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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 5, 2016



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Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 5, 2016

Post by rocky on Mon 05 Sep 2016, 6:36 am

Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief – September 5, 2016
Posted on September 5, 2016 by Editorial Staff in Iraqi Kurdistan News in brief
[size=13]Gorran MPs will vote on sacking Hoshyar Zebari according to their personal convictions: mp[/size]
Baghdad: Iraqi MP of the Change (Gorran) Movement Shirin Riza said that her bloc gave the right to its MPs Deputy to vote to withdraw confidence from the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, or not, during the next Tuesday’s meeting. She told the National Iraqi News Agency “The bloc of the change movement authorized all its MPs to vote freely on sacking the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, or not, according to personal convictions.” She added, “The public opinion in the parliament was not convinced by the answers provided by Zebari in the questioning session, therefore we cannot vote, but to sack Zibari and withdraw confidence from him,” adding that “Zebari’s stay at the ministry’s head after the end of the interrogation procedures, will be a negative imprint on the duplication of the opinion of the Council of Representatives.” |
[size=13]Kurdistan receives $22.2m from US for Peshmerga salaries[/size]
Erbil: Iraq’s Kurdistan Region has received $22.2 million in financial assistance for the Peshmerga and will go to paying soldiers’ salaries, a Kurdish official said. “The first batch of US financial assistance for the Peshmerga forces has been received and deposited at the Kurdistan International Bank,” Jamal Mohammed, the Peshmerga chief of Staff, told Rudaw. He disclosed that the sum totaled $22.2 million and that “the money will soon be distributed among the Peshmerga.” Mohammed explained that the funds were part of an agreement signed between Erbil and Washington “for the Peshmerga in its fight against the Islamic State (IS).” He went on to explain that the sum will be distributed “over 14 Peshmerga brigades, four military training bases and five Peshmerga ministry battalions.”

[size=13]There is an insistence to sack Hoshyar Zebari because his answers were not convinced: mp[/size]
Baghdad: A member of the National Reform bloc Zaher al-Abadi said “a lot of Iraqi parliament members insistence on the sacking of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, because they are not convinced with answers of Zebari during the interrogation.” He told the National Iraqi News that “there is a tendency of members of parliament to withdraw confidence and out bloc are not fully convinced with answers of the Minister of Finance.” Abadi added, “the minister’s answers were not convinced to many MPs as the ministry is so important and Zebari was assigned to more than one Ministry and have passed more than a decade. ” Iraqi parliament voted by an absolute majority on the lack of conviction with answers of the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari recently after being questioned. |
[size=13]Iraqi president urges fair solution for PUK internal issues[/size]
Baghdad: Iraqi President Fouad Massoum urged on Sunday for opposing factions of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to solve internal party disputes through dialogue and come up with a fair solution. PUK official media said Massoum held a meeting with party Deputy Secretary-General Kosrat Rasul, to discuss party divisions and the current situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The two were reportedly in agreement of the need for a fair and democratic solution for the PUK’s internal discord, party media said. “Consensus and dialogue could be the keys to tackling the issues,” both sides agreed, saying all sides need to be included in any changes.
[size=13]Military leaders of PUK support resolution center announced by PUK deputies[/size]
Sulaimani: The veterans of Peshmerga of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) expressed their support to the resolution center announced, stressing their commitment to the implementation of resolutions issued by the newly created position. The official of the Association Peshmerga veterans of (PUK), Jamil Hawrami said in a press statement that after the deterioration of the health situation of President Jalal Talabani, the decision center within the PUK disappeared, where the political bureau issued decisions without being vetoed by anyone, so the formation of this center is important. Hawrami, who signed the statement of the PUK’s resolution center, said: “The old Peshmerga fighters support the newly created position and will abide to all decisions made by it.” |
[size=13]Kurdish PM, US delegation focus on Mosul after liberation[/size]
Erbil: Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani met a visiting US delegation in Erbil on Sunday, with discussions focusing on Mosul after its liberation from the Islamic State (IS). According to a statement on the Kurdistan Regional Government’s website, the US delegation included US Senator Martin Heinrich, the new US ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman and Ken Gross, the US consul general in Erbil. The two sides discussed an anticipated offensive against the IS-held city of Mosul in northern Iraq and stressed that political and humanitarian aspects of the operation also were important. Barzani also debriefed the Americans on his latest visit to Baghdad, where he met with government and parliament authorities, describing it as “productive.”

[size=13]Barzani’s office chief: Fruitful Baghdad visit was at US suggestion[/size]
Erbil: Massoud Barzani’s office chief revealed that a Kurdish delegation that travelled to Baghdad last week and secured a key oil agreement that brought “positive results” made the visit at the request of US officials. “Our visit and meetings we had with Baghdad was upon a suggestion from the US Embassy in Iraq,” Dr. Fuad Hussein told Rudaw. Hussein said that the delegation to Baghdad, headed by Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, had accrued “positive results,” as the US had suggested with it as it the American suggested such a visit by the KRG. Regarding Erbil-Baghdad relations, Hussein said “the relations between Erbil and Baghdad are not entirely severed. There are contacts between both sides. There are phone calls between the Massoud Barzani and the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi every week.”
[size=13]IS releases photo of suicide bomber that attacked Kurdish Kakei village[/size]
The Islamic State (IS) on Sunday released the picture of a suicide bomber who killed six people in a Kurdish Kakei village in northern Iraq and wounded as many more. The picture, posted on an social media account linked to IS, identified the attacker as Abu Bilal Iraq, who appears to have been in his teens. He drove a truck rigged with explosives into the village of Sha Saiywan on Saturday in the village of Khurmatu in Diyala province. Immediately after the truck bombing, another suicide bomber broke into the village and detonated an explosives belt, but failed to cause any casualties. Sha Saiywan village is seven kilometers north of Khurmatu and is inhabited by Kakei Kurds.

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