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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Amiri: We will participate editing .. and Mosul battle Sharqat will drag on without the crowd



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Amiri: We will participate editing .. and Mosul battle Sharqat will drag on without the crowd

Post by rocky on Thu 01 Sep 2016, 3:32 am

Amiri: We will participate editing .. and Mosul battle Sharqat will drag on without the crowd

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

The Secretary General of the Badr Organization , Hadi al - Amiri, on Wednesday, that the strength of the popular crowd ,"comparable to all the potential" of the Iraqi military and police forces. He said that the "cacophony" will not prevent the participation of the popular crowd battles edit the connector from the control of the organization Daesh, stressing that the battle Sharqat "will be long in the absence of the popular crowd them." 

The Ameri speaks during a military parade organized by Maj . Gen. ninth in the Badr Organisation spending round, east of Tikrit, and attended (range Press.) 
is preparing for the Liberation of Sharqat security forces and other areas south and west of Kirkuk , Hawija ,including, (55 km west of Kirkuk city), from the control of Daesh. Controlled regulation on those areas two years ago and caused a wave of displacement towards the areas liberated by the security forces north ofTikrit. 
 Amri said that the "popular crowd strength comparable to all the resources of the Iraqi army and police forces, and artillery crowd stronger than artillery army and police , " noting that " the popular crowd forces provided medical services of the army and the police and we have an engineering effort and system intelligence strong. " 
He said the leader of the Badr Organization , the" popular crowd forces will continue to progress for theLiberation of the districts of Hawija and Sharqat from the control of the organization Daesh, "persisting saying" without the participation of the popular crowd will be a battle of Sharqat long ".ohdd leader of the most prominent factions of the popular crowd that " the popular crowd forces are ready for the battle to liberate Mosul from the control of the organization Daesh despite all the cacophony , " asserting that "these forces will participate in the liberation of Mosul battles are Iraqi land and will not prevent us an object of it was toparticipate in the liberation." 
 in the meantime, , assured the crowd of Turkmenistan, on Wednesday, that the hand Amerli prevented the"steadfastness" elements of al - Daesh from reaching the capital , Baghdad gate. 
said Abu Rida al - Najjar, the supervisor of the brigade crowd Turkmen - North axis, in a statement received (range Press), " the this day we pass the second anniversary of lifting the siege on withstand city Amerli that her children line finest images of the tournament and parents Boukovhm generally most notorious terrorist force in history terrorism Aldaasha. " 
He said Al - Najjar said the " sons of this aspect steadfast preferred to die that humiliates them scum folk and Orazlhm who excelled them iddah the number and the siege imposed on the forbearing city. " 
felt the leadership of Turkmenistan" this is the day when the people of Amerli decided heroes not celebrate the occasion and stand as one to demand their legitimate rights and implementation of the promises made ​​tothem as they stood together and generally disbelief gangs and criminality join our voices and say Where therights of this city , which preserved and recovered for the government prestige Besmudha. " 
He said Najjar said" hand Amerli Besmudha prevented Aldoaash from reaching Baghdad North gate East ,"and urged the central government and the Department of Salahuddin to" fulfill their promises and tocompensate the families of the martyrs, the wounded and accelerate the implementation of service projects in these the heroine. " 
it was hoped that held a ceremony in the city of Amerli on the occasion of the second anniversary to lift thesiege but was canceled. 
he said Mehdi Taqi, Provincial Council member Salah al - Din, in a statement received (range Press) copy ofit," festive decoding siege second Amerli hand It has been canceled due to neglect and the lack of any services and no rights to the families of martyrs by the central government and local government in Salah al -Din province , "noting that" hand Amerli were still victories that Iraqis have achieved in this era of the difficult time the country is experiencing in defeating a guerrilla organization title Daesh terrorist. " 
Taqi stressed that" the people of hand Amerli will stand as one to demand the rights of these terms steadfast , which entered the history of the wider doors and become a symbol of sacrifice and redemption. "

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