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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International organization: "Daesh" took advantage of 1,500 children and around them to "savages"



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International organization: "Daesh" took advantage of 1,500 children and around them to "savages"

Post by rocky on Sun 28 Aug 2016, 4:04 am

International organization: "Daesh" took advantage of 1,500 children and around them to "savages"

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Confirmed a US site to monitor extremist groups sites, on Saturday, that the world isfaced with the phenomenon of"unprecedented" is increasingly recruiting organization (Daesh) and exploitation of children in the implementation of its business , including executions and suicide attacks, and in the detection of the presence of some 1,500 children with the organization in Iraq, Syria , experts have warned that some of those children may have turned to the "savages" in light of the unwillingness of the international organizations involved in dealing with them. 

the US center for monitoring extremist armed groups sites, website (sITE), according to the cited America (VOA voice site) news, and I followed (long - Presse), " the organization (Daesh) broadcast on Friday ( the26th of August now 2016), photographed on a video awful of five children in the Syrian Raqqa city, and they gazed with their eyes for the camera , bringing their hands raised up, pistols with a crouched man on his knees in front every one of them, dressed in a suit orange anticipation of his execution by firing on the head of a child standing behind him , "noting that" the young boys who were of different nationalities, British, Egyptian, Kurdish, Tunisian and Ozbackstanah. " 
He said the site, that" the actual number of children who are enrolled in training camps organize Daesh, is unknown, but experts who spoke to the German magazine der Spiegel speculated that there are about 1,500 children served as a soldier in the ranks of the organization in Iraq and Syria , "he said , adding that" one expert told the site (VOA) that he expects the presence of such a large number of children Daesh in Iraq only. " 
he said the American site, that there is " a growing concern about the fate of children who were forced to live under the weight of the organization (Daesh) at the time of the Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga forces , backed by the international coalition Taathacd in preparation for the Liberation of the city of Mosul. " 
he pointed out the US site, he said that while" availability of international organizations such as UNICEF , thelevel of psychological services to children fled from the combat zones, the experts warn at the same time, that some of those children may have been turned into savages and almost violent. " 
the website quoted an expert on terrorism and political violence from Georgia state University Professor John Horgan, saying "we are not prepared in any way to address the problem of this magnitude," returned to " theworld is facing an unprecedented phenomenon of a growing recruitment of children and mobilized." 
he stressed Horgan, "I do not think that it is available to our real understanding of what he went through those children from the experiences of because we share with only the virtual side , "noting, I" went on to organize Daesh few years It prepares children to accept the faith and its teachings. " When 
asked Professor Horgan, whether they are " ready to receive the children wave to be provided from Mosul if the start of the military for the Liberation of the operations of humanitarian agencies city, (405 km north of Baghdad), from Daesh replied one word of all is "no." 
turn , said a spokeswoman for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) for the Middle East and North Africa, the joy of God came, according to the US site, " The recruitment children has increased across theMiddle East and that the roles and duties entrusted to them during the recruitment changed. " 
she said God came in , that" the children were in previous years serve as cushions only, but they began thepast two years, taking roles more effectively, the Lamb of arms and take over checkpoints also Kguenasin or suicide bombers , and they use ", noting that" children in Syria began in charge of roles in combat by thedifferent parties in the fighting, and that the child conscript age, reaching in some cases, only seven years. " 
confirmed a spokeswoman for UNICEF, said he" often what we get done without knowledge of the parents ,but there may be cases of parents involved in the recruitment of their children over the psychological side of the picture more complicated. " 
she entered God that it" is working with the Iraqi government to improve conditions for booking events and provide programs for children in detention among them accused of acts Centers related to the security aspect. "

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