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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Khatib Najaf: Daesh trying to break the siege of Mosul to attack Baghdad



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Khatib Najaf: Daesh trying to break the siege of Mosul to attack Baghdad

Post by rocky on Sat 03 Sep 2016, 3:09 am

Khatib Najaf: Daesh trying to break the siege of Mosul to attack Baghdad

 Najaf BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Considered the imam of Juma Najaf , Sadr al-Din Qabbanji, on Friday, the recent security incidents in the vicinity of the capital ,Baghdad, as an attempt harassment, to organize Daesh, lifting the siege on elements in Mosul, and pointed out that the Iraqi government is preparing to launch the zero hour for editing. 
Said Sadruddin Qabbanji, during Friday prayers in the major Hosseinieh Fatimid governorate of Najaf, attended (range Press), " the guerrilla organization Daesh trying to loosen the siege of Mosul operations molested several carried out in the vicinity of Baghdad and Ain al- Tamur, explosions and fires at hospitals , " stressing the "accuracy and caution , especially on the outskirts of the capital. " 
He stressed that" the government is preparing to declare zero for the Liberation of Mosul hour, in conjunction with the creation of twenty - five thousand housing units to house the displaced. " 
in another context, Qabbanji expressed his rejection to" the Saudi ambassador in Iraq Thamer Sabhan 'sremarks on Iraq administered hands of Iranian ", returned them" interference in the internal affairs " in turn, stressed the imam and preacher of Friday Kufa Muhannad al - Moussawi, through political engagement and attended (range Press), said that" there are some turbans that caused defaming the Islamic religion through their entry into politics and try to harness religion to its interests partisan and personal , "stressing that" theIraqi street is seen today to the cleric as an opportunist by those practices. " 
he pointed Moussawi that" there are those who promote atheism and trying to inflate its practices intellectual obscurantism extremist especially Wahhabi ideology that presents himself as a form of Islam authentic by distorting Islamic trends rationality , "noting that" this deployment is not randomly but through evidence and studies have proven that there is concerted action carried out by states , international organizations for thedissemination of these deviant ideologies. " 
Furthermore, imam and preacher of Juma Baghdad counting the approval of the General Amnesty Law" betrayal community. " Adel Al - Saadi, during Friday prayers at the Al - Rahman Mosque Mounsour west ofBaghdad , and attended (range Press), said that "there are a number of things that have occurred in the short level that has to be addressed, the first year of the amnesty law , " stressing that "such laws grand which relates to the interest of the country and its future must be taught good study so be cautious and establish intermediate situation between the oppression of innocent people and left them in prisons or output of blood on their hands with the blood of innocent people on condition that qualifies the prisoners before they return to society again , "noting that" what happened is a Massadik community treason . " 
Saadi added that" the amnesty law carries some paragraphs gaps may give a chance to survive for some terrorists and not in such a thing fairness for those slain and victims of terrorism but the unfairness to those who have lost their sons at the hands of these criminals , "expressing" regret to release the likes of these terrorists at a time when our children from the armed forces and the Mujahideen of the crowd and the sons of the tribes offer sacrifices after the sacrifices in order to defeat terrorism and edit usurped cities. " 
and on the electoral law and the electoral threshold, between al - Saadi, as" what the democratic process isstill inadequate to sort the real representatives of the country is losing a lot of desire participate in theelections and this is because of the miserable electoral law which requires individuals and self - contained blocks in every election cycle which requires reformulation of the election law, which depends on the collection of the seat most voices basis where we will highlight true representative of the people. "

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