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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraq prepares for the biggest battle with Daesh without the interior and defense ministers



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Iraq prepares for the biggest battle with Daesh without the interior and defense ministers

Post by rocky on Tue 30 Aug 2016, 3:52 am

Iraq prepares for the biggest battle with Daesh without the interior and defense ministers

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A study carried out by a number of researchers in the UNICEF and published in the Journal (environmental monitoring and evaluation), that exposure to toxic substances resulting from the explosion of ammunition and burning military waste by the US military, was the cause of birth defects and cancer among Iraqi children. 
And the study showed "human exposure to heavy metals and toxic substances resulting from the explosion ofbombs and bullets and other ammunition does not affect only those who directly targeted by the bombing ,but also on soldiers and people living near military bases."

Iraqi forces continue Preparedness for the process of restoring Mosul , which is long overdue, but it ispreparing for battle without the defense minister , who led most of the recent victories against Daesh. 
Sacking of Khalid al - Obeidi , and has suddenly Thursday by a vote of confidence in parliament withheld after weeks of political wrangling over allegations of mutual corruption him and between House Speaker Salim al. 
soon , these claims took advantage of some powerful political blocs , which seeks to weaken Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi through the dismissal of one of the main allies of the year. Did not prove any of theallegations of corruption at al - Jubouri , or al - Obeidi. 
Came the dismissal of al - Obeidi , after more than a month to accept the resignation of Interior Minister Mohamed Ghabban, the inventory of Iraq's senior security officials at a time when the country is preparing for more battles complex with Daesh. 
He gave Ghaban his resignation the beginning of July, amid mounting outrage after the bombing lasted carried out Daesh the center of the capital , Baghdad, has killed more than 300 people. 
the Abadi still so far silent on the sacking of al - Obeidi, said his office that the dismissal will not affect the ongoing military campaign , where operations continue on the ground and still progress toward Mosul continues without that affect the political tremor, according to Maj . Gen. Yahya Messenger , spokesman for the defense Ministry , who said the back - office and command and control do not depend on the defense minister , but controlled by the joint Special operations command ,, where he said that " the dismissal of the defense minister a political issue, not military." 
the moments before vote of no confidence Thursday announced Abadi liberation of the Iraqi forces to hand Qayyarah the support of the air strikes , the international coalition, said that the restoration of Qayyarah isconsidered an important step on the road to Mosul. Although progress has been slow south of Mosul, the Iraqi forces did not suffer any setbacks task in recent months. 
Late Saturday night Abadi announced another victory on Daesh, where he said in a statement that Iraqi forces were fully regained Khalidiya area in Anbar province, a pocket Sahraoui , used Daesh group to move supplies, weapons and fighters in Anbar. 
focused dismissal of al - Obeidi , a great deal of power , however , the prime minister, and his predecessor ,Nouri al - Maliki has left the key defense and interior vacant and was run by himself. Said Nathaniel Rapkin, edit newsletter Manager (Iraq 's internal policy) , "Abadi came to power on the back of a promise not torepeat what he did to al - Maliki , but he eventually did what he did to al - Maliki." 
Says Rapkin said the move does not seem to measure external force stuck out Abadi , as did al - Maliki. A senior official in the Ministry of Defense declined to be named , said the departure of al - Obeidi will not have an impact on the ministry 's daily work , " the minister is the position of formality has no real impact on operations." 
The al - Obeidi - from the people of Mosul - the largest Sunni official in al - Abadi Foundation defense, has received his appointment, in October 2014, praised members of the international coalition as a step towards the establishment of a more inclusive government to address the marginalization of the year and some of therampant corruption that has allowed Daesh embarrass the Iraqi army in 2014 cases. 
Zuhair al - Jubouri, a senior member of the Nineveh provincial council, said that " the dismissal of defense Minister provide clear evidence that the theme of reconciliation has received the coup de grace, there is no longer a national reconciliation. " 
It is on the front the front lines, Major General Messenger said" soldiers and officers are frustrated by thedismissal of the defense minister this way , he said. but despite the disappointment we will continue to fight to expel Daesh. "   
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