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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Parliamentary committees: the government and the judiciary Athasan follow-up mass graves Daesh



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Parliamentary committees: the government and the judiciary Athasan follow-up mass graves Daesh

Post by rocky on Sun 04 Sep 2016, 2:47 am

Parliamentary committees: the government and the judiciary Athasan follow-up mass graves Daesh

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Accused the committees of security and themartyrs , the Parliamentary, government and parliament of neglecting the mass graves file, and demanded the formation of a fact -finding committee and invite international stakeholders to investigate the crimes committed by the organization Daesh. 
The agency (Associated Press US) was published, the end of last August, the report confirms the existence ofabout 72 mass grave for victims of organizing Daesh in Iraq and Syria, indicating that they hold the remains ofabout 15 thousand victims, while suggested the existence of other graves in Mosul and tenderness, based on the documentation, maps and meetings private. 
he said Hoshyar Abdullah, a member of the Security and defense Committee, said in an interview to the (long - Presse) there is "negligence and neglect by the legislative and executive branches in the detection of themass graves and the follow - up detail and fact - finding on those in areas that have been liberated from theorganization Daesh", describing it as "shameful." 
Abdullah said that " the role of the judiciary is still vague on the issues important and sensitive mass graves ", calling for" a serious stand by the government and the House of Representatives and the judiciary and other stakeholders for the detection of this file is important after the liberation of the city of Mosul, as well as theneed for the formation of a fact - finding committee to look at the mass graves file, because it relates to therights of the people and the presence of thousands of victims who should know their fate. " 
He criticized a member of the security committee of parliamentary" no serious steps to uncover mass graves in areas liberated from al Daesh and the lack of a dedicated team of fact - finding , both on how to open those graves or pursue crimes that were carried out by Daesh during its occupation of many Iraqi territories. "
I am surprised a Kurdish lawmaker , " the absence of coverage of the Iraqi media to this file and simply listen to international reports in this regard. " 
for his part, called on the member of the Committee of martyrs parliamentary deputy Mohammed Allkash the House of Representatives to" form a committee common to all interested parties and civil society organizations, to follow up on the issue mass graves. " 
said Allkash, in an interview to the (long - Presse)," the international reports supplied earth - shattering figures for the number of victims of the mass graves. " And that "the Committee of Martyrs parliamentary cooperate with the Martyrs Foundation to find mass graves and the details of the file and the number and announce it to the Iraqi people and the international community." 
The member of the Committee of Martyrs to "an international investigation of mass graves file to expose Daesh gangs of terrorist crimes, because what was done by an extension of Crime Act Saddam against Iraqis , "and expressed surprise at the" global media interest in mass graves in Iraq dossier and overlook local counterpart about it, as well as not to raise the issue in the House of episodes. " 
for its part, Bushra al - Obeidi, a member of the human rights Commission of the Council of outgoing said, in talk to (long - Presse), " the board of Commissioners continued before the expiry of its mandate, the mass graves where found that a very large number in the liberated areas" file. 
Obeidi explained that the "mass graves file from the jurisdiction of the executive bodies such as the Ministry of Interior and the Foundation of martyrs", anticipating that " found dozens of mass graves after the liberation of Mosul and other liberated areas Kqdhaea Hawija and Sharqat. " 
She emphasized human rights activist that" one of the sites located outside Badush prison, near the city ofMosul, where a mass grave containing the remains of 600 inmates were killed by the terrorist organization through occupation of the city in June of the year 2014 ".

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