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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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10 thousand blow the international coalition destroyed infrastructure in Mosul and Daesh sells the r



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10 thousand blow the international coalition destroyed infrastructure in Mosul and Daesh sells the r

Post by rocky on Mon 05 Sep 2016, 3:28 am

10 thousand blow the international coalition destroyed infrastructure in Mosul and Daesh sells the rubble after the promotion of propaganda

 BAGHDAD / Talk 

Going Mosul , the second largest city of Iraq at a rapid pace on the path of mass destruction since the control of the organization (Daesh) in June 2014, as infrastructure projects large between the hammer Airways International Coalition and the anvil of the terrorist organization has become, while watching Mosalion trapped in the city , what is going on around them Bhsrat. 
"Jaaona from the desert and we fear that does not leave our city only after converted into a desert," this comment engineer Ahmed al- Badrani, which is reviewing the names of buildings and laboratories and sites established over many years completely disappeared from Mosul. 
engineer who worked 20 years in construction projects, adds through a telephone interview with (talk), began in the city bleeding Amrani after the crash , however Daesh, the faster its elements to the destruction ofimportant buildings represented a symbol of the authority of the Iraqi state, Ktgerev oldest police station known public place in central Mosul and turn his into a market for grocers, and the bombing of the second -largest reformist compound in Iraq is a prison Badush (15 west km Mosul) and the sale of its ruins auctions. 
since the second half of 2015 has intensified the international coalition air strikes that targeted dozens offactories, banks and government buildings, etc., because the elements Daesh made ​​it their base, it scary and nothing bode well especially since the upcoming military operations may bring more destruction. Moffatt, despair and clear on the following voice from inside Mosul. 
The prepared (talk) statistical number of sites that were destroyed either by Daesh or pounding theinternational coalition initiated by the US Air early August 2014, has exceeded the number (120) as it includes plants and buildings and government projects Energy ( oil and electricity) and banks and Mgara security and infrastructure, without that includes homes and buildings for which the dozens as well. 
In terms of numbers has been the destruction of the most important (12) plant for the production of cement, clothing and textile, sugar, flour, and (17) building for education affiliated to universities and the Directorate ofEducation, and more (25) security headquarters and military, as well as the six largest banks , including theCentral Bank, and four switches by telephone and four bridges strategy on main roads outside the city. the 
bulk of this destruction was succeeded by aerial bombardment. On 7 August 2016 two years after the start ofraids flight international coalition led by Washington, the total strikes were against the militant group in Iraq ,about 10 thousand of the province of Nineveh and its center of Mosul, as it won the lion 's share being themost important stronghold of the organization in the country. 
Approaching details illustrates's more, there is an outstanding example of the loss of Nineveh , a Mishraq sulfur, which was destroyed by (11) missile late last June. 
Saeed al - Taie, a staff of the company, says it was founded in the biggest sulfur field site in the world within (40) km south of Mosul, was before 2003 produces more than one million tons annually exported mostly to China, as well as run thousands of employees and workers. 
He adds Tai, currently resident in Baghdad, he said that "Daesh" took over the company and its facilities and stole a lot of machinery and equipment and their contents and transfer part from there to Syria, and then theinternational coalition aircraft came to brittleness and cause serious damage to stores and a laboratory for theproduction of alum is the only one in Iraq and other facilities. 
nor cares Daesh the scale of the destruction around him , although the fingers pointing to him first, because it brought all of this scourge to the city, but it employs scenes of devastation to the industry propaganda against the international coalition and Iraqi forces. The first thing elements do after they remove any trace of them for sites that exposed a private bombed the bodies of their dead and Jlathm, filming the scene and shedding crocodile tears over the civilian casualties and material losses. 
In another video published Daesh on Twitter, one of its elements standing amid a scene massive destruction in one of the largest plants cement Iraq (Badush cement factory) says , pointing to piles of rubble scattered "whatever you bomb whatever Hrguetm whatever you 've destroyed, would not back down an Islamic state on the platform of prophecy." 
but what you leave cameras speeds up the organization to open an auction for the sale of the sites are bombed, and there are competing dealers often they are Syrians on the purchase of the rubble, and usually done deal in a Daesh offices downtown after the dock to bid on who pays more. 
Abdul Hadi Aziz , 55, a resident of Mosul, "many landmarks evaporated around us, buildings, laboratories and companies disappeared within a few weeks , merchants who buy the destructive sites from Daesh hire laborers to work all day in order to recover all of what works for sale especially iron , which is usually transferred to Syria. 
He cites Aziz nearest example of a residence , a German hospital south of the city project had been completed (70) percent of it with a budget of ( 148) million dollars, "disappeared in this way , such as dozens of buildings, companies and factories owned by the Iraqi state." 
Mosul now outside of the visual field , but when you pass away the dust of war and the fighting will stop everyone on a real disaster, especially since the future does not bode well because the Iraqi government ,mired in an economic crisis does not energy her reconstruction of the city and did not think so far so, and even the amount of 2.1 billion dollars allocated by donor countries to assist Iraq in the Washington meeting ,which was held on 20 June (last June), will go for humanitarian assistance for the displaced without involving reconstruction operations.

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