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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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What Kurdish leaders know about Clinton or Trump?



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What Kurdish leaders know about Clinton or Trump?

Post by rocky on Thu 01 Sep 2016, 6:00 am

What Kurdish leaders know about Clinton or Trump?
Posted on September 1, 2016 by Dr. Kamal Bewar in 1 Top News, Exclusive

Trump and Clinton. Photo: Courtesy/wikimedia

[size=11]Dr. Kamal Bewar | Special to[/size]
The election campaign for the United States presidency has been noticed around the world. This particular election has received extra attention due to Mr. Trump’s infrequent statements against Muslims and other minorities. In addition, Ms. Clinton’s candidacy is noteworthy because she is the first women to become a presumptive nominee.
With the rhetoric from Mr. Trump, American spirit has been shaken. Especially when it comes to Muslims and other minorities, Americans are concerned and worried. Clearly we have been hearing very radical idea’s by Mr. Trump; if he becomes president he has been expounding on how to handle the war against terrorism and domestic immigration policy. Mr. Trump, with his careless statements provides a clear indication of how he would like to proceed when he becomes a president of the United States of America. Such statements have affected even my little 6 years old son, Ari.

The other day I was dropping my son to Gramma’s house. On the way, I was listening to NPR news. Ari asked me “Dad, what would happen to us if Trump becomes president?” I said to him, son nothing will happen to us. Why you are asking this question? He replied to me and said, “Because, he does not like Muslims and people like Mexicans.” I was so shocked by his statement and was not sure how to respond! I said “Ari, you really do not need to worry about things like that. You need to think about what kind of toys you like and how to play.” This example illustrates how the hating rhetoric of Mr. Trump is echoing throughout out our nation and having negative effects on us and even our children.
The other point I would like to touch upon in this writing has to do with our Kurdish political parties and the leaders in Kurdistan. The question we must discuss has to do with whether they are prepared for the upcoming change, and what they have done so far to make sure they are ready for the possible changes that a new administration might bring no matter who is elected president: Trump or Clinton. When I read and listen to Kurdish news, I hardly ever hear anything regarding whether Kurds are prepared or if they have any plans to talk with the upcoming new presidential administration. I see they are more concentrated in internal conflict against each other than planning for the future of Kurdistan and its people. Our leaders are silent when it comes to unifying their position internationally.
The golden era of Kurdish opportunity is passing by. Every effort from top to the bottom, needs to be made to take advantage of and create an identity for the Kurdish people. Our people deserve better than current status, and we all hope our leaders make smart and logical decisions rather than just talk about each other. One of the issues has to do with the recent tension between KDP [Kurdistan Democratic Party] and Gorran,.

Our adversary is much experienced and doing everything in their power to undermine the current popularity of the Kurdish struggle around the world. We all should concentrate on Kurdish issues that raise our hopes toward the next step to Kurdish future rather spend so much energy bashing each other. You have responsibilities, as a Kurd and as leaders of our nation. Now, as Kurds are on another era our unity will make differences more than anything….. The shifting policy of regional power, should give our leaders an indication of the new changes being made to ensure that the current Kurdish status is will not advance any further. Make no mistake, this has happened in the past! If you are not careful enough, it will happen again!

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