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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Abadi confirms a delegation of Kirkuk's Arabs: edit Hawija our next destination



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Abadi confirms a delegation of Kirkuk's Arabs: edit Hawija our next destination

Post by rocky on Sat 27 Aug 2016, 3:17 am

Abadi confirms a delegation of Kirkuk's Arabs: edit Hawija our next destination

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Student Arabs of Kirkuk province, on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to expedite the liberalization Hawija, noting that a delegation from Kirkuk visited Abadi and gave him a full explanation of the suffering ofcivilians there. 
The MP said the Kirkuk Khaled Mafraji, in aninterview with (long - Presse) " The Arab delegation included MP and spokesman for Kirkuk 's Arabs and Mohammed Tamim , deputy governor of Kirkuk Rakan said, met with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to discuss the conditions of Hawija spend aspects of his claim quickly edited." He Mafraji " The delegation gave adetailed explanation about the suffering of civilians trapped inside the judiciary and the areas of him and what they are exposed to genocide by Daesh gangs and that require editing speed to rid the judiciary , which hasbecome plagued by " stressing that " the delegation pointed to the tragedy of displaced people who fled oppression of Daesh to the areas where the security forces and the possibility of providing everything they need to live until the liberation of the judiciary and sent back to their areas. " 
and the MP for Kirkuk" the delegation called on the Prime Minister to visit Kirkuk and see the situation of theprovince in general and suffers from problems , "and urged that" a liberation Hawija spend the priorities of theIraqi government that there should be cooperation between all the liberated parties to rescue the innocent without causing casualties or damage. " 
explained MP Khalid Mafraji that" the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, assured the delegation that the battle Hawija is very important and that he fully informed of what suffered elimination of a major humanitarian crisis, and that the battle ahead Hawija spend and preservation of the lives and property of civilians are liberated forces tasks. " 
the transfer of MP Abadi confirmed" we are beginning to move for coordination between all participating in theliberation of Hawija , the process of the parties to the speed of liberalization and secure the lives of innocent people without causing any violations against them , "he said , adding that" with the demands of thedelegation and subjected him of humanitarian issues , we will help in solving it . " 
in a related context, the Arab bloc 's parliamentary confirmed that Daesh executed more than 25 young men from the people of Hawija and respects its subsidiaries, west of the province , demanding the need to speed up the liberalization areas occupied by the organization of the county. 
the head of the bloc MP Mohammad Tamim, in an interview to the (long - Presse) Thursday, he said that "terrorist Daesh gangs committed today another crime against the people of Hawija and regions affiliate, toexecute her for at least 25 young men were being held in secret prisons the center of the judiciary, (55 km west of Kirkuk city) , "noting that" betrayed the people of the judiciary and the areas of the Abbasid and Zab and Riyadh, who tried to escape from the control of the extremist organization. " 
He said Tamim that" Daesh accused slain in cooperation with the security services and leave the land of jihad . " , returned to "executions today is the ugliest since the control Daesh on the judiciary in June 2014." 
President of the Arab bloc and continued it in " the time that we asked repeatedly editing Hawija go today again to accelerate the editing and saving people who are subjected to arrests and executions and theabsence of the hunger and injustice and the loss of water and electricity." 
a security source in Kirkuk, said Thursday that the elements (Daesh) were killed and arrested 65 civilians were on the run from Hawija ambush before heading to the screens of the Peshmerga, noting that members of theorganization were prevented families fleeing the bodies of their relatives. 
the south of Kirkuk regions and west under the control of Daesh ago in June 2014 and it includes Hawija spend aspects of Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi and cress, with an estimated number of families currently besieged southern Kirkuk and west more than five thousand families.

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