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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The crowd reveals exposure to toxic gases fighters during battles Khalidiya Island



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The crowd reveals exposure to toxic gases fighters during battles Khalidiya Island

Post by rocky on Wed 31 Aug 2016, 3:09 am

The crowd reveals exposure to toxic gases fighters during battles Khalidiya Island

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Authority revealed the popular crowd, yesterday, for which at least 11 of its fighters to the incidence of poison gas during their participation in the liberation of the island ofKhalidiyah, east of Ramadi battles. The Commission emphasized that some people with "serious condition." 

The cell media war, part of the Joint Special Operations Command, announced last Saturday, edit Khalidiya Island, east of Ramadi. 
, Said Hassan al - Shara, coordinator of the wounded popular crowd in Basra Directorate in an interview with(long - Presse) , that "about 11 fighters were members of the popular crowd entered, overnight, Basra General Hospital due to exposure to various injuries gas to poison them seriously and the other lightly in theliberation of Khalidiya island battles in the east of the city of Ramadi," without specifying the type of gas. 
Shara added that "seven associate had recovered, while lying and four others in the hospital for treatment by exposure to severe suffocation , "asserting that" one associate in a serious condition. " 
Furthermore, the judicial council Khalidiya, announced yesterday, for the formation of the first board of thefighters Anbar tribes featuring 5000 fighter of all the families of the province. 
he said Ibrahim al - Fahdawi, head of the security committee in the district council Khalidiya, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the tribal fighters , leaders in the province have decided to form the first board offighters Anbar 's tribes with more than 5,000 fighters, in order to unify the discourse and grade to fight organization (Daesh) terrorist. " 
Fahdawi" the council includes leaders from various tribes of Anbar to work on directing the fighters and theassignment of the pieces of combat in order to ensure the fight against thought and ideology of terrorism and the fight against sleeper cells in every region of the land of Anbar. " 
the local official said , " the Board does not belong any political or partisan point and goal of the composition came to develop the tribal fighters and equipping and arming them to ensure the maintenance of the liberated areas and choose who speaks on behalf of the fighters without allowing any party to exploit the work of tribal fighters in Anbar. " 
in the context of security developments in Anbar, it announced Qaimmqamah wet spend, on Tuesday, for therally to organize Daesh, for an attack on the elimination of four axes. The readiness of the security forces confirmed to repel the attack, she pointed to the need for "extra reinforcements to repel any Tard.oma still organize Daesh impose its control over the western areas in Anbar province are waging through those attacks areas of Ramadi and the rest of the liberated cities. And was able Joint Special Operations Command, on 19 last May, the edit wetlands spend after the imposition of regulatory control over him for more than two years.
he said Imad Meshaal al - Dulaimi, Mayor wet, in an interview with (long - Presse), " the intelligence information confirming the existence mobilize to organize Daesh terrorist on wet spend 0.410 km western Anbar province, and four axes are Husseiniya area and Alkaarh and Akashat is based judiciary, noting that "these areas away from the wetlands from 50 to 60 km." 
Dulaimi added that " the security forces were ready to repel any terrorist attack to organize Daesh on wet axes, western Anbar" but he also said "to Cunninna need for reinforcements , fighting to be on the safe side of any emergency to ensure the destruction of any progress for the organization of the wet areas." 
He said local administrator that " the security situation in the humid stable did not score any security breach curb this moment there is the proliferation of martial pieces entrances and axes wet, western Anbar , with air cover for coalition aircraft and fly the Iraqi army to base ground troops in any military operation. " 
in a striking development, announced the Anbar operations command, on Tuesday, killed four members of theorganization Daesh bombing planes of the international coalition, north of Ramadi. 
, said Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi , commander of the Anbar operations, in an interview with (long - Presse) that " the intelligence that enabled the airline alliance launched an air raid targeting additive to regulate Daesh in Albu Ali Jassim region, north of Ramadi, which killed four members of the organization and the destruction of a mortar detachment and a rocket launcher ". 
Mahlawi He added that" the pieces of combat Besnovha all working to destroy strongholds Daesh in Tmrkzh points with the weakening of the remaining firepower regulation and bombing hideouts weapons platforms and missiles , "stressing that" the next few days will be crucial against al Daesh through cleansing carrot gray area which includes parts of the Albu Ali Jassim and Albu Assaf and Albu Diab and other areas. "

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