control by allowing cars suspected to enter Baghdad in exchange for a handful of hard currency books, or through blackmail the owners of cars pregnancy and other criminal methods. " 
He called Talqani government to" clarify the work of the Saudi embassy in Baghdad mechanism " andwondered about the " interest of the open if they do not provide the most basic diplomatic services that fall within their function and whether Iraq 's foreign minister can not coordinate with the Saudi embassy to serve the Iraqi pilgrims ?! ".

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