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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US site: Mosul, Fallujah will be edited in the same style



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US site: Mosul, Fallujah will be edited in the same style

Post by rocky on Sat 27 Aug 2016, 3:20 am

US site: Mosul, Fallujah will be edited in the same style

 term translation * 

Over the first two years of the war against Daesh it seems that the liberation of Iraq's major cities, the scheme is not brought up was liberated Fallujah. It took Reverse Tikrit and Ramadi for months and intermittently, where the security forces sometimes stop because of the deep defenses built by the extremists as slower Iraqi forces, while the fighters retreated Daesh Back to attacks on them. All this changed in Fallujah, which fell within a few weeks. Is it possible that the fall of Mosul, in the same way?

Seems to Tikrit and Ramadi were a model for the defense Daesh for major urban areas, where laying Daesh a lot of minefields with covering fire from snipers on the ocean. It is likely that the decline fighters Daesh also to the surrounding towns of Mosul would delay the final assault. 
In Tikrit, Ramadi there were booby - trapped houses and systems tunnels help fighters Daesh to maneuver without being exposed to the air strikes the coalition or Iraqi artillery fire mortars. 
They also sneaked behind the Iraqi forces launch surprise attacks and paid Bantharien and car bombs to inflict losses of Iraqi units. You do not Daesh large numbers of fighters to catch those areas but managed toprolong the war for several months and caused much of the losses; liberalization of Ramadi took four months Iraqi forces spent only half to enter the city and the other half to clean it . 
That allowed Daesh building those deep defenses is that Tikrit, Ramadi was free of the civilian population during the course of operations, is allowed to work freely in Daesh planting bombs and maneuver anywhere he wants. This does not apply to Fallujah , which fell surprise quickly compared to the battles that preceded it, where the city was liberated during the five weeks. 
At first it seemed that the Iraqi forces will face a tough time as in Tikrit and Ramadi , where packages and the many snipers, but when the penetration of Iraqi forces into the city collapsed Daesh defenses quickly. the 
difference is that Fallujah was a key command center for Daesh who maintained facilities, and also housed the families of the fighters with thousands of civilians. For this reason Daesh could not only build defenses on the perimeter of the city and the little ones at home. 
As it turns out , the basic problem in Fallujah was a humanitarian crisis that has evolved with the escape of nearly 80 thousand families, where the government and humanitarian organizations were not ready for such number of displaced people lack of housing, supplies and money. The end of the battle and after the ordeal was not so much afraid of those same issues. 
It is possible that the fall of Mosul , Fallujah , in the same style, Fdaash - as in Fallujah - the connector isused as one of the main axes in Iraq and Syria. Also, there are more than one million people are still living in the city, and unless Daesh transferred its operations to the outside and cleared the population , it will not beable to establish a complex defenses as in Tikrit and Ramadi. 
It will be a strong outer perimeter and the inside is weak , such as Fallujah. As in Fallujah will be the real problem is dealing with civilians fleeing, the government and NGOs are still not ready for a mass exodus due to enemy availability of funds. Will also play the political differences between all the factions that want toparticipate in the process, a role later. 
Still battle Mosul away for months, the nearest date for the attack on the city is the end of the year, but themost likely is the beginning of the 2017 liberation of the city may take less time than the time it took forces to get to there. 
after the re - Iraqi government has not covered, and enters the international coalition in the fray, the Daesh about to lose all the land seized by Iraq. Daesh knows the inevitability of it where he announced that he might lose the "state" and that he would bear it. The 
real problem now is what will happen later. Likely to flee million people during the battle, and Baghdad 's lack of resources to care for them. 
Finally, there will be political differences around Mosul and Nineveh management in general, and perhaps revenge attacks are also located. All of these issues Sastglha Daesh while trying to regroup after losing re -infiltrate the city that was for years the main base in Iraq. These are the factors that will have a lasting effect after the liberation of Mosul.

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