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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Loud explosions at the weapons depot belonging to a faction of the crowd



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Loud explosions at the weapons depot belonging to a faction of the crowd

Post by rocky on Sat 03 Sep 2016, 2:59 am

Loud explosions at the weapons depot belonging to a faction of the crowd

 Baghdad / term 

Two people were killed and 11 were wounded by the explosions caused by the fall of theshells are not sure of the nature, on Friday, the three areas in eastern Baghdad, according to security sources told AFP. 
Varied , police sources about the fact that theexplosions caused by mortar shelling or by rocket explosion Katyusha. 
the officer said police colonel "two and injured 11 people were killed wounded in six mortar shells fall of thetargeted areas Obeidi Arboretum and new Baghdad , " all of which are predominantly Shiite areas in eastern Baghdad. He said a medical source at al- Kindi hospital "received two bodies and address a number of thewounded." 
For his part, Brigadier General Saad Maan, spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command said in a brief statement, he said that " the explosions caused by the explosion of the weapons depot in the Obeidi area caused the start of some of the projectiles has led to casualties. " 
the explosions coincided with the pilgrims went to the district of Kadhimiya to commemorate the death ofImam Muhammad al - Jawad , which coincides with the night of Friday to Saturday. 
the video footage showed a large cloud of smoke rising from the warehouse. The explosion followed thethunderous jolt large ground. Women and children , and I heard screaming. 
As footage of the blast site showed a huge crater about five meters and a breadth of 20 meters. Was badly damaged a lot of buildings and vehicles around. 
A police officer told Reuters that the depot belonged to a subsidiary of PDF crowd involved in fighting al Daesh armed Shiite groups. 
A police source said the missile was launched from the warehouse and damaged houses, shops and cars in eight locations and set on fire in a factory for flour (flour) is still burning two hours after the blast. in 
turn, said Ahmed al - Asadi, a spokesman for the popular mobilization forces troops for (AFP), said that " theexplosion occurred amid amassed gear in one of the popular crowd camps" without reveal more details. 
Furthermore, official sources in Baghdad confirmed (range), yesterday, killing three citizens as a result ofbombings yesterday, referring to the injury of 20 people, including 3 cases Khtirh.aly, the Baghdad operations command , revealed on Friday, all embrace lift the main checkpoints from the streets of the capital Baghdad starting on Saturday, and while confirming that the first checkpoint will be filed as an inspection Zawraa park point, she pointed to activate the intelligence effort and set up joint checkpoints phones in the streets of thecapital. 
An officer in informing the Baghdad operations command submitted Ammar Obaid said in an interview to the(long - Presse), in the "next week will be lifted all major checkpoints in the streets of the capital Baghdad , " noting that " the Baghdad operations command under the supervision of the operations commander Maj .Gen. Abdul - Jalil al - Rubaie , will start on Saturday lifted inspection Zawraa Park point . " 
said Obaid, that" the Baghdad operations command has embarked on a plan to rely on the intelligence effort and activating the role of the citizen has provided hot numbers to secure access of information to the security services , "he said . " monument joint checkpoints and roving the streets of the capital , Baghdad. " 
the checkpoints scattered in the streets of the capital Baghdad, is witnessing momentum traffic "suffocating" in many areas because of the actions at checkpoints, which has aggravated the suffering of the citizens ,especially in light of rising temperatures, and the recurrence of explosions at about a daily basis, and that thePrime Minister Haider al - Abadi called on repeatedly to reduce the number and the opening of closed streets to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

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